Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Favorites #59 | Etsy Finds

Oh, friends.  It has been a WEEK.  I would say "Yay, Friday!" but sometimes Fridays are just another day in a long line of busy days.

This week we've dealt with two days of STAAR testing, one kid with an annoying cough and cold (allergies?), one kid that was sent home with a major stomach ache that lasted a solid 5 hours (he sounded like he was in labor for 4 of them), a late game that didn't get us home until after 10, a "modified lockdown" at the kids' school due to a suspicious person (all ok), and one old pup that may lose her eye.  (Sigh.)

Plus, more open orders in my Etsy shop than I've ever had.  (Over 160 at this point.)


Tonight we have baseball.  Tomorrow is Matthew's birthday and more baseball.  And I'm dreading the response I'm going to get when he finds out that he is not, in fact, getting a trampoline.  #meanmommy

Stomach ache boy.  (It was BAD.)

My one-eyed pup (temporarily, we hope).

Allll the baseball.  (I told him to give me a serious face.)

If you are in my Facebook group, you may have seen my post about a new page I just added in the menu section (under the Shop tab) with all my Etsy favorites!  And no, they aren't my own shop's goodies.  Although, there is a link to my shop included because, duh...  ;)  But this is a list of other shop owners' fun stuff.  From home decor to glittery cups to clothing and jewelry.

I'm going to update the list HERE as I find new fun things so if you love Etsy and unique, handmade items, then be sure to check it often or just follow my Etsy Favorites board on Pinterest!

So today, for the Friday Favorites link up with Andrea, Erika and Narci, it's dedicated to all these Etsy Favorites!

Today, I'm just pulling all of this from my Etsy Faves page in my header.  Because y'all need to see this stuff.
I am an Etsy fan, obviously.  And I love all my products in my shop.  BUT, there are a ton of other amazing shops out there and cool products.  And there are also a lot of other #makermams out there that I'd love to support.  So I thought I'd drop a little list of some of my favorite Etsy finds here, all in one place.

One hint:  PIN what you like so you can come back to your Pinterest page when you are ready to buy.  Or better yet, go to the actual listing and add it to your Favorites on Etsy!  There are so many great gift ideas on Etsy!

Click the link below each picture to take you to the shop listing.

I'm starting with this tumbler because y'all probably know (if you've ever seen the stuff in my Etsy shop) that I LOVE GLITTER.  I create my own unique glitter tumblers but these specific ones use an entirely different technique that I haven't had time to learn yet.  And I'm not sure I'll ever decide to.


Find them HERE and be sure to check out the whole shop for some gorgeous options.

And look at this gorgeous navy and gold!!

Find that one HERE.  Oh, how PRETTY!!

And then we have...

Joanna Gaines inspired earrings!!  I found these for just $15 on Etsy HERE.  So many colors to choose from but I snagged them in Chestnut.

UPDATE:  I got my earrings in from Styled Simplicity and they are gorgeous!!  I'm so happy!!  I've worn the white leaf ones twice already. They make me look tan which makes me happy.  ;)

Y'all should see those pink and gold earrings up close.  SO fun!!

Thank you, Jennifer!!!

Most Expensive Day Ever!  HERE.

All of these shirts are from the same shop HERE.
Great shop, soft tees and great quality.  Big fan!

How pretty are these for Bridesmaid gifts?  That lace detail is everything.  Find them HERE.

I keep coming back to these shelves.  I know I could make them myself in about 30 minutes but do I really want to??? Not really.  haha  Find them HERE.

Etsy has amazing planners!  I love THIS ONE.

This cover speaks to me.  Find it HERE.

Baseball Mama Tee

I love this cute hat.  Because blessed mamas tend to have dirty hair...a lot.  ;)  Find it HERE.

I'm so drawn to this gorgeous wreath!  HERE

And how pretty is this gold and opal necklace?  Only $22!  So cute for summer!

 Find them HERE.

And this tiny little mountain range is precious.

This shop has over 500 items and so many sweet, delicate little necklaces.  From tiny pineapples, palm trees, mermaid tails, pinecones, wine bottles, coffee cups, hearts, stars and so much more!  These would make great little gifts.  I love this shop!

This page will be updated frequently while I try to find the best way to share ALL my favorites!!  Feel free to pin things you like to save them or click the links and add them to your Favorites list on Etsy.  (That's the best way to keep up with all of them.)

And don't forget to check out my own Etsy shop HERE.  :)

Do you have a favorite shop on Etsy??  Or a favorite Etsy find?  Leave it in the comments!!  

Did you know there are (technically) 1.8 MILLION Etsy shops? So finding hidden gems in the midst of the madness is great!  And I love supporting other small businesses and #makermamas.

And before I go, I have to also bring your attention to the worlds best flip flops.  In my opinion anyway.

Friends.  If you are looking for a great pair of flip flops that will go with everything, can get wet, are so cute and super comfortable, then look no further.  Plus they are available at a price that tells you they won't fall apart in 2 months but they certainly won't break the bank.

I talked about these HERE the other day in my Rewind Series (all about my pregnancies) but since we're talking Favorites, I had to mention them again.

The touch of sparkle. The small life in the heel.  Plus all that cushion!  

Find them HERE.  Check the price.  See if they have your size.  And GO FOR IT.  You definitely won't hate me for it. ;)

Order the next size up if you are between sizes.

I now have these in both the black and tan and I literally wear them every single day.  I'm a casual girl.  I don't put a ton of thought into my footwear for ball games and trips to Target.  ;)  But these make me feel a little cuter without much thought.  And that's how I roll, y'all.

Happy Friday, girls!  Here's hoping that the antibiotic ointment clears up my pup's eye.  (I have to TOUCH her eyeball like, 4 times a day, friends.)  That we figure out what to get Matthew for his birthday before tomorrow.  And that I can get all these orders out on time so no one yells at me.

Cheers to that!



  1. Cute tees, glittery cups, adorable signs, really pretty jewelry...I love it all!!

  2. Reef flip flops are the best! You are so right! I love Etsy so much! Hope you have a great weekend and that everything turns out ok for your dog!

  3. Love all your etsy finds! Leather earrings are my favorite right now!

  4. Love following your blog! Your blog is such a fun read! I wish my etsy shop would take off like yours has, congrats! What's your secret, lol? Have a great Friday! :-)

    1. Your shop is so cute!! I love all the pretty colors! If you aren't already, be sure to join a few Etsy Sellers FB groups. Feel free to message me on Etsy sometime if you have any questions! Thank you, Sarah!!

  5. Amanda!!! I’m gonna be stressed for you all weekend!! 160 orders...that’s more than Christmas. Right? Way to go, girl! You can do it!

    1. YES! Even more than Christmas! But I extended my turnaround time so that helps relieve a little stress. Thanks, friend!

  6. So many great things! I am on the hunt for a pair of white earrings and I think I just found them! Thank you so much for this great list of favorites!

  7. Love all of your favorite shops! Loved your pantry project. Have you finished more home projects?

    1. Finished? No. But I've started on a dozen! hahaha. I don't get much free time so I don't know why I even bother starting these projects because it takes forever for me to finish! But I am hoping to finish up Matthew's little bedroom makeover soon. I'm also freshening up the master bedroom, contemplating painting our half bath navy, and we're scheduled to have our back patio resurfaced with a cool material called Rubaroc.

      If WORK didn't get in the way of all my projects!! Boo. :( I'm taking off a couple of weeks this summer though and committing to getting #allthethings DONE! ;)

  8. Hi! I love that opal necklace, but the link takes me back to the wreath. Do you mind sharing the link? happy Friday!

    1. Whoops! So sorry! Should be fixed! :) Thanks for letting me know!

  9. please say you blogged this last night and didn’t ignore the awfulness that those of us south of you in Houston/Santa Fe had to grapple with today. You’re the first blog I check (and recheck when you post later) it has been harder to read about favorites when something really awful happened so close to home. I know life goes on but today it stopped for the Houston area.

    1. It is awful! I actually didn't even know about it until much later in the day on Friday because I was working nonstop and watching Netflix all day. But yes, I wrote up the blog post on Thursday and set it to publish at 3:30am on Friday morning. The shooting didn't occur until 7am. It is absolutely heartbreaking.


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