Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Our Weekend.

I meant to post this yesterday but I got all kinds of distracted after googling GIFs from Real Housewives for this post.  Some of them are just too funny.

So here's how we spent our weekend.

Mason had a basketball game on Saturday.

At one point during the game, he fell and slammed his head into the ground and also hurt his elbow pretty bad.  All I could think of was "Great! First concussion!".  Thankfully, it wasn't that bad though and once he got an ice pack on his elbow he rallied quickly.

After the game, he was all smiles.

It was our best game yet!  We almost won!!  (We have yet to win this season.)

I also got to sit next to this cutie pie and share my bracelets with her.  ;)

After the game, we decided it was time for some new shoes.  These two are SO hard on their shoes.  Mason can't keep his laces tied to save his life and Matthew's stink to high heaven. #boymomlife

The first place we went was a fail.  No luck.

So we hit up Academy and after a couple of mini-meltdowns by Mason, because I vetoed his outrageous choices, we finally found shoes that everyone was happy with.

I'm not sure what this face is...

We decided to eat an early dinner at Chilis since it was so close.  We figured it would be quick but our waitress wasn't having a great day so our quick dinner ended up taking almost 2 hours...

We didn't mind too much though and Matthew and I dominated at the trivia game.

The boys need haircuts again.  They just started taking their vitamins regularly after a couple of months and I swear it's making their hair grow faster.

By the time we left, we were getting tired.  We brought Craig a to go order since he wasn't able to meet up with us to eat.  Matthew climbed into bed beside me while we watched TV and eventually fell asleep.  

At around 10:30, I woke him up to see if he wanted to sleep with me or if he wanted to go back to his own bed.  I told him Dad could sleep with Mason if he wanted to stay downstairs.  He told me he wanted to go upstairs but also said, "When you woke me up, I was dreaming that I was in the wild!".  He didn't elaborate past that but he was pretty happy about his dream and was grinning from ear to ear.  Love this boy.

Sunday morning we sent Craig off on a little guy's ski trip and then played hooky from church.  

I made a cup of my "magic" coffee so I could do #allthethings and like always, it worked.  (Magic Coffee Review here if you haven't read it yet.  Samples are less than 5 bucks so if you still haven't tried it yet, do it!)

I am not a real coffee drinker so my favorite way to drink it is this...

Froth my milk in my latte maker...

....add a scoop of my coffee and 3 scoops of my hot chocolate and wah-lah!!

YUM!!  If you aren't a coffee drinker either, do it this way!!  (If you don't have a latte maker, just heat your milk in the microwave for a minute or so.)

When I was cleaning up the kitchen, our doorbell rang and it was our neighbor, Roman.  He joined Matthew on the couch for some Minecraft time.

It was a gorgeous day (63 and sunny!) so a bunch of the neighborhood kids got a little culdesac game together.  I had to stop them from using real baseballs though.  (Can you imagine?!)  I snapped this picture as I was taking out the trash.

A little later, they made their way into our backyard to do some tree climbing.  There is only one girl in our neighborhood crew and she has learned to hold her own with these boys.  Sweet girl!  The boys are all so good with her too and treat her like a little sister.

(Updated to add that I've had a few emails and DMs about this roller coaster.  We got this one YEARS ago when the boys were toddlers and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  The boys still play on it and in the summer they'll ride down it into the pool.  I looked it up on Amazon and this exact one in these colors has doubled in price since we bought it. (Check it out here.) But I'm pretty sure that THIS ONE is the exact same thing only cheaper and in a different color scheme.)

Clearly, my kids also use it to help them climb trees now as well.  ;)

While they played, I went upstairs to Matthew's room and finished painting the doors and casings in his room.  I started on the baseboards but the carpet got in my way and I quit.  I think we'll probably end up hiring someone to come in and do those and paint the walls.

For dinner, Mason requested tacos.  He put away 4 before he tapped out.  #growthspurt 

I managed to get everyone in the shower and in the bed by 8:30 without threatening to take away coins (from their Vivofit Jrs).  #winning!

So that was our weekend!  The weather made me CRAVE spring!!  Thankfully, it comes quickly here in Texas so I'm just anxiously waiting.  Bring. It. On.  (By the way, it's cold again now.  But it's supposed to be up to 70 on Wednesday!  And then right back down to the 50s the next day.)

Have a great day, friends!!  See you back here tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday!!



  1. What a fun weekend! Don't you just love seeing a big ole group of kids playing outside??

  2. And I’m so glad that cutie pie did not bust one of your bracelets!! Haha! I’m also glad those basketball pictures don’t have sound. ;)

  3. Mason was SO TOUGH during the game on Saturday! We love playing sports with you guys!

  4. I recently started following your blog - I think from either Erica or Shay? Anyway..wanted to say that I have enjoyed reading along! I want to order from your etsy shop soon...just need to figure out what I want :) Have a good day!

  5. I love that little girl who is holding her own with the boys...you go girl!!
    I had to laugh because I saw the yellow cup in the last pictures with your taco eating boy. I thought, I recognize that cup-love restaurants that give out actually cups you can reuse.

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