Friday, May 11, 2018


Hello Friday!!

And Happy Mother's Day weekend to all you precious mamas!  

Being a mom is HARD, y'all.  But I think we can all agree that it is totally worth it.  The sleepless nights, the stressful days, the worry, the fear, the joy, the LOVE.  It all comes with being a mom and I wouldn't trade this job for all the money in the world.

Like every Friday, I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for all my Friday Favorites!  And be sure to check the end of the post for the winners of the giveaway from last Friday!

Obviously, I'm a big fan of Etsy.  (Shameless plug:  Find my own shop HERE.)  

The other day, I mentioned those super cute tees from this cute shop.  Well this week, I was searching on Etsy because I decided I needed some white, leather earrings. I ordered some cute gold basketweave ones from this shop several months ago and loved them!  So I went back to see what else she had and saw SO MANY fun options!

This is what I was looking for so I definitely grabbed these petal ones in white.

Won't they look so pretty with a summer tan?!  Find them HERE.

And I also saw these and just couldn't resist.  Allll the heart eyes for the colors and that pattern!

How pretty would they be with just a simple white tee and jean shorts?!  

You can find the floral ones here.

Other favorites were these in pink and gold...

You can choose your own style as well.  I'm loving the petal shape lately because Joanna Gaines is always wearing them on Fixer Upper.  And don't we all want to be like JoJo?

So if you need some fun new earrings for spring and summer, be sure to check out Styled Simplicity on Etsy and tell her I sent you.  ;)

(And for the record, this was in no way sponsored.  I just ordered like a regular customer.  But after my purchase, I did message her to let her know I'd be mentioning them here!)

Also, I started a new post of Etsy Faves from other shops!  I've got a fun list started already.  You can find it in my menu under "Fun Stuff" or just go here.

My second favorite is a fun new product that I'm loving.

When I know I'm going to be in the sun all day, I always make sure to put on a nice layer of sunscreen under my makeup and I usually wear a hat as well.  But the thing with sunscreen is that you have to reapply at some point.  And smearing on sunscreen on top of your makeup is just not ideal.  And to be honest, I tend to skip it if that's my only option.

I've heard of these powder sunscreens so I thought I'd give one a try.  I checked reviews on several different brands and this Tarte one was new but already had great reviews.  (Plus I was on a Tarte high from my new favorite concealer.)

And I'm now an even bigger Tarte fan!  I love this powder for several reasons. 

One:  The powder is translucent so you don't have worry about finding the perfect shade.
Two:  When I'm hot, I get shiny.  And the powder tones down the shine without caking my makeup like some powders do.
Three:  I can reapply quickly and easily.  I love that it's all in one so I can just click the button on the bottom a couple of times for the powder to come to the brush and dust it on.
Four:  It smells delicious.  Like vanilla. #bonus

This will be in my beach/pool bag all summer and will go with me to every baseball tournament.  It's not going to replace my regular sunscreen but it will be a great way to reapply when I don't want to slather on greasy sunscreen.

Find it HERE.

This is about as opposite of powder sunscreen as you can get but when I was checking out Amazon this week to try to find potential Mother's Day gifts, I saw this cool little egg gadget and had to stop and check it out.

I posted it in my Facebook group to see if anyone else had one and there were several who have one and all said they loved theirs!  With over 6000 5 star reviews, I decided it was worth trying.

So this thing makes eggs several different ways and fast.  Hard boiled, poached, scrambled and omelets.  You can go HERE and watch the little video about it.  For under $20, I was SOLD.

I'm hoping this will help my low-carb ambitions.  ;)

And no, I didn't get this for my mom because she's not big on gadgets.  She would never use it, even if it was quicker, easier and faster.  (And it seems to be all those things.)  But I did get it for myself and it should be here today.  :)

If you want to know what I DID get my mom, click here.  (MOM:  DON'T CLICK!!)  I've talked about how much I love ours before and I know my mom will love them too.  Find that post here.  (Again, don't click that, Mom!)

One thing that was NOT a favorite this week?

I finally followed my gut and took Mason to the doctor and sure enough, there he had a slight fracture in his wrist.

Don't let this smile fool you.  He was definitely not excited about missing at least the next 5 baseball games plus two weeks of pool fun.  But getting a cast was kind of cool.

We went in Tuesday morning to the pediatrician and after viewing the x-rays, she said it was definitely a fracture.  She got us in to see the orthopedist that afternoon and long story short, Mason will be rocking the blue cast for at least 2 weeks.  We'll go back and get new x-rays and if it's better, he'll get the cast off.  If it's not, he'll stay in it a little longer.

This kid is so tough.  You really wouldn't even know that he has anything wrong with him.  Other than being a weirdo 8-year-old boy.  ;)

This is his first cast and he thought it was pretty cool.

And then we got home and he wanted to show me that he can still do everything like normal.

Like riding his bike...

...playing basketball...

...swinging a bat...

...and throwing a ball.

When I sent Craig a text to tell him Mason was getting a cast, his first reply was "Can he still play baseball in that?"  Sorry, Dad.  He's out.

I think Mason loved getting to feel special the next day at school though!  He had all his friends sign his cast and felt pretty cool.  I just love this kid.

And since he was so bummed about not being able to swim, and since showering/bathing now consists of taping a plastic bag around his cast, I got on Amazon after a friend sent me a message on FB telling me about waterproof cast covers. I ordered this one for him because it says it can be fully submerged underwater.  You should have seen his sweet face light up when I told him he'd be able to swim again once it arrives!

My last favorite today are the winners of the giveaway!!  

I ended up adding a second chance giveaway over in the FB group because I had a snafu with the first rafflecopter (#newbie) so if you aren't checking things out over there on the regular, then you might be missing out!  ;)

So CONGRATULATIONS to our two winners!


I emailed you this morning so be sure to check your inbox!!

That's all I've got for today, friends!  If you missed Tuesday's post, it's got some fun Target finds including THE BEST basic tees ever (and for only $8).  Those have been favorites all week!  (Seriously, I've worn a different one every day this week because I bought them in every color available!)  Tuesday's post HERE.

Happy Mother's Day!!



  1. I bought the gift that you are giving your mom based on your it! I know she will too.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I have made a few pair of the leather earrings and purchased a few. I love them. I can’t seem to find enough variety of leather to continue to make them. HA.
    Mason looks like he is being a total champ with the cast. Hope his hand heals fast!

  3. Thank you so much for the water tracker tumbler!! Looking forward to getting it!

  4. Anonymous3:01 PM

    All of those earrings are really pretty! Had never heard of tbe powder sunscreen until reading your blog - that is a much appreciated tip as I have been smearing SPF on top of foundation mid way through the day, which is not a good look - so thanks for sharing that x Going to see if I can source Tarte in the UK now!


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