Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday. {March 2018}

Hey hey friends!  It's What's Up Wednesday with MelSheaffer and Shay!  

Every month we answer a few questions about what's been going on lately.  We've been crazy busy this month so I'm just going to dive right in.


Last night I made a one-pot Chicken Parm Pasta and it was so easy and good!  I've definitely been branching out lately in my culinary adventures and everything has been a win.  Which is kind of shocking honestly, because ya'll, I am still not a fan of cooking but I definitely can't say I hate it because I'm bad it.  Everything new I've attempted has turned out great!

I'm going to put the recipe in a separate post all it's own this weekend sometime and then add it to the "Easy Recipes" section.

(PS-I really hope that one day I'm able to look back on all my food pictures and be like "Look how terrible my pictures used to be!  How embarrassing! But look how pretty they are now!"  I've only had this blog a little over a year and I'm learning more and more every day.  Someday, this blog will be supes classy.  But until then...)


I clicked on my On This Day on Facebook and these were some of the pictures that popped up.

Easter 2016.

That time I caught the boys doing their own laundry (sort of) without me having to ask.  They were throwing their wet clothes into the dryer.  Ask me how many times they've done their laundry since then...  #oneanddone

And then this picture of the original Culdesac Crew.  (I guess two of them were honorary culdesac-ers since they technically lived around the corner. But close enough.)

Now, 3 of them have moved and the rest have teenagers.  So we don't see each other like we used to but before our kids took over our nights with all their schedules, we pretty much lived in our chairs in the front yard watching our kids play.  Happy memories with the best neighbors ever.

This picture was taken a few weeks before Mason was born.  It's one of my favorites.  I loved that shirt.  It was cute but so comfy!  I found a similar one HERE.

And look how short my hair was!!  I've decided that my next post in my Rewind Series is going to be about my pregnancies.  And I will include the TRAUMATIC experience that surrounded this haircut.  Pregnant not make rash hair decisions when you are clearly hormonal and slightly unstable.  It will not end well.


This is very random. I know this.  But if you have a dog and have any need for potty pads, you MUST try these!

We have two dogs.  Both of them are 14 years old and one of them is just a hot mess.  He's deaf, partially blind, has nerve issues with his back legs and has started peeing wherever he darn well pleases.  So if you are ever looking through the blog, see pictures of the inside of my house and think "Wow, she could really use a rug in her living room/under her kitchen table/in her dining room." then yes, I know this.  But sweet Odie (and his equally old sister, Abby) just don't allow that at this point in our lives.  #reallife

Thankfully, they tend to have their accidents in the same spot so I tried a million different potty pads to see what works best.  So many leaked!  What the heck?!  Then I tried these and YES YES YES YES!  If you hate the potty pads you have now, these really are so much better.  They are made from some kind of black carbon technology and here's what I love best,

1.  You can see an obvious yellow pee spot on a white potty pad.  Since these are a dark grey/black, it's just not as gross to look at.
2.  I feel like they trap the smell much better so that if we come home and someone has had to use the potty pad while we're gone, the whole house doesn't smell like pee.  (Why is this my life?)
3.  They don't leak!  As long as the dog hits the actual pad, you're good to go.

Find them HERE.

We've also started putting one of these bigger reusable pads underneath the regular potty pad because Odie is mostly blind and he misses a lot.  It is just so sad watching your dog get old.  These pads are similar to crib mattress covers.  Just throw them in the washing machine.

I know this isn't glamorous but you gotta do what you gotta do when you have old pups.  :(


Baseball is back and this weekend was the preseason tournament for both boys.  They played 7 games in 3 days and I did 2 out of those 3 days single-parent style.  Craig was in Atlanta at another football camp for Elite 11.  It was rough but we made it through and the boys played awesome.

Matthew is a pitcher and was simply amazing this weekend.  After his last game on Sunday his coach told me that he had given Matthew a signal before his last pitch to throw a high fastball.  And that's exactly what Matthew had thrown to strike out the batter!  I had no idea he had that kind of control.  He was pretty amazed with himself too.  He told me "I don't even know how I did all of that!".  Pitching has been the perfect boost to his confidence.  I am so proud.

Matthew hit a ball over the left fielder's head during one game and got himself a nice little triple. 

The Cubs lost their second game of the tournament but played so hard and kept it close.  Nothing to be ashamed of.

Mason is our little Home Run King.  He hit a home run in every single game he played in (all 5 games) with the last home run being a clutch GRAND SLAM in the championship game.

Unfortunately, we still didn't win and came in 2nd but those four runs at least kept us in the game.  I absolutely love watching them play.  

Mason's coach gives an MVP trophy after each game and this was after his first game on Friday night for his home run.

When he's not playing, he's hitting me up for money for the concession stand.  Because HE LIVES FOR SUGAR.  #helpmeJesus

At the very least, I know that he will burn off all that sugar within an hour.

I love their new uniforms.  When you pull up to the park, there's no more going "I wonder which field we're at?".  You can spot these jerseys a mile away!

This was right after Mason's grand slam.  He said it must have been his lucky eye black.  He didn't want to wash it off later that night!  haha


My Etsy shop is on vacation mode right now while I finish up all current order before Craig and I leave for our little getaway/football camp in Phoenix in a couple of weeks.  So right now, it's just all about getting those orders completed so I can have a couple of days before we leave to focus on travel prep.

I was looking at this sign that I made several years ago with a scrap piece of plywood.  I had just started making signs, never had wood because I didn't know the best way to go about getting any and was a little heavy handed with the sander.  But I love it and it looks great in my colorful half bath.  It reminds me of how far I've come. I may add it to the shop.

The lighting in here is not great.

A few others I've remembered to snap pictutres of...

I've also got plans to add more of these little colorful signs to the shop.  They are just my favorite.


Our trip!  We don't do a ton of vacations so when we do get away it's a big deal.  This trip to Phoenix is because Craig is working a football camp there but a lot of the wives and significant others are coming because it's at the Waldorf.  They've got some fun events set up along with plenty of time for us girls to just RELAX while the boys are working.

I can't WAIT. Mama needs a vacay.


I hope you are watching 9-1-1 by now and/or have caught up.  If not, then you should and you will thank me!!!  Just do it.  For real.

I'm SUPER excited about next week though.  Real Housewives of NYC comes back and it looks GOOOOOOOOODDD!!  I love these crazy ladies.  TV would be so boring without them.

Wanna know (another) embarrassing secret?  I had a DREAM that I met the entire cast the other night at a mall.  Why am I dreaming about these women?!  They were showing up for a meet and greet type thing and I got to meet them and instead of getting all yappy and fangirling all over them, I talked to them like I'd known them forever and they acted like I was one of their group.  It was amazing.  I didn't want to wake up.  ;)

But seriously, that's super embarrassing.  Why did I feel the need to tell you that?

Also starting next week?  Southern Charm!!  I absolutely love this show.  Cameran is my favorite and I'm excited to get to see her whole transition into motherhood since she was pretty against having kids for a long time.

If you've never watched it, binge it.  You'll be obsessed.  I just love them all.

As for what I'm reading, I've got a March Book Review coming next week!

The first one I want to mention though is Girl, Wash Your Face.  I felt like everyone around me was reading this book.  All my friends, people on social media, other bloggers...I just had to see what all the fuss was about.

I think what threw me in the first place was the title.  Even after reading it, I wasn't sure that was the best title for it (not that I had any better suggestions) but whatever.

This book was amazing. Here's what I put on my Facebook group about it when I was only halfway done.

Rachel Hollis is the author and she's also a (huge) blogger among other things. I thought it was going to be the stereotypical self-help, motivational stuff I've read before but there were parts in there that were so much more than that. I felt like she was talking straight to ME. A lot of people have said that.
She is a Christian but it's not a preachy book. She references her faith several times but it's more about girl power, taking control of your life and your happiness and she does it all in a way that will not make you roll your eyes. (I have a tendency to do this with books that tell me how to become happier, skinnier, more successful, etc.)
I wasn't sure what to expect from it but it's just amazing. And I'm only halfway through it.
Find it here. (afflink)
I've been listening to the Audiobook and her voice and the way she reads it makes it even better. If you haven't tried Audible yet, you can get this book for FREE! Just click the "audible" option and you can start a free trial and get two books to try out for free.

I am a realist to my core which is why I tend to avoid books like this.  But Rachel has a way with words and not once did I find myself rolling my eyes and saying "yeah ok" over and over.

Get it.  Read it.  Listen to it on Audible.  (She reads it herself and her voice is so pleasant.)  I honestly feel like I'm already motivated to become a better version of myself after reading it.

For you mystery/drama lovers, be sure to check out these two.

Click the titles to read the summaries but Almost Missed You was really good especially if you don't love the super creepy thrillers but do love a book where you get to try to figure out what the heck is going on.

And Not That I Could Tell was just released yesterday and I'm almost halfway through.  I'll be sure to update you on how I like it!

Update: Find my review on Not That I Could Tell HERE.  It was NOT my favorite.  See the review to find out why.


Jeans, shorts, tees, flip flops and my Skechers Go Walks.  On repeat.  ;)  Here are a few of my favorites from lately.

That's all I've got for today, y'all!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. I loved Girl Wash Your Face too--so many great tips that I find myself thinking about since I read the book! Sounds like you had a fun month!

  2. I cannot wait to hear about your adult only getaway! You’re gonna have the best time!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you linked up!! I'm LOVING you with short hair by the way!! How cute were you pregnant?!

  4. I love all of those pics of your cute ball players!! So glad they had a great weekend!!

  5. OBSESSED with all the Housewives and cannot wait for Southern Charm! These realty shows are what gets me through the days :)

  6. ps. I love the short hair!!

  7. Loved Girl, Wash your Face!
    If anyone deserves a vacation its you! Live it up!
    I need to check out those puppy pads.

  8. Hi, I have a chihuahua that wears a male wrap (wiki wags on Amazon). He is only 8 but has incontinence or male marking so the diaper works best for us. I find your dogs potty issues very amusing since I can relate.

    1. I may have to look into that. But then do you have to give him a bath all the time? It seems like he'd get it all over him. Odie HATES baths. He shakes uncontrollably like we're torturing him and it makes his nerve issues go into overdrive! I'm going to go look it up! Thanks for the rec! :)

    2. No bath needed. Sometimes we use wipes but Skippy likes to lay on or close to his people so we can usually smell when he needs changed :) I thought we were done with diapers . . . and then we got attached to the dog!

  9. I am so jealous that you are already out at the baseball fields- it will take at least 3 more weeks here in New England to experience that warmth! That chicken pasta looks amazing too!

  10. I just finished Girl Wash Your Face on Monday. Afterward I text my friend saying ok....I still don't get what it is called that! What does it mean?! What is the context? Ha! Glad I'm not the only one. Every time my husband or kids saw the book they would ask me why it was called Girl Wash Your Face. Everytime I would say I don't know!!! Anywho, LOVE your blog!!

    Carli at

    1. Ha! Glad it's not just me too! I mean, I know she throws out that line at the very end but still...? And thank you!!

  11. Hey girl!! Ok I want to watch this Southern Charm show but how can I binge watch it?? I can't find it on Hulu or Netflix??

    1. Right now they have the entire last season on But I can't find any way to watch the other episodes unless you buy them on Amazon or iTunes. :(

  12. Question about Audible! I am in the same boat as you - I LOVE to read but just don't have the time for it right now! I really want to try Audible, but I'm afraid I would either get distracted by work and miss out on some of the book I'm listening to or get distracted by the book and mess up on work! Do you find it hard to focus on 2 things at once while listening? (I'm usually a pretty good multi tasker)

    1. Hey girl! Most of my work doesn't require a ton of brain power's painting signs and making decals for tumblers or glittering something mostly. ;) Yes, there are definitely times when I get distracted and have to rewind the book a little though. But it's very easy to do. The app has a "forward 30 seconds" or "rewind 30 seconds" button that you can tap as much as you need to get back to where you need to be to re-listen to that section. The app for it is so easy to use. So it's no big deal if I get distracted and need to re-listen to a section. I also listen while I'm doing dishes, laundry, driving by myself, getting ready/washing my face/brushing my teeth etc. And do the free trial thing to see if you like it! You get 2 free books to try out! Most people are pretty hooked after that first book. :) Hope that helps!

    2. Thank you! I think I will do the free trial - like you said, can't hurt! I love your blog! :)

  13. Okay I’m doing the free trial of audible too because I was like number 55 on my library waitlist for this book!! I’m on chapter 5 and I’m not loving it. Gasp!! I may need to give it more time..?? I feel like a outcast. 🤦‍♀️

    1. Which book? Girl, Wash Your Face? If you don't like it, don't feel bad. Let me tell you, there are several books that I've read before that I hated but EVERYONE else loved. Like the book Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine. I did not enjoy that book at ALL but everyone else raved about it and put it in their top 10 lists and things like that. I was baffled by how people could like it! I'm also reading/listening to a book right now that has amazing reviews but I'm finding it completely underwhelming and straight up boring. It's about to get a 2 star for me unless there is something crazy coming at the end. (By the way, it's the book Not That I Could Tell which I talked about being so excited about above. What a letdown.)

    2. For your next audiobook, try The Wife Between Us if you haven't read it yet. ;)

  14. We have a 14 year old Lhasa-Poo, and I hear you, girl! Same issues at our house, but she's part of the family, so you do what you gotta do.

    My husband and I went to Phoenix back in the fall, and let me just recommend eating at Scott Conant's restaurant, Mora Italian. We did the tasking menu with another couple, and it was by far the best meal of my life. You can look at their website at We stayed in town, but just took an uber ride over. Lots of other great restaurants in the same area too. Hope you enjoy!

    1. Oops....meant tasting menu (not tasking).

  15. Aww I love the baseball pics! B just started getting into the competitive level of baseball (counting runs and outs now) makes me a lot more nervous during the game. :) I wanted to start watching 911 but missed the first few episodes, now I need to figure out how to catch up. And have fun on your getaway! Oh and I need to hit you up about that magic coffee stuff...I just finished breastfeeding so I can take it now :)

  16. I've heard a lot of people were disappointed in Not that I Can Tell! What a bummer!


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