Monday, January 22, 2018

Monday Morning Mashup. {1.22.18}

Hey friends!  How was your weekend?  We enjoyed some awesome weather this weekend with highs in the upper 60s.  It finally felt like winter in Texas again.  ;)  It rained all day afternoon which was kind of nice.  I definitely don't hate a little thunderstorm on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

I saw this on Pinterest and about died laughing.  This is so my dogs!  Thank you, Jesus for potty pads.  #divadogs

We had really fun Saturday which started with laying around and doing a whole lot of nothing.  My kind of Saturday morning for sure.  

Mason had a basketball game at 2 (I got no pictures) and then we headed to a birthday party at a trampoline park.  We had some time to kill between the game and the party so we stopped for a quick bite to eat at Wendy's.  Nothing with these two is never dull.

Monkey see, monkey do...

They got out the toy that came with their meal and Matthew took one look at it and decided it was "too hard" and tossed it.

Mason took on the challenge though and managed to get his crab put together.

Trampoline parks are their FAVORITE.  To me, all I see are flu and strep germs.  #anyoneelse?

Two hours of jumping wears them out.  And look at all these sweet boys!  Mason had a meltdown right before this because I had his glasses in my purse and he missed the first picture they took.  We had to have a quick reshoot.

Sunday we were up bright and early for church.  The boys cannot get enough of this.  It's a major chore to pull them away.

We went out to eat for lunch, came home and changed clothes and everyone scattered.  Craig and Matthew watched football, I did a few things around the house and Mason ran off to play with his friends.  

After a while, I went outside to play basketball with Matthew for a little bit before I started work on organizing my car.

(By the way, it felt amazing to be able to run around outside barefoot again.)

In case you missed my post from Friday, it was all about getting my car organized!  I ordered a few things that came in over the weekend so I wanted to get them incorporated!  

But the first thing I did was grab two of these SUPER FUN little confetti glitter zipper pouches (available in my Etsy shop!) so I could create a little medical bag and a miscellaneous one.

(I only have a few of these left in stock at the moment but I should be getting more in later this week.)

Here's what I put in the medical bag.  I used little mini ziplock bags to hold some of the pills (ibuprofen, cough drops, an assortment of cold meds and allergy pills).  I've also got a few bandaids, some creams, and child and adult Dramamine.  I'll be adding some more kid meds soon (Children's Pepto, Children's Tylenol) and some tummy meds for adults too.

In the other bag, I have a nail file, tissues, antiseptic wipes, hair ties, chapstick, lotion, a flashlight, some "girly" supplies, some pens and some Post Its.  I was going to put the bug spray and sunscreen in too but it was too much so I'll just leave it out.  I also attached a little Purell bottle to the zipper.

Are these little pouches not ADORABLE?!  #allthehearteyes

I cleaned out my console completely (it was a MESS) put these two bags in there.  I also included the bug spray and sunscreen, my cute little mini-wallet that I use when I don't want to bring my purse somewhere (find them on Etsy here), more Post It's (why do I have so many Post Its?) and the remote for our DVD player.  It all fit so nicely and looks so organized!

I talked about these on Friday, y'a'll and was super nervous about which one to choose because I just couldn't decide.  But I LOVE the ones I went with!!!  They are little gap fillers and offer a little more storage for all your junk so that you can leave the cupholders free. 

They are a little smaller than I thought they'd be but that doesn't bother me.  If they were bigger, they'd look a little too bulky.  I really do love them.  They slipped in between my gap easily and are very secure.  I can even move my seat back and forth and they just move with it.  

I wish they would have been available in a color that matched my leather but y'all know by now I don't sweat the small stuff.  

Here are a few more angles so you can see how big they are.

I won't be keeping both pairs of sunglasses in there all the time but it was all I had to stick in there for the picture.

And I also talked about these little hooks you can attach to your headrest.  I have one flipped forward to hold my purse and 3 in the back to hold umbrellas, grocery bags, jackets, etc.

And in the back, I filled up my new trunk organizer with a couple of warm blankets, a couple of picnic style blankets, a towel, a roll of toilet paper, a roll of paper towels, a giant Ikea bag, and a couple of bottles of water.  I'll add in a little ziplock of crackers/snacks soon too.

In the front mesh pockets, I've got a few umbrellas, a container of Wet Ones, a couple of large black trash bags and some plastic bags.

I'm not sure if it will slide around back there but if it does, I'll just add a few strips of Velcro to the bottom.

I got a second one as well since they were so cheap and I'll probably get a lot of use out of it once baseball starts up again soon and the car starts to fill up with sports equipment again.

I feel so prepared!!  I need to grab a package of baby wipes too and I think I'll be all set.

For Part 1 of this car organization post, click HERE.

So that was my weekend!  

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  1. And all weekend long we forgot to bring you guys that shirt! If you’re out any this week, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll drop it off!

  2. It's this time of year that I wonder if we'll ever see 60 again LOL! So awesome to have such nice weather! And yep, trampoline parks all I see are germs!! But they are so fun. I'm heading to read your car post because girl, my car needs some serious help!!

  3. I just got those car seat pockets for my mother for her birthday!!!

  4. I am seriously impressed with how organized you are! I totally need to do this to my car! Honestly it's been so cold I've dreaded cleaning my car!

  5. Your boys always crack me up! HA
    I can't wait to organize my car now! HA

  6. I ordered the trunk organizer on your recommendation! I put my 4 year olds dance bag in it because I have driven to the studio far too many times without it!


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