Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Catching Up.

Hey friends!  Happy Wednesday!  I have been M.I.A. so far this week because I just cannot seem to get back into a normal routine!  We went back to school last Tuesday so we had a short week and Mason got sick and stayed home Thursday and Friday.  Then we were out again this Monday so we have another short week.    I need a regular, normal, boring week to get back into the swing of things.

I've also got a new project started which is taking a lot of my spare time.  Like, way too much.  I'm obsessed.  (I know I use that word a lot but there is no other word to describe it.)  

We are giving Matthew a little room makeover!  He's pretty excited because we've never really given his room a TON of thought before. He's had three different rooms in our house in the 9 years he's been alive.  ;)

The makeover is consisting of painting walls, doors and trim, new bedding, bookcases, decor...basically everything.  I've always hated the color of the walls upstairs but the boys are HARD on walls (and carpet) so we just kind of let it be and figured we'd make it all cute once they were a little older.

But now I'm ready to get on it so here we go!!

I'll keep you posted and will most definitely show the reveal here when it's done!

But for today, I wanted to just play catch up and dump a ton of pictures from things we've done over the past few weeks!

Starting with Christmas in Texarkana with my parents.  Every year, we travel to Texarkana (a little over 2.5 hours away) and get together with that whole side of the family at my grandparents' house.  My grandmother passed away a couple of years ago but my granddad is still there and we LOVE going to his house.  It is part of sooooo many great memories from my childhood.  My great-grandmother used to live right down the hill so we'd run up and down the hill all day and have all this land to play on!  It was definitely some good ole country living even though we weren't quite in the country.

My granddad still has my great-grandmother's old house and they are working on fixing it up.  I love that my kids get to experience the same things I did as a kid!

So here are a few ton of pictures from lately.  :)

About to load up for the ride!  Sweet boys.

Nana and Papa had more presents waiting for them when we got to their house.

They love clothes and stuffed animals.  And that's what they got.  (My parents also got them the Garmin Vivofit Jr. watches that they LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE...)

They also love their dog, Bentley.

We went out to eat to my parents' favorite Mexican place, Ta Molley's.  I grew up eating corn tortillas and butter dipped in salsa at Tex Mex places and Craig thinks it's gross. (#louisianaboy)  But Mason LOVES it.  That's my kid. ;)

After we got home, we got cozy and watched Harry Potter.

And took silly pictures. ;)

The next day, we headed over to Granddaddy's house. These two right here are #marriagegoals.

We have LOTS of first cousins and second cousins and third cousins...  So much fun!

I just adore little Maddox!  He's my cousin, Kaci's youngest.

My granddaddy is the youngest 83 year old man you'll ever meet.  He built this zipline type thing a few years ago and it is so much fun!!  Even my parents love it.  haha!

And Maddox again. I want to squeeze him!

My brother (in the black jacket and hat) loves metal detecting.  He's kind of a pro.  So every time we go out to Granddaddy's he brings his metal detector and the kids help him look for treasure.

My mama and me. :) 

Family group shot.

Craig and I built these cornhole boards for my dad for his birthday one year.  They turned out so well except for the fact that the varnish I used turned the white part SUPER yellow.  #whoops

And my cousin, Collin (left) and brother, Jonathan enjoyed it too.

Next up in my photo dump are pics from New Year's Eve!  Every year we invite our neighborhood friends over for a super casual and family-friendly celebration.  We let the kids run wild upstairs and the adults take over the kitchen and dining room. 

Notice my NYE mantle mixed in with the Christmas stuff?  haha.  I didn't have time to take down Christmas before New Years this year!

Love the pic of all these boys around the table and then sweet Willow looking for a drink behind them.  She looks so tiny!

It has become a tradition to sit around the dining room table and play some sort of game after we all stuff our faces with all the yummy food everyone brought.  (We go potluck.)

This year we played What Do You Meme? and it was a total win.  We were dying!!!  If you are having an adult get-together soon, you need this game!  (Warning:  Definitely adults only and not for the faint of heart.  Don't play it with your parents.  #awkward)

I also made Shay's Cherry Moscow Mules and they were delicious and perfect for the night.  We ran out of grenadine after awhile and added a splash of Sprite instead and that worked great too.

I grabbed this 4 pack of mugs from Amazon for $35.

Love my beautiful friend, Meagan!

The kids came downstairs when it was time to countdown!

We snagged a girls pic at the end of the night (minus our friend, Brooke, who left early because she has littles). 

And the kids took their own kid pics.  ;)

It was such a fun night!!  It was a great way to ring in the new year!

The next day, however, was not fun.  I got it in my head that I needed to clean out our playroom closet and the base of a lamp fell of a shelf, 5 feet up, and straight onto my bare foot.  It was swollen, bruised and impossible to walk on without a major limp for a solid 3 days.  It is still bruised and hurts if anyone or anything touches it so putting on my shoe is still painful.  But once it's on, I'm fine, thank goodness.  

And there are these guys.  My dogs just turned 14 this month, y'all.  They are getting old.  

This is Abby on her birthday.

And Odie.  Odie is not doing great.  He's gotten super skinny, he's pretty blind, at least in one eye and going deaf.  He's also fallen in the pool twice now in the freezing cold temps so we have to watch him every time he goes out.  Bless his little heart.

Matthew covered Abby up with a blanket when she was laying on the couch.  He has such a soft spot for animals.  I can totally see him becoming a vet someday.

And a few more random pics to end the post.  We've been teaching the boys how to light a fire.  (Safely and under supervision.)

And there's Mason...being Mason.  ;)

And the start of Matthew's room makeover!  I put together one bookcase all on my own the night before.  The next day, I told Craig he had to do the other one.  #itsonlyfair

He enlisted the help of the other two stooges and they got halfway through and quit for the night.  #men

Thankfully, he finished it up the next morning.

I can't wait to show off Matthew's new room!  I wish I had all day every day to focus on it but that's just not my life.  Painting is going to be the biggest hurdle.  I may cave and pay someone to come whip that out for me in a couple of hours.  Painting signs?  Yes.  Painting walls?  Ugh.

Still taking suggestions for a light grey paint color!  True grey.  No blue tones.  No beige.  Decisions, decisions!

Have a great day!



  1. I bet your boys loved that Texarkana trip! And your NYE party looks like fun!

  2. I must be a true California girl cuz no way would we butter corn tortillas and dip in salsa! LOL

    1. Hahaha! I think it must be an East Texas thing? I've never seen anyone else do it anywhere other than East Texas. But it sure is good! Corn tortillas and melted butter dipped in fresh salsa...yummmm... ;)

    2. I've only seen TX and OK people dip flour tortillas in queso. Best appetizer!

  3. So many fun pictures!! Girl, you captured it ALL today!! I'm so glad you like my mule recipe too!

  4. Lots of fun y'all have been having except dropping a lamp on your foot! EEK! Hope your doing better!

  5. SO glad you're blogging this week.
    Hiring a painter is always worth it 💁🏻

  6. I painted my bedroom "light French gray" by Sherwin Williams. It's the perfect gray!

  7. Enjoyed all the pictures, except for the one of your foot! :( Hope it is completely healed soon. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of Matthew's room! I've got some gray paint suggestions...I have always liked Sherwin Williams paints. Two gray colors that caught my eye that are complimentary (one light and one dark) are Silverpointe SW7653, and Gray Matters SW7066. If you are wanting something even lighter, the very popular Repose Gray SW 7015 is pretty too.

  8. One of my friends is looking for the truest gray too and her top 2 were: Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams and Harbor Gray from Benjamin Moore. I've seen them a lot and think they both look super neutral. Can't wait to see the room!!!


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