Monday, October 2, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up & Another Meal Prep!

Ahhhhh.  Hello Monday.


It's Monday.  Again.  And we have a crazy busy week ahead!  So I'm just going to focus on staying comfy, staying caffeinated and staying sane.  ;)

I'm actually kind of excited about this week though.  It may be crazy busy but it's also going to be crazy fun!  It's my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!  Which, if we take away the fact that I'll officially be deep into my thirties on Thursday (crap), is going to be a full of baseball, a couple of dinners with friends,  family coming to visit and even a little mini getaway with the hubby.

But today's post is all about what we did this weekend.  I'll get to the birthday week goodness as it comes this week.  :)

Friday was a really good day!  I got all that week's orders completed by Thursday so I could take Friday off and run around town looking for clothing options for our family pics on Saturday.

I went with a yellow/navy theme and ended up adding just a touch of burgundy with my earrings and nail polish.

Top here

Friday night, Mason had a game.  He played so well!  He made a few diving stops at shortstop and I'm pretty sure he's going to try to dive for EVERYTHING for a while now.  Just because he thought it was so cool.

I posted this on FB and Instagram and had some comments about my hat.  I got it from a local boutique but I found them on Etsy too!  Here is a seller but you may be able to find them cheaper. Just search Bad Hair Day hat! :)

And I LOVE my earrings.  I got them in navy and a cool quilted tan too.  They are so lightweight and made of leather.

So Saturday morning started off super chill.  We slept in.  We got donuts.  I worked in my PJs on a few orders knowing we had back-to-back football games starting at noon.

At 11:01am, I get a text from Erika asking if we were almost there.


Yeah, I completely messed up the times.  We had an 11 and 12:00 game.  Not a 12 and 1:00 game.  Ugh.  Craig and Mason jumped in the truck and sped off to the game while Matthew and I followed behind a little later once I got myself dressed.

What's sad is that we did the exact same thing for Mason's first basketball game last season too.  And Erika also texted me that time as well asking if we were coming.  God bless you, friend.  ;)

We did make it for the second game.  Small victories.

Can't win 'em all.  (Which goes for the football field as well as all us moms out there.)

After the game, we came home and everyone scattered.  I used the time to do a little meal prep for the busy week ahead just so we'd have a good meal to grab for lunch or dinner when we needed it.

This is my 2nd time to use these awesome little containers.  (Read about my first meal prep experience here!)

This time I made taco salads.  I know everyone has their favorite things to add to their taco salad but we like ground beef and Ranch Style Beans with some lettuce, cheese and sour cream.  I grew up on Ranch Style beans and they are one of the handful of things Matthew will actually eat.  They aren't sold everywhere though so if you can't find any, Chili beans are very similar.

I kept the lettuce in baggies so it wouldn't get soggy, threw in a couple of the Taco Bell sauces we've been accumulating for years and these jello shot containers were perfect for cheese, sour cream, guac, salsa...whatever you like!

Mason loves soft tacos so these are also quick to turn into taco as well.

After I cleaned up the kitchen, I ran these boys up to get haircuts for pictures!

And then a little bit later, it was time for our session with Narci!

Check out our location!  Gorgeous!

Narci has a special talent for getting kids to relax and have a good time which I appreciate because I have two kids who love a good forced smile.  #notsocute

Matthew and Mason were practically hysterical with laughter!  They were sad when it was over!

Oh how I love this sweet friend of mine!!

I cannot wait to see our pictures!!!

After pictures were over, we came home and Craig grilled steaks while I did nothing but make the salad.  Yay.  :)

Sunday morning we went to church then went out to eat for lunch.  When we got home, the boys ran off to play with friends, Craig watched the game and I laid down on the bed for "just a minute"...and woke up 2 hours later.  It was lovely.

At 5:30 I ran up to Walmart to get our groceries for the week. (Walmart pickup is the best!!  If you haven't tried it yet, what you are waiting for!  Click here for $10 off your first order!)

We finished off the night with leftovers, showers and 2 giggly boys who wanted to be made into "blanket burritos".  ;)

Sweet boys.

So that was our weekend!  Tonight, the boys have games back-to-back and at two different parks across town from each other.  Not ideal but we'll make it work.  

If you missed Friday's Friday Favorites post, go here!  And my Etsy shop is on vacation mode for a few days while I try to get caught up on orders again!  Usually, when I reach about 100 open orders, I feel like I need to shut it down and play catch up for a few days.  But it will reopen soon!

Hope you have a fantastic Monday, friends!



  1. What a fun weekend!! I can't wait to see your family photos! I have a pair of similar leather earrings that I picked up at a boutique! I love them! They really are so light weight!
    Happy Monday!

  2. I loved your earrings this weekend too!! Annnnd I can't wait to see how your pics turn out!

  3. I've been eyeing those leather earrings! They look so cute! And the color combo and background of your pictures looks like the perfect match!

  4. I love the earrings. Did you order small medium or large

    1. I got mine from a boutique so I'm not sure what size they are. But I THINK they are the 2.5" ones (medium). I am 95% sure. ;)

  5. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Aw, I love you, friend!!! I had the best time with your family! Thank you so much for coming out! They are going to turn out precious!!! Xoxo

  6. I love the outfits you picked for your family photos...can't wait to see them!


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