Monday, March 19, 2018


Welcome back, friends!  Happy Monday!

Last week was Spring Break for us and we played it super low-key.  We don't really travel over Spring Break for several reasons and honestly, I'm totally fine with that.  Even though I still had to work Monday through Friday, I made time to hang with the boys when they weren't scattered all over the neighborhood with their friends.  Craig was at the office every day and then had another football camp (Orlando this weekend) and just got home late last night.  We still managed to get in some family fun though.

Here's a recap of what we got up to last week.

One of the first pictures I took at the beginning of the week was this one.  The boys and their friends pulled random stuff out of the garage to make this "fort".  Forts are all the rage right now at my house.


We made cookies because they are Matthew's favorite.

Chocolate chip cookies are his JAM.


We have an Obstacle Warrior Kids close to our house so I took the boys there one afternoon so they could wear themselves out.


Matthew pooped out about 30 minutes in.  (He also got a little battle wound on his cheek when he was wrestling with his dad and brother the other night.)


We went to the movies one afternoon and saw Peter Rabbit.  The boys thought it was funny.  I thought it was fine.  Eh.  I didn't love it.  Have you seen Hop?  I thought that was a lot funnier if you are comparing talking rabbit movies. ;)

We always carry in blankets.

I'm not sure what this face was about.  We ordered lunch but they brought out his dessert (Sour Patch Kids) first.  I told him he could have TWO before he ate his chicken strips.  So maybe that's what's with the pouty lip. 

I probably would have given them anything they asked for honestly.  I may have been trying to make up for the fact that our big Spring Break adventure was Peter Rabbit and their friends were all skiing, at Disney World, at a fancy resort, camping...  Thankfully, they don't seem to be all that bothered by it.  They really are pretty easy to please.


After the movies, they ran over to their friend's house while I went to Walmart to grab ink for the printer.  While I was there, I swung through the garden center and grabbed a couple of houseplants.  Andrea's post last week inspired me to get some so I thought I'd start small and see how things go.

I find it very hard to keep plants alive.

I talked about these a little in the Friday Favorites post HERE.

While I was playing with my new plants and figuring out where I wanted them to go, I walked through the living room and saw Matthew like this.

Spring Break is exhausting, y'all. 

Lately, the boys have been getting up with Craig at 5:45 to go run with him a few mornings a week.  I'm not crazy about them doing this just because I feel like they need more sleep.  But they love it and it's a great bonding time for them plus the exercise is obviously a win.  Unfortunately, since it was Spring Break, they didn't go to bed the night before until around 11.  Which made the impact of a 5:45am run a little heavier.

Sweet boy.


Later that night though, he was back to his normal self.  We got a little game of Heads Up going.

Abby was super into it.  She (and her brother) are the reason why I can't have nice things in my house.  Look what she's doing to my pillow!  She's also the reason there are no rugs anywhere but I've mentioned that before.  Sigh.

When it was Craig's turn I almost died when I saw what his first one was!  Can you see what's written on that screen???!!  The boys thankfully had no clue so I just gave Craig a LOOK and mouthed "pass" to him and we moved on quickly.  I love this game but really?  They thought it would be ok to put "pole dance" on this family game that they know is a big hit with kids? 


Towards the end of the week, it really warmed up so we were outside a lot.

I was admiring how pretty my tree looks and how dead my grass looks.  I can't wait for everything to get green again.

The boys entertained themselves while I watched.

I think they had more fun trying to figure out how to get the ball back after each shot than they did actually shooting. 

Pretty soon they were wet so the shirts came off.  And I realized they looked like twins in their matching gray shorts.

I can't believe how big they are now.  Blows my mind.


At night, we've been playing a lot of basketball.  

It may not look like it, but I promise he loves my smooches. ;)

And one day, Mason yelled for me to come see something outside.  I've told y'all before that he is a bottle-flipping fool.  Well apparently, he's been trying to land a bottle up on the goal and he finally did it.  He was so proud.

Craig was in Orlando Saturday night so after I got the boys to bed, I watched Pitch Perfect 3It was available early in digital form but today is it's DVD and On Demand release.  I bought it because I know it'll be one of those chick flicks that I'll watch over and over again.

If these movies don't make you want to sing, smile and hug your girlfriends, I don't know what will.  


It was a fun week and it made us all that much more eager for summer!  We can't wait!

But for now...

Stay tuned for this quick and easy project!   More on this later in the week.

Have a great day, friends!

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  1. I would say y'all had a great week! I can't wait for summer either!! Oh I can't wait to see that little flower pot make over. Mine look horrible.
    your plants from WAl-Mart...did they come in those pots or did you buy those seperately? Love them!

    1. I found them at Walmart! They were back inside on a separate aisle. Not in the garden center but close to it.

  2. Looks like a FUN week!! And I’m super impressed by that bottle flip!

  3. What a fun recap!! You guys fit in so much stuff!!

  4. Love your plants...they really add to a room. It looks like you all had a great spring break - relaxing and fun! I'm with you on the talking rabbit many do we need? ha, ha. Have a great Monday!

  5. Abby’s so cute!!! How is odie?

    1. You're so sweet to ask. He's definitely not getting any younger. :( He's gaining weight which has been a problem for him this past year so that's good but he's just on a slow decline. His back legs still give out when he bends over to drink but the mat we have under his bowl helps a ton. And he's partially blind and pretty deaf. But as far as we know, there's nothing major going on. Just old age. :(

  6. Sounds like our Oreo. He’s almost 14 and is pretty deaf and can’t see well. However he has a very large tumor on his front leg. Doesn’t seem to bother him yet but it keeps growing. Only option would be to amputate. So we’ll let him carry on until he just can’t comfortably live anymore. Probably coming sooner then I’d like to admit. :( Amazing how fur children impact our lives!

  7. That sounds like a great Spring Break to me! I love the plants, that bottle flip is also pretty impressive. The pole dancing is so funny. What a great week!

  8. I love your backyard!


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