Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Our Weekend in Texarkana.

Hey there, friends!  I'm back today with a little weekend recap.

We took a quick 24 hour trip to Texarkana to visit my parents this weekend.  We packed in a lot and had a great time, as always.  I love going home again.  My parents still live in the house I grew up in and it's just full of wonderful memories.  I am blessed with amazing parents.

We arrived in Texarkana around lunchtime on Saturday and the boys were so excited to see Nana, Papa and their little toy poodle, Bentley.

While we were eating lunch, my dad came home from work and Mason thought he'd be funny and hide under the table under a blanket.  Everything is a game to that boy.  So Papa crawled under the table to "find" him.  

My parents are AMAZING grandparents.  (And parents.)  On the way home on Sunday, Matthew said, "I wish everyone had grandparents like Nana and Papa."

Oh that sweet boy.

So after we'd eaten lunch, Nana surprised the boys with Easter baskets!  Each one had some candy and 8 plastic eggs (filled with more candy).  And my kids LOVE an egg hunt.  So my mom and I hid the eggs in the backyard while the boys were sequestered in my old bedroom with Papa.

And when we were done, IT. WAS. ON.

This was Mason's face when he noticed a stinkbug on the table!  Hahaha.  He was about to smash it when Papa stepped in basically told us that bug didn't deserve to die and is just minding his own business.   I scooped him up with some pine straw and relocated him to the bushes.  

A life saved. ;)

The boys cracked open their eggs after 3 or 4 rounds of hunting.  Mason was cracking his open like a real egg.  We watch a lot of Masterchef Jr.

Matthew wandered over to the swing and laid down.

And my mom brought over a blanket because it was slightly chilly in the shade.  My mom is a fusser and is always making sure everyone is taken care of.  She's definitely the mom that ate standing up most of the time because she was/is constantly jumping up to get someone more milk/ketchup/green beans, etc.  Even if no one has asked and they are perfectly capable and willing to get it themselves.  My grandmother was the same way.  And I can definitely get that way as well.

After our egg hunt, we decided to head to Spring Lake Park with Bentley and see the progress they are making with the lake.  Apparently, it's been drained and dredged and refilled lately and is still a work in progress.  So it wasn't at it's prettiest just yet but it will look great when it's finished.

I'm pretty sure I said "Stay out of the mud!  Don't step in the mud!  Don't get your shoes muddy!" 100 times.

It fell on deaf ears.  And honestly, shoes can be cleaned so "let them be little" and all that.  :)

Sidenote:  These amazing shoelaces are still working wonders.  If you have kids who aren't great at keeping their shoes tied, check these out!!!  And then thank me later.  #Godsend

Fun Fact:  If you've ever seen The Town That Dreaded Sundown, this was where all the murders in that movie happened.  It was based on a true story about a serial killer in Texarkana in the 40s that would murder couples parking at Spring Lake Park.  The case is still unsolved.  (Creepy!!)  They made a movie in the 70s about it and there was a remake done in 2014.

I tried not to think about that as we roamed the park.  ;)

Both boys climbed this tree and both boys lost the same shoe in the same spot.

After losing one shoe, Mason seemed to think that all of a sudden the park was like a McDonald's playground.  Every time we got to a new playground, he would take off his shoes to play.  And the ground was covered in pebbles, water and mud.  (Insert eye roll).

But they were having fun so who am I to squash that.

Love this picture of my big boy. I can't believe he's almost TEN.

We all had a fun time at the park and after a while, we headed back to the car.  I was thinking it was time for a little R&R.  But Mason had other ideas.  He mentioned wanting to go to the trampoline park and of course, my parents were willing to do anything they wanted.

Confession?  I HATE trampoline parks.  They are so chaotic, stinky, loud and all I see are germs.  I also feel like I'm always trying to find my kids to make sure no one has snatched them or cornered them in a bathroom or smashed them in the face with a ball.

So when we stopped to drop Bentley off at home, I volunteered to babysit. ;)

Yes, I felt bad for tapping out of all that fun but I would have rather cleaned the bathtub with my own toothbrush.  Seriously.  Thankfully, my parents completely understood and didn't make me feel bad in the slightest.  Did I mention how amazing they are?

They were gone for a little over an hour and afterward, we settled in for dinner and movies.

For dinner, the boys had pizza and screen time.  Does it get any better for little boys than that?

And one of our favorite things at my parents' house is their computer screensaver! Random, I know.  But my dad has it set so that all the saved pictures from the computer scroll across when the screensaver comes on.  Pictures from ten years ago until the present.  

This one of me and my babies flashed across at one point and I had to snap a picture of it.  

I think Mason was 1 and Matthew was 3.  Y'all know how much I miss having babies!!  This did not help. #likeapunchtotheuterus

I'd never seen this picture before but of course, it took me right back to that day, 7 years ago.

It may have also made me crave some chips and salsa.

I also laughed at this one because it's just so Mason.  #whyisitsoquietupthere #messymasestrikesagain

Anyway, we left Nana and Papa's on Sunday after the boys started to get crazy because of all.the.sugar.  Seriously, by noon, they had eaten waffles, strawberries with sugar, marshmallows, their Easter candy, ice cream sandwiches and washed it all down with Dr. Pepper.

Nana finds it hard to say no to those two. ;)  Clearly.

But after awhile, they started to get a little too silly and I wanted to make sure that sugar crash happened in the car.  I timed it just right.

So that was our weekend!  When we got back home, the boys were rested and ready for round two.  They stayed outside playing with their friends until I called them in to eat, get showers and get ready for school the next day.

We all feel like we got a little taste of Spring Break this weekend with the great weather and all the fun. One more week!!

No, we don't have plans for Spring Break.  Craig has to work.  I have orders to fill.  And we are quite content just hanging out, going to the movies, playing with friends, staying up late and sleeping in.  (Well, them anyway.)


And I know this is completely switching topics but y'all!!  Did you see what Arie did to Becca last night on The Bachelor?!  I told you it was going to be HIGH DRAMA!  My heart is just breaking for Becca.  Take note all future bachelors:  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PROPOSE!!!  Especially if you are torn between 2 women!!  My goodness. If you are in love with two women at the same time and are having such a hard time deciding between the two, what on earth makes you think it's a good idea to PROPOSE to one of them?!  This makes no sense to me but makes for good TV.  Obviously.

The ratings will be just as high if you choose to just date one.  Or none.  Or both even.  But let's not propose if you're still in love with both.  Mmmm...k?

I don't fault Arie for "following his heart" and all that.  Just don't propose if you aren't all in.  That's all.

You suck, Arie.  #justsayin  And I feel like Becca deserves to keep that ring, Neil Lane.  #alsojustsayin

When Arie kept following her around when she was crying I just kept yelling out "Ewww!  Get away!  Don't touch her!".  I prepared Craig for this.  He slept upstairs with the boys last night because I warned him of the 3-hour finale.  ;)


Anyway, if you are a Bachelor fan, don't forget to tune in tonight to see the rest of this mess unfold on After the Final Rose.

And as for Becca.  I have a feeling she'll find her TRUE happily ever after.  She'll come out on top...I have no doubt.




  1. What a fun weekend with your parents!
    I'm behind on the Bachelor. But now i can't wait to watch all the drama ;)

  2. OMG!! I haven’t watched yet!! I need to get to watching ASAP!

  3. Looks like the perfect weekend!!

  4. What a fun weekend! Just ordered those shoelaces for my son! Can't wait for them to arrive! Now I have to go watch last nights bachelor!!

  5. Becca better be the next Bachelorette--she totally deserves it! And she reminds me so much of Raven from Nick's season who was ALL IN, and yet he chose Vanessa (eye roll)

  6. Love your new site header :)

  7. The new layout looks great. I did order the shoelaces so my son wouldn't have to keep re-tying his laces and they have been amazing, thank you!


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