Monday, May 21, 2018

The Baby is 10.

Hello Monday!!

We are less than 3 weeks away from summer and I know the kids are so excited!  I'm excited too.  Don't get me wrong.  But there's something to be said for a quiet and empty house 8 hours a day, five days a week when you're a work-at-home mom.

But I'll deal with that as it comes.  This weekend, however, was all about celebrating my Matthew.

On Saturday, Matthew turned 10.

And I may have cried.

I swear, it was just yesterday that he was born.

And my days were spent with wet hair pulled back in a ponytail, maxi dresses to hide that post-baby bod, a living room that looked like the set of a Fisher Price commercial and literally nothing else to do in the world but be a mom.

And now I'm going to overload you with pictures of him as a baby.  :)

#perksofnursing #boobsonpoint

I still remember this trip to the Houston Zoo when Craig was with the Texans.  Matthew peed through his diaper and soaked the front of Craig's shirt. 

During Matthew's first haircut, I started to really understand his personality.  There was no screaming and crying.  He sat completely still and did everything we asked.  

And he was pretty proud of himself afterward.

Matthew is kind.  He is sensitive.  He loves animals.  He is a people-pleaser and wants to do the right thing at all times.  He is smart and can do crazy math problems in his head so fast.  He is athletic and is becoming quite the little pitcher.

He's funny and loves to laugh.  This kid does not shy away from bathroom humor and takes a REALLY long time to tell a story.  He is very detail oriented.  ;)

Matthew is also cautious, responsible and an introvert.  He has so much of my personality.  And he is the greatest big brother.  He embraced his role immediately and is so protective of Mason.

I love love love this boy.  He made me a mama.  And he made my life a million times better than I ever thought it could be.  My children are my life's purpose and it kills me that they are getting more and more independent.

Anyway, Saturday was all about Matthew.  Saturday morning, Matthew curled up in bed with me to watch the royal wedding.  He was fairly interested for a little bit which is the most I could expect from a house full of boys.  ;)

And can I just say what a huge fan I am of those royals?!  So much class, so much grace, so much beauty and so many good works.

Matthew had a baseball game at 12:45 so Mason and I dropped him off 45 minutes before the game for warmups and then hung out in the car because it was so hot!

Look at that cute smile!

After the game, the boys were hot and sweaty so we met up at Braum's for some ice cream.

Matthew had french fries.  :)

We went home and the boys ran off to play with their friends for a few hours while Craig took a nap (how nice) and I ran around straightening up the house and working on orders.

And then it was GAME TIME!!  We decided to take Matthew to a Frisco Rough Riders baseball game.  The Rough Riders are a minor league, AA team and we have never been before!  I seriously don't know what took us so long to go but we had the very best night!

It took less than 20 minutes to get there, parking was a breeze (and free!), tickets were cheap, hot dogs were delicious and after the game, there were no traffic jams.  I mean.  #canyouaskforanythingmore


Matthew is in a phase where he hates having his picture taken so I tried to get as many as I could.

Mason, on the other hand, can easily be bribed into smiling like a normal human.  (Most of the time.)

Saturday night was Lego night so they had this big display of lego tables set up.  It was a great way to kill some time before the game started.

Mason could not wait to get to this playground.

Everything is geared towards family fun.  There's even a lazy river behind center field!  Mason is determined to be in that section next time but with that stupid cast he still has was a no-go. 

 We bought tickets at the gate and decided to just sit on the grass.  There are grassy parts behind the outfield where you can just bring a blanket and sit wherever you want.  We chose this section on a whim and I am convinced it was the best decision ever.  On the grass, the kids can jump up and run around whenever they want.  Which they did a lot.  We were also near the playground area so we (Mason) could go play a few times during the game.

(Recognize those fun earrings from Friday's post?!)

We really did have the greatest night and the weather was perfect!  Plus, the Rough Riders came from behind and won so it was an exciting game!  We can't wait to go back!!

I've started working on the boys' joint birthday party which we always have towards the end of May or in early June to work around Craig's camp schedule.  So we'll celebrate big time in a few weeks.

Sunday morning we played hooky from church since we got in late the night before, slept in, and then got donuts for Matthew.  Because if he could live on french fries and donuts, he totally would.

He said he had the greatest birthday and it's all I could hope for.

And before I go today, I just wanted to offer my prayers to everyone involved in the latest mass school shooting at Santa Fe High School.  Each time this happens I just break down and pray for something to be done.  And sit here feeling completely helpless.  I don't know the answers.  But the horror of being in that situation is unimaginable.

I didn't hear about the shooting until around 5pm on Friday because I'd been working all day and binge-watching Parks and Rec (again) on Netflix.  (If you're a new reader, I have an Etsy shop which is why I can work on orders and binge-watch Netflix without getting fired.)  

I finally started scrolling through social media around 5pm and saw a Facebook post from a friend that said something about "prayers for Santa Fe".  After a quick google search, I saw everything I'd missed.

I've said it before and unfortunately, I'm sure I'll say it again.  Jesus, you cannot come back fast enough.  The pure evil that is in this world is terrifying.

Just the other day, an ISIS-inspired plot to shoot up our local mall was thwarted before anything happened.  And without our FBI and local authorities being on top of it, we would be all over the national news as well.

(Find info on that scare HERE.)

So please say a prayer for our friends down south.  This needs to stop.  Looking at the pictures of the victims  Surely, our politicians can figure out a plan.  I'll never get political here because that's not what this space is for and honestly, drama and tension makes me crazy.  But come on people.  Let's figure this out.  

And with that, I'll wrap this up and be back soon!

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to your Matthew! Looks like you guys had a great birthday weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet Matthew! Looks like a great weekend,

  3. Happy birthday, Matthew!!! I loved all of the sweet pictures of him through the years!

  4. What a perfect way to celebrate your boy. I love the idea of sitting on grass in the kids would love that. And I agree with you, our world is evil and scary. As a teacher, these things really hit close to home and crush my heart.

  5. Happy Birthday Matthew and that game looks like a great time!

  6. Awe! Happy birthday to you little guy! My daughter will be turning 10 in August. Isn't crazy to think back at how life was then! I actually just said something to my husband last night about how my days were so simple then, although in the moment they didn't seem like it. :)

  7. Your little guy has beautiful blue eyes! #futureheartbreaker

  8. Happy Birthday to Matthew! Love all those sweet baby pics! And we need to make plans to go to a game! That sounds like so much fun! Simply Tish

  9. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Such a sweet reflection! Plus some of your commentary is too funny about being a new Mum, it cracks me up! My boy is 11 so I know what you mean about awkward phases and photos! Happy Birthday to Matthew!

  10. Happy Birthday to Matthew!10 is such a great age. Starting to grow up but still have a lot of little boy in them. Enjoy!


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