Friday, March 23, 2018


Happy Friday, friends!!  Today I've got  a quick set of Favorites for you because this week has kicked my booty and all I want to do is turn my brain off.  But I had a few things that I wanted to show you so here we go.

Baseball is back in full swing (see what I did there?) and we had our first game of the season last night.  Mason's very first at bat was a homerun!  Proud mom moment for sure.

This year, the team stepped it up in the uniform department so now we have 2 different jerseys and 2 different hats.  Mason couldn't wait to try on his new hat after the game.

There definitely won't be any trouble finding the team this year.

You guys, I am a HUGE fan of Walmart's grocery pickup.  HUGE.  I swear I had to have been one of the very first customers to try this when it hit the Walmart by our house.  Like so many of us, I am a crazy busy mom and spending an hour or so AT LEAST once a week at the grocery store was such a time suck.  I dreaded that chore so bad.

But being able to quickly order my groceries online, schedule a pickup time that works for me and be in and out in 10 minutes as opposed to an hour is an absolute Godsend.


Yesterday I picked up groceries and y'all... When I went to help load the new groceries into the back of the car, I saw this.

A Walmart sack with a dozen eggs from my last trip to the store. LAST WEEK.

They didn't smell or anything which I thought was a blessing.  Yes, I threw them away.


Anyway, if you haven't tried Walmart's grocery pickup yet, you need to!  Give it a shot!  Every time you order something it adds that item to your favorites.  Since I tend to order the same things each week, it is so stinkin' easy to just click on favorites and then add things straight to your cart.  #bam

Click HERE for $10 off your first order!

Ahhhh...I LOVE anything practical and efficient.  High five, Walmart.  High five.

Ok.  I can't give this a glowing review YET because I just got it in yesterday afternoon and I haven't had time to test it out.  But I wanted to share it anyway because I know so many of us deal with mosquitos during warm months when we just want to enjoy our backyards and the reviews for this thing were kind of amazing.

It's the Thermacell Mosquito Repeller Torch that supposedly protects a 15'x15' zone in your yard from mosquitos.  I thought I'd order one and see how it works and then if it does, I'd go back for more to scatter around the yard.

Mosquitos have been known to drive me straight inside the house on a gorgeous evening and this year I refuse to let them win.

This took me maybe five minutes to put together.  You can turn on the light or the repellent or both at the same time.  Plus you can use it like a lantern and set it on a table or carry it around or you can pop it onto the stake it comes with like a torch.  It's super easy to switch back and forth as needed.

Ignore my flower planting attempts in the background.  I'll show y'all more of my DIY project from last weekend and my amateur flower planting next week.  (If they are still alive by then.)  I really want to get better at this gardening stuff but maybe it's just a passing phase?  Time will tell.

Let me know if you've got one of these though!  It's supposed to be in the high 70s and low 80s this weekend so I'm hoping I have plenty of time to see how it works.

Monday was our anniversary and on Wednesday I blogged about the big 13 and showed y'all a lot of our throwback pictures from over the years. If you missed it, you can find it HERE.

I think I'm due for another full book review soon (I've read 18 so far this year!) but wanted to let y'all know about this one that I just finished.  

Almost Missed You starts out with a family vacation to the beach.  Mom's laying out on the beach while Dad stays back in the room while their little boy naps.  She comes back to the room only to find that all traces of her husband and son have vanished.  They soon realize that the husband has taken their son and gone into hiding.

It's baffling to everyone because their marriage seemed so strong.  They even had the most romantic twists of fate that brought them together.

This book wasn't quite a thriller but more like a drama and mystery.  You will definitely keep reading to figure out what in the world was going on in that man's head and when you do so many other secrets began to be revealed.  In the end, they are all intertwined in a crazy way.

I really loved this book.  It had a little of everything in it for me.  Suspense, mystery, drama, girlfriends, crazy husbands, little kids...Highly recommend!

In other great news, Jessica Strawser's next book comes out in just a few days!

It sounds so good! Here's the official summary.

When a group of neighborhood women gathers, wine in hand, around a fire pit where their backyards meet one Saturday night, most of them are just ecstatic to have discovered that their baby monitors reach that far. It’s a rare kid-free night, and they’re giddy with it. They drink too much, and the conversation turns personal.
By Monday morning, one of them is gone.
Everyone knows something about everyone else in the quirky small Ohio town of Yellow Springs, but no one can make sense of the disappearance. Kristin was a sociable twin mom, college administrator, and doctor’s wife who didn’t seem all that bothered by her impending divorce―and the investigation turns up more questions than answers, with her husband, Paul, at the center. For her closest neighbor, Clara, the incident triggers memories she thought she’d put behind her―and when she’s unable to extract herself from the widening circle of scrutiny, her own suspicions quickly grow. But the neighborhood’s newest addition, Izzy, is determined not to jump to any conclusions―especially since she’s dealing with a crisis of her own.
As the police investigation goes from a media circus to a cold case, the neighbors are forced to reexamine what’s going on behind their own closed doors―and to ask how well anyone really knows anyone else.

Are you intrigued??  I am!  It comes out March 27th and I will be downloading it from Audible immediately.  (Read more about my obsession with Audible here.  It is the BEST thing for busy moms/dads/whoever who love to read but just don't have time to sit down and dive into a book.)

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So that's it for today!  Thanks to Andrea, Erika and Narci for the linkup!

We will be baseballin' it up in the preseason tournament this weekend and enjoying that amazing Texas sunshine!

Hope you have sunshine where you are too!

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  1. That book sounds good!!! I’m adding it to my list now!

  2. Girl, I have forgotten stuff in my trunk too. Whhhhhhy????? Urg! Okay, I need a new chick lit book to read. You always have the best suggestions!

  3. LOVE all the pics of you and your hubby- they are beautiful! That new book, Not That I Could Tell, sounds awesome too- thank you for the recommendation. Have a great weekend!

  4. I am a huge fan of audible for my long walks (6-8 miles 3x week) and my car trips to our beach house on the central coast. It is the best! Adding that new one to my list!

  5. I use instacart grocery delivery sometimes and it's amazing!!!!!! After a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is go grocery shopping. A few clicks on the app and I schedule the exact time I want my groceries delivered. It's about 15% more considering fees, but so worth it once in a while.

  6. Loved Almost MIssed You! Please do another post with your review of the mosquito lantern - like you, I am often running into the house (even though I'd love to be outside on nice nights - but they feast on me, even when no one else seems to be bothered)

  7. Oh I hope my town gets a walmart pickup soon!!!! I feel it would truly change my life. Def going to try those books! I always like your suggestions!

  8. I've been thinking of trying the Walmart grocery pick up. I food shop there every week, but I like to check out the clothes, make up & nail polish. That's why I haven't tried it yet. I did that too recently, I left a gallon of milk in the back seat of the car for a few days. My daughter saw it & wanted to do a challenge. She wanted me to back over it with my car. lol. So I did, but I don't think I rolled over it that great. I think I just got the corner of it. She's into you tube & different challenges. I like the looks of that mosquito torch. It's still cold here & the ground is hard. It's only 41 here & we are suppose to get flurries tonight. I want Spring so bad. Love seeing your flowers.


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