Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Let The Summer Begin.

Today's post is a random mess of what we've been up to lately.  We've hit the ground running this summer and while I'd love to have all this relaxation time and/or time to just do whatever I want, my life doesn't work that way.  #boo


I still have to work.  I am down to my last ten open orders in my Etsy shop which is huge because at one point it was up to 164...which is when I had to extend my turnaround time to 3-4 weeks and finally just put my shop on vacay mode.  Once I hit zero, my shop will reopen and turnaround times will be way faster.  Find my shop HERE and click the link to receive an email when it reopens if you're interested.  :)

If you've been waiting on your order, then please know it is coming!!!  I should have all of them out by Friday at the latest.  And THANK YOU for your patience!

What else keeps me from relaxing?

Oh, just my kids.  ;)

This was our first Monday of the summer and we jumped right into baseball camp.  Matthew is my homebody and he wasn't crazy about this when I told him.  He was definitely hoping for a few days of doing a whole lot of nothing.  

Don't let this picture fool you.  He really did have a blast.  He was also the only one on his team to hit a home run yesterday so that definitely perked him up!

If you have a ball player or are out in the heat a lot, you NEED one of these little towels.  You've probably heard of them or have one already but if you don't, they are amazing.  You get them wet, ring them out and they stay wet and cool for a very long time.  They don't absorb the heat and my boys (and Craig) love them.  You can find them lots of places but I got mine here.

The first day of camp, I walked the boys up to the stands and made sure they knew what was going on and where they were supposed to be.  And took a bunch of pictures obviously.

Before I took this next picture I told them that if they smile one more time for me, I'll leave.  And this is what I got.  Haha.

And I snuck one more on my way out.

Last night, Mason had his first indoor flag football game of the season.  I didn't take a SINGLE picture for some reason.  Completely unlike me.  But he played great and they won! It'll be a fun season.

So what else have we been up to??

Oh just doing a little backyard camping.

Not me.  Let's get that straight.  I am not into sweating to death in my backyard with mosquitos buzzing around my head when my soft, cool bed is just a few yards away.  And the first night Craig and the boys tried this, they didn't last either.  Everyone was back their own beds by 11:30 because it was just so hot.

The next day, Matthew tried to use it as a fun place to play his iPad.  Again, it didn't last long.  He ended up sitting in the Adirondack chair under the umbrella where it was so much cooler. 

And I had to laugh when I saw they brought out the WARMEST blanket we have in the house to put in their tent.  That thing is HOT.  No wonder they didn't last long.

But they tried again that night and Craig lasted until 1am and the boys made it until the morning.  Mason's biggest critique of the whole experience was that the birds would not SHUT UP!  He kept saying they would not stop chirping.  Hahahaha.  We have crazy birds who will chirp nonstop all night long.  Is that normal??  Like 3:30am they are just chatting away with each other.  On the regular.  Thank goodness for white noise machines and loud tower fans.

These boys have also been spending a ton of time in the pool.  This weekend Mason had a playdate with a friend and Craig was gone so Matthew and I had some one-on-one time.  I can't believe he'll be in 5th grade next year.  Time FLIES.

He called me over to get a picture of the giant bubble in his shorts.

And after awhile, he got out and laid down to read his book next to me.

Later that night, Craig jumped on the grill and the boys floated around on these new floaties I found for them.  They love these things!  The little boats have water guns so they can have water wars.  I found them here.  I'm sure its a matter of time before they pop one (or both) but for now, they are keeping them very entertained.

We also got a couple of new basic ring floaties because I couldn't pass up those cute Blow Pop designs!

And if you're wondering what that big colorful thing is leading into our pool, it's this rollercoaster that we've had for years.  The boys adored this as little kids but still play with it to this day.  Although now, they aim it towards the pool and ride down the rollercoaster into the water in that green car.

If you have littles, you should check it out!  It'll give them years of fun!  (The link will take you to the newest version which is just in different colors but is the same thing.)

I've been able to squeeze in a little me-time as well.

Monday night, I met up with two of my best girlfriends for some queso, margaritas and girl talk. I got home around 10:30 and found Craig, Matthew and Mason in the living room watching college baseball.  Well, Craig was.  Matthew and Mason were sound asleep.  That first day of baseball camp had wiped them out.

Matthew popped up so quick when I woke him up to go to bed.  His first question was "Who won?!".  Haha.  This kid loves baseball!

Mason is the complete opposite when it comes to sleeping.  He is such a heavy sleeper.  Craig threw him over his shoulder to carry him up to bed and he did wake up and look around but the next morning I asked him if he remembered it and he said no.  Sweet boy.

So that's what we've been up to lately!



  1. It sounds like the PERFECT beginning to SUMMER!

  2. That quote is so funny and is so TRUE!!

  3. Cool towels! THE BEST for baseball!

  4. I was so bummed- my nephew plays baseball for UCLA and they lost to Minnesota in the Regionals. He is a freshman and was their closer this year, so we still have a couple more years for the College World Series! Tell the boys to keep playing hard and maybe someday they too will have full ride scholarships to an awesome school like UCLA! It definitely happens!!

  5. Phew you guys are already hitting the ground running! but I feel like we are the same, have to keep these kids busy!!


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