Friday, May 4, 2018


Happy FRIDAY!!

I would totally hug Friday if I could.  Actually, I'd hug Friday night because I still have to work all day today.  Sigh.

Today I'm linking up with Narci, Erika and Andrea as always, to share my favorites from the week.

So here we go!

This has been the busiest week I've had in my Etsy shop since the first week in December thanks to Mother's Day/Teacher Appreciation and End of the Year teacher gifts/Graduation.  The shop was pretty calm and steady up until Tuesday morning when order after order started coming in and things went from calm to crazy pretty quick!  And it hasn't stopped since.  

My turnaround time had to be bumped out another week on Wednesday (so I'm now at a 2-3 week turnaround for the time being) but I am so grateful for all of my sweet customers!  I am working on those orders as fast as I can but I am THIS CLOSE to having to bump it out a full 4 weeks.  I've never had to do that before so I'm hoping I can keep it under three.  

I just know (and my friends also know...) that I will run myself ragged trying to get orders out as fast as I can, even if it costs me my sanity.  #peoplepleaser  So I'm trying to learn from past mistakes and if I have to add on a few more days to the turnaround time in order to have a life outside of the sawdust and glitter, then that's what I'll do.

Here's how it's looking right at this moment.

At this very second, I have 90 open orders.  All due within the next 3 weeks.  These also don't include the custom sign orders I've got to get to that I promised friends I'd make for them.  (For the record, I am not currently taking any more custom sign orders.  Those are always the first to go when I get too busy.)

The most popular items this week have been these 22oz stainless steel tumblers.

The teacher name signs.

And thanks to my sweet friend, Shay, who posted her new water tracker tumbler on her Instagram stories yesterday, those have also been super popular!  (Supportive girlfriends are the best.)

 I actually took a poll in my Facebook group a few weeks ago to see what item you'd like to win in my next giveaway (which just so happens to be TODAY) and this was the clear winner.

So be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to enter to win!!

I added some quick tips for shopping on Etsy to my stories on IG yesterday because I know it can get confusing since there is so much to see and so many ways to customize items.  So I'm dropping those in here too.

Almost all of the information you need will be in the listing description, including how to order.  The current turnaround time can also be found in my Shop Announcement section, on each individual listing's page, at checkout and on your receipt.  

And finally, you can find my Etsy shop HERE!

On Wednesday I posted my April Book Review!  If you missed it, you can go here to check it out.

Wanna know what else made this review a favorite???  Kristy Harvey, the author of The Secret to Southern Charm, COMMENTED on my post!!! 

I have no idea how she found the review but Kristy, if you happen to be reading here again today, I'd be more than happy to preview the third book in the Peachtree Bluff series early.  ;)  

The Secret to Southern Charm was book 2 (Slightly South of Simple was the first one) and it left me wanting MORE!!  I am dying to know what's going to happen with Jack, Ansley and Emerson especially.  I wish I could say why but I'll give something way if I do!

Anyway, if you love Elin Hilderbrand, then you'll probably love The Peachtree Bluff series as well.

The other day, I was browsing Amazon's "Deals of the Day" section when these pretty makeup brushes caught my eye.  My makeup brush selection is a rag-tag team, y'all.  I've had some of my brushes since college.  My blush brush?  Yeah...the handle fell off the other day so I've just been using the part that has the actual brush on it.  #soembarrassing

So when I saw this 15 piece brush set with great reviews for just $11.99 (and free one-day shipping!) I had to get it.  And I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and thick the brushes were!

I'll be honest and admit that I don't know how to use half these brushes or what they are for but there is a chart in the listing that can help me out.  

So if you are anything like me and need to update your brush game, be sure to check these out!

And also worth mentioning-they come in a nice box and they are packaged well.  They would be a great little gift!

Find them HERE.

This Favorite goes to my sweet daddy!!  Last Saturday was his last day of work.  He is officially retired!!  My dad is the greatest.  He is funny.  He is kind.  He is a hard worker.  He is the most unselfish person I've ever known.  He has always put his family first and never even batted an eye doing it.  He has worked SO hard for so long and I am beyond thrilled for him now that he's done!

My dad has 4 sisters and is the only boy and second youngest.  My grandfather passed away when I was pregnant with Mason and my grandmother passed away very recently.  So my dad and his sisters have been starting the process of selling the house, settling the estate and all of that.

On Tuesday, the sisters called him over to the house only to surprise him with a little retirement party!  Complete with big red nose. :)

And check out that phone behind him.  Not a lot has changed at my grandparents' house over my lifetime which I love.  I don't think that's going to help it sell though, unfortunately.  (Which is fine by me...I can't imagine someone else living there!)

Love this picture of him and my Aunt Sheila.  

Now we just need my mom to retire (hopefully soon!) so they can come visit us more often!  And maybe someday move here as well.  ;)

I am doing the #photoadayinmay2018 challenge with Erika and Shay on Instagram and Wednesday's prompt was "morning".  I snapped this picture of my coffee and yes, it's the same coffee I raved about in my "magic coffee" review several months ago.  (Find that review HERE if you haven't read about this stuff yet.)

I had several people email me and message me on Instagram to get an update on whether or not I'm still liking it so I thought I'd post an update here as well.

I always call this magic coffee but really it's called RevitalU Brew.  {Can I be honest and say that I think that's a cheesy name?)  But even with the cheesy name, this stuff WORKS.  It claims to give you energy, suppress your appetite, and even aid in weight loss.  But like I always say, it will affect everyone differently.  So none of that is guaranteed but 98% of the people who have tried it are getting at least one of those benefits.

As for me?  I get two of them.

 I still get a major energy kick without the crash that lasts me all day. (And I still sleep great at night.)  And it's not an energy where I'm going "Yeah, I mean, I guess I feel a little more energy...".  It's a definite "Holy crap, I want to clean the whole house RIGHT THIS MINUTE" kind of energy.  Without the shakes or heart palpitations.  ;)

And it still completely knocks out my appetite.  On days I drink it, I have to force myself to eat lunch and sometimes dinner.

Have I lost weight other than the 4 pounds I dropped early on?  Nope.  But do I know people who HAVE lost weight just by drinking a cup a day.  YES.  Am I jealous that it doesn't affect me in the same way?  YES!!  But like I said before, it won't affect everyone the same.  Plexus never did a thing for me either but I'm still a believer in that product because I had friends that it worked wonders on!

You can go the website HERE and order a 3-day supply for under $5 if you want to just try it out.  It's completely no-strings-attached to try it out.  Nothing to cancel.  Just a little sample pack.

I knew I loved it within the first 30 minutes of drinking my first cup.  And I don't even like coffee!  I still mix mine with hot chocolate.  ;)  (Although, I HAVE lowered my scoop of chocolate to just one instead of 3... #progress)

My only tip when you drink it is to make sure you are also drinking a lot of water, especially the first week or so as you get used to it.

And now....

Onto the giveaway!

One winner will get one of my 32oz water tracker tumblers with a design of their choice!
Choose from the Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda design or the Believe You Can design, or just add your name or monogram!  You choose your own colors as well!

Just complete the Rafflecopter below to be entered up to 5 times!

The winner will be announced next Friday!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. So glad your shop is doing so well! That's awesome!!
    Congrats to your dad! That is so sweet!! Have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Such a fun giveaway! Thank you for sharing the info on the RevitalU Brew too! I just placed an order through you- I am so excited to try it Amanda! :)

  3. My new cup is AMAZING!!! Seriously, I ADORE it!!!

  4. Congratulations to your dad!! And what a FUN Friday giveaway!!

  5. Amanda, I felt the exact same way when Kristy commented on my blog about her book. And then I met her on tour, holy moly, she was just as sweet as can be! I highly recommend her other books too, Lies and Other Acts of Love and Dear Carolina. I named Lies one of my favorites today!! I love that water tracker! Happy Friday!

  6. I LOVE the peachtree bluff series. LOVE. and desperately need the third to come quickly

  7. That is so cool that the author commented on your blog post! Congrats to your dad on his retirement!

  8. Wow you are crazy busy! I can't imagine having that many orders! Also, can I just say I love your book reviews?!? They are my absolute favorite!


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