Wednesday, January 10, 2018

"How We..." Wednesdays {Resolutions}

Oh goodness.  Today we are talking about something that I am absolutely hopeless at.

We're talking resolutions.

I am AWFUL at keeping resolutions.  I don't even make them anymore.  But for the sake of today's post, I'm going to come up with some and try to stick with them....for at least a full month.  ;)  I can almost guarantee you I won't even remember what they were by Thanksgiving next year.

Shay and Erika have a new linkup called How We...Wednesdays and today is all about those stinkin' goals.  

This is the kick in the pants I need to really think about things I'd like to accomplish or change this year.  Otherwise, I would have given it no thought.  #zero  

Resolutions are a great idea in theory but how many of us keep these things?  And by "us" I really mean all of who aren't Type A. I'm guessing Type A people have a much better shot at keeping some of these than the rest of us Type B/C/D/E etc. people.  #whycantIbeTypeA

For the record, I'd probably say I'm somewhere around a Type C.  ;)

So here they are. My 2018 Resolutions.  

(Drumroll please...)

1.  Lose 10 pounds by spring summer.

Ok, yes, I know this is kind of a lame resolution.  And "lose weight" is probably on 90% of America's list every year.  

But every year around this time I decide the overindulging and being lazy has gotten out of control and I need to reign it in.

The one thing that gets me all pumped to jump back on that super-crappy diet wagon ("lifestyle change"...#whatevs) is NEW WORKOUT CLOTHES!

Here are some of my favorite picks because they are cute but COMFY.  And Lord knows I'm going to lounge in these a lot longer than I'm going to work out in them.  #justsayin

(Each item is clickable if you see something you like.)

I have these and these ordered.  High-waisted leggings are THE BEST.  These Zella ones will suck you in, hold you up and keep you feeling cute even when you're just running to Target and want everyone to maybe think you are one of those healthy moms that just got your workout in.  #whome? #never ;)

Let's just hope they can get me up and moving somewhere besides Target.

I'll most likely jump back into my Beachbody On Demand workouts.  If I have to workout, this is the way I like it.

2.  Stop procrastinating.

Gahhhhhh I am the WORST procrastinator.  I've always been this way but I don't know to change it.  It's hard-wired into me.  The good thing is that I always get things done (well) by their deadline.  But most of the time, I will take every minute I'm given before said task gets done.  (Thankfully, this doesn't seem to apply to my Etsy shop.  I love getting orders out quicker than their scheduled ship date if at all possible!)

My blog is one thing that needs to improve in this area.  Ninety percent of the time I won't even start THINKING about the next day's blog post until around 10pm.  And it takes me awhile to do these things.  Seriously, I've got to stop it.  I am a night owl and I do feel like it's easier to write at night but laying in bed with nothing to do except watch Real Housewives is so much less stressful.  So yeah.  I wouldn't hate that.

3.  Be more organized in all areas of my life.

That's deep.

I LOVE organizing things.  I just don't have the time it takes to do all these things that I want to do like organize my closet, clean out junk drawers, and clean out the toy bins for the billionth time.  I want to give my entire house a full head to toe makeover but I honestly feel like I'd need to empty the house completely and then bring things back in one by one in order to get it how I'd want it.  And I don't know about you, but I don't have time for all that.

I will say that my Pantry Makeover from earlier this year is still standing strong!  It has stayed completely organized and pretty this whole time!!  (Check it out here if you want to see!)

I always say that once my kids get a little older and my sweet but old and incontinent pups are gone, my whole house will finally be able to change.  I'll get to have rugs again and curtains that aren't from Ikea.  We'll replace the carpet upstairs and basically do #allthethings.  But for now, it is what it is which means I'm going to have to stick with organizing junk drawers.

4.  Figure out that work/life balance.

I've blogged about this before but it's really hard trying to keep that balance in check when you run your own business, all by yourself, out of your home and also try to be the best mom and wife ever. #soexhausting

There are definitely days when I feel like this because I was up all night finishing orders that needed to go out the next day or one of the boys was sick OR both things were happening at the same time...and I just get TIRED.  Emotionally, physically, and mentally.

I think all mamas have felt this way many times, right?

And do you want to know something random?  I swear I can sleep while washing my hair in the shower.  It sounds impossible but I really think I do this on a regular basis when I wash my hair early in the morning. #superpowers

So there are 4 resolutions off the top of my head.  I really should have given it more thought but the procrastinator in me put it off for way too long.  ;)

I'm proud I came up with 4.  It's hard coming up with specific resolutions when there are SO MANY THINGS I'd love to change about myself.  But when it comes right down to it, I am who I am.  I can say all day long that I wish I was more this or more that but a lot of things I wish I were just aren't who God made me to be.

I think my biggest resolution should be to accept that this is who I am and be happy with that.  It's fine to want to improve yourself!  But I don't have to change my personality or my quirks in order to be "better".  If I want to work on being a little less of a Type B (or C) girl and more Type A, I can try that.  But if I end up making myself miserable trying to be something I'm not, then that's not ok.  I think I've done pretty well for myself being a Type C kind of girl my whole life.  :)

What are your resolutions?  I'm sure there are some I'd love to add to my list!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!



  1. Amanda!!! Thanks for linking up! I LOL’d when you saidbe more organized-that’s deep. :)

    1. Haha! If I could have some magical organizing fairy come sort out my house once and for all, it would be life changing!

    2. Please hire a home organizer and blog about it :) I really want to hire one but I cringe when I think about someone going through our junk

    3. Please hire a home organizer and blog about it :) I want to hire one, but I cringe when I think about someone going through my junk.

  2. Yes!! I loved all of this, but especially loved when you said "accept who you are and be happy with it". Yes. We all should do that. xo

  3. Shout out to all of us Type B-C'ers!! I really try to be the best version of a type-a person but I fail daily. Cheers!

  4. I always thought I was a Type A person (and maybe I am), until I had kids. I feel like I procrastinate so badly and I also describe my cleaning style as "a slob until I clean" I LOVE cleaning, but you wouldn't know it in between those times :) I took a step back this last few months with the baby and realized, I was taking care of 3 kids, including a newborn, running an Etsy shop, trying to blog (didn't happen), and take care of my home...all with no husband 80% of the week. I really had to give myself grace and not compare myself to others as I was about to have a nervous breakdown. Still in that mode over here but she's at least sleeping now. And totally agree about being the best you...especially in this blog world

  5. I swear, we are like the same people! I overindulged all holiday season and didn't feel guilty one bit but now it's like ummm I need to get this under control! Ha! Especially because I'm planning a boudoir shoot for the hubby for our 10yr this year - Mama has to lose some weight!! And yes, be more organized in every aspect of my life! I am really going to give my goals a big try this year!!!

  6. I think of resolutions more as goals, and then try and break most of them down by month or season so it seems a bit more attainable! Good luck with all of yours. I DO really want to lose more weight, but I'm in a weight loss program so that's part of it. I need to focus on being more active more than anything I think.


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