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I know we don't all have Spring Break at the same time but next week it's our turn and we are PUMPED!

(I thought that was pretty funny. #goals)

We will be hanging out close to home next week.  We aren't big Spring Breakers (although I did it up right when I was in college, #thankyouverymuch) so our plans include going to the movies, the trampoline park (if I HAVE to), wearing the boys out at the Obstacle Warriors place around the corner and just letting them play with their neighborhood friends.  My kids don't need much to be happy.  The other day I gave them a cardboard box and they played with it all afternoon.  So that's nice.  ;)

Today, I've got some really fun Friday Favorites for you though!  As always, I'm linking up with my girlies Andrea, Erika and Narci!

So let's get started...

I posted about this in my Facebook group yesterday but had to include it today too.

The other day, I saw somewhere that you are supposed to replace your brush head on your Clarisonic like, every 3 months.  Oops.

(Nail color is OPI Shorts Story)

I'm pretty sure mine hasn't been changed in about a year.  (The picture above is with the new brush head.  You should have seen my last one.)

So I got on Amazon thinking they'd just have a standard replacement head but they had so many options!!  How did I not know this?!

There were brush heads for acne-prone skin, for anti-aging, for sensitive skin...I think there are 6 different options.  

I went with the Deep Pore one because my face still breaks out once a month (stupid hormones....grrrrr....) and I love the feeling of going to bed with my face squeaky clean at night.

While I was browsing, I saw that they also had their own line of cleansers so I added their Pore and Blemish Gel Cleanser to my cart as well.

They came in earlier this week and I AM IN LOVE.  I expected the brush head to be kind of rough since it was deep cleaning but it wasn't at all.  It was so soft!  And the gel cleanser, not surprisingly, is perfect for the Clarisonic.  It foams up so well and has a very very subtle light and fresh scent (like something from the spa) and when I was done, my skin looked tight and squeaky clean.  Just like I love it.

I actually went back and ordered the Radiance Foaming Milk Cleanser too.  It is supposed to brighten up dull skin.  So I'll use Pore & Blemish cleanser at night when I need to get all the grime off my face and the Radiance cleanser in the mornings.

Is it weird that I actually look forward to washing my face now? #probably

So if you have any of the Clarisonics and need a new brush head, I highly recommend this one!  And if you don't have a Clarisonic, you need one!!  They are kind of awesome. :)

I added these new extra-large 32oz water tracker tumblers to the shop this week and I have been using mine non-stop!  My water intake has been on point for the past 7 days.

Find them in my Etsy shop HERE.  Choose your own color combos and design.

It fits in my cupholder too.  :)  Score!

The orginal design was on these wide mouth water bottles which are also still available.

And I just got new bottle colors in too!

Pretty, right?!

Find the water bottles HERE.

Ohhhhhh girls.  These swimsuit cover-ups from Soma came in this week and they are everything!!  They are so much prettier in person!! I know I talked about them last week but this was before they had come in and they just had to be mentioned a second time.

And sorry, I wasn't quite ready for a swimsuit cover-up selfie just yet so you'll have to rely on the gorgeous models and the real-life shots of them on my bathroom floor.  #imfancy

#1 HERE (sold out)

The colors are so much more vibrant in person and the neckline has gorgeous beading.

I will rock this baby for a very long time.

And then I tried on my zebra one.   I didn't really expect to love them both.  I was kind of hoping I wouldn't so I could send one back but no.  I had to keep them both.  I. HAD. TO.

This one is longer in back and shorter in front.  And the back is so cute!  Here's a close-up of the colors and beading (and my dirty grout apparently).  

And don't forget about this gorgeous white one.

Again, sorry this is kind of a re-do from last week but they were just so much better in person.  :)

Speaking of things that finally came in this week...I was SO right about this Loft top!  I predicted it would be my new favorite top and it 100% is.

I'll be sure to snap a shot of it when I wear it (soon!) but for now, here it is hanging in my (newly organized) closet.  ;)

It drapes perfectly, is soft and super flattering.  I got it when it was on sale for $18 so that made it even better!  It's still on sale but the price has gone up to $24.99 now.  Totally worth it y'all!  (I got a small.)  UPDATE:  A sweet reader just told me you can use the code NEWNOW to get an additonal 40% off, making it only $14.99!!!)

Tuesday night, the boys had Open House at school.  I wore my favorite sweatshirt (sold out) and my new earrings since SPRING IS COMING!  The turquoise color is so pretty!

I also got these black tassel earrings as well.  I try not to miss a Baublebar sale.  :)

That's it for today, friends!  If you're on Spring Break like me, have so much fun!  Relax and ENJOY!!  I'll be working, Craig will be working but we will definitely be squeezing in some fun too.

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  1. I love the 32oz tumblers! I have those in my shop, too! They are GREAT!
    I love those covr ups and tassel earrings! Precious!
    I hope y'all have a great spring break!

  2. I love that you are doing a "staycation" for Spring Break. I think as parents sometime we try to make everything a "big and exciting" time when many times the children are perfectly happy just doing things around the house. I know some of my favorite memories as a child where spending time with family that didn't even cost a thing.
    Enjoy your week!!

  3. I just went to order that cute top from Loft and it was an additional 40% off the sale price with the code NEWNOW- so I scored it for $14.99! ����

  4. I'm obsessed with your water bottles! I'm totally asking for one for Mother's Day!

  5. We are low key spring-breakers too, although this year we're partying it up while going downtown to stay for a couple nights. Love that top from loft!

  6. I love those tumblers, girl!! ❤️❤️


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