Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Happy Tuesday, friends!

Before I get started on our weekend, I want to say the biggest thank you for all your kind words, thoughts and prayers from Friday's post about our sweet Odie.  It has been so hard not seeing his face every morning or hearing the slow click-clack of his nails on the hardwood at night while I'm trying to sleep.  He became a bit of a night wanderer towards the end.

Life goes on and thankfully, this weekend was full of distractions.

Friday, the boys had Field Day and the day started with gorgeous sunshine.  Mason's time slot was from 8:30-11 and Matthew's was 12:00-2:30.  Around 11:45 I looked out the window and noticed some super dark clouds rolling in.  And I just knew this wouldn't end well for Matthew and all of his friends at Field Day.

My neighbor drove by our culdesac around 12:30 and took this picture of our house.  Yikes.  

Needless to say, Field Day ended just about as quickly as it began for the afternoon kids and oh, my heart just went out to them.  They look forward to this day all year and to know that the morning kids got their time but they didn't (and there is no make-up day) is just awful.  Life is just not fair sometimes.

Mason had his last regular season game on Saturday afternoon and they clinched their first place spot in the league!  So proud of these boys!! 

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, since last week was kind of a blur, but Mason got his cast off last Tuesday and was told he could resume all of his normal activities as long as nothing made his wrist hurt.  If he felt pain, he had to stop.  But thankfully, he's had no pain and has been killin' it in these last two games.

He's supposed to wear a brace for the next few weeks as much as possible but can take it off when he needs to.  I find Matthew wearing it around the house more than I do Mason.  Matthew thinks it's so cool.

Both boys have their post-season tournament coming up this weekend so we need everyone to stay healthy!

On Saturday night, Matthew and Mason went to Mason's team party with our friends and I headed to Erika's Wall Party.  (Craig was in Scottsdale at a camp this weekend.) 

We barely took any pictures which is a shame because the setting is always so pretty!  My friend, Megan, said we should take a picture before it got too dark but I think we were a tad late.

We did manage a group picture though.

These girls are always so much fun!

Sunday, the boys played, swam, and ran all over the neighborhood.  I spent the day getting my house back together and doing a million loads of laundry.

I also got this cute makeup organizer all set up!  It came in earlier in the week but I didn't have the energy to get it all fixed up.  But once I did, I was so happy!  I love this thing!

It holds all my essentials and then some.  I organized everything into categories so it's all easy to find.  The quality is amazing and I love that these come with black removable liners in the bottom of all the drawers.  

I kind of want another one!  But I don't know where I'd keep it.  My counter space is limited and my closet is packed.  But this would be a pretty way to store jewelry as well.

Two thumbs up, y'all!!  Find it here with free one-day shipping!  

And then yesterday, poor Matthew woke up with swimmer's ear.  We go through this every single year around this time.  We always say that we're going to make sure to put those alcohol drops in their ears after they swim but it just doesn't work with my crew. Swimming at our house is not a set "Ok!  Let's all get our suits on and go swimming!".  It's more like the boys running around, getting hot and sweaty, jumping in the pool for a little bit, jumping back out and running to the front yard for a quick game of basketball that leads to riding bikes that leads back to the pool...and the circle continues.

I did order them earplugs and one of those earband things to help keep them in.  So we'll see if those help.

But yesterday, Matthew was miserable beacuse he couldn't swim.  And all Mason wanted to do all day was swim.  So that was hard.  But we still found ways to have fun.

Craig grilled some burgers and chicken for dinner and we ate by the pool.

And that was our Memorial Day.  Super low-key and super basic.  But that's how we roll.  ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend!



  1. Hahahahaha!!!! I think you girls missed the natural light by just a bit. :)

  2. Looks like the perfect weekend! And with this crazy 100+ degree heat in Texas, I predict many more pool days! Have a great Tuesday!
    Simply Tish

  3. What's a Wall Party?!!


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