Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Favorites #62.

Happy Friday, friends!

Ok, I know it's not technically summer yet but it's coming next week!  (It's the 21st if you didn't know.  I googled it.)  This was our first full week of summer break and it went way too fast but was full of fun!  We're ready for more!

But today, I'm linking up with my friends Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday Favorites.

Let's start with this...

My boys had baseball camp this week and they had some favorites of their own that got them through it in this Texas heat.

I talked about these cooling towels on Wednesday but seriously, I cannot tell you what a lifesaver they have been.  The boys said a lot of the other kids had them as well but the ones that didn't were constantly wanting to borrow other people's.  They were a hit!

I'd wet them fully and then wring them out really well before we left and when I'd pick the boys up, 2.5 hours later, the towels were still wet and so cool they were almost cold.  Sure makes that heat much more bearable!  

Find them HERE.

We also got the boys new water bottles.  They have those big half gallon jugs but they say those are hard to drink out of because of they are heavy.  So I found these 40oz stainless steel Bubba bottles and they love them!  They took normal plastic water bottles on their first day of camp but had these for the rest of the week and loved that their water stayed so cold.  

They come in several colors too which is good because Matthew is going through a phase where he hates to match his little brother.  In anything. (Insert eye roll.)

You can find them HERE in pink, purple, black, green, blue and white.  These will be great for school next year too.

Last Sunday night, our Sunday School class had a girls social and we all brought a favorite so we could have a little gift exchange.  I ended up with this charcoal face mask and have used it twice this week and it's so good!!  I've tried several charcoal masks but this one is definitely my favorite.

It's Loreal so you can find it in any drugstore or Walmart, Target etc or you can also find it here.  I've got a dedicated washcloth for charcoal face masks now so I don't ruin all of them.

I put it on at night, wipe it off, go to bed and then wake up with dewy, soft, smooth skin.  It works so well!  I highly recommend it!

In my last post, I also mentioned these new boats, complete with water guns, and I'm happy to report they are still floating!  My kids are pretty hard on their water toys.  ;)

Mason had a friend over this afternoon to swim and they had the best time with them!

Another random Amazon find this week was this stinky shoe spray.  (Probably not the technical name for it.)  My kids have the stinkiest shoes ever so I've been spraying the inside of their shoes with this stuff and it actually works!!  

Not gonna Skechers Go Walks can get stinky too but I just throw those in the washing machine.  This will help those too though!

So if you, or someone you live with has shoes that will clear a room, you might want to grab some of this.  ;)

Why he feels the need to take off his shoes and socks in the car is beyond me...  #unbearable
(And no, the car was not moving.  We were sitting in the driveway about to get out which is why he has no seatbelt on.  Just in case there were some worried mamas out there.  ;) )

Oh friends!!!  This has been my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE for the whole week.  Possibly the whole month. I talked about it in this post where I showed you a ton of my favorite Etsy finds but it came in on Monday and it is breathtaking.  To me anyway.  Craig may have called it obnoxious.  Hahaha. #nooneaskedyou

Yes, it's a glitter cup.  I do glitter cups myself in my own Etsy shop.  But I don't use the super high tech method that this shop uses.  It involves special equipment, chemicals, fumes, many many steps and a whole lot of patience.  So their shop may be an indirect competitor of mine but I DON'T CARE BECAUSE IT'S SO PRETTY!!!  And I'm all about supporting other women.

I wish you could see it in person.  The shop is called Creations by Bel and you can find it HERE.  She has tons of different ones to choose from.  

I DO feel the itch to want to attempt one on my own but I am a glutton for punishment and adding in ANOTHER item to my shop, especially one that involves so many new supplies, materials, and techniques, would just end up stressing me out even more.  So maybe not.

We'll see.  :)

And speaking of my Etsy shop, it will reopen on Monday!!!

This week I was browsing for some fun finds and came across these leather earrings for just $7.99!  There are 59 colors to choose from!  Y'all know I love my leather teardrops so I was pretty excited to come across these.  Take advantage while you can! They are only available for another day or two!

I also saw this pretty rainbow tee with that cute twist front detail and scooped it up too.  It's selling out fast and will be available for just a couple of days!  

And finally, these Summer tees and tanks were just speaking to me.  #iwonderwhy #colorfanatic

I posted them in my Facebook group (join HERE) yesterday because all of these deals go quickly!  I am seriously addicted to this website.  It's like Etsy but 50% off.  I love it!

UPDATE:  Looks like the summer tee sale ended but I found these that still have 2 days left that are adorable!!  You can get either design on the white or the grey tee.  I love the watermelon on the gray but it would really pop off the white too!

And these sarcastic tees made me LOL.  I'm pretty sure I say or think most of these things on a daily basis.  I have a crazy sarcastic side which I try not to show TOO much because it can come off snarky which is not what I mean at all (most of the time...let's be real here).  So if you want to wear your sarcasm with pride, grab one of these!  Just a few hours left!!

I swear I say the words "I don't know.  Google it." to Craig at least 3 times a week.  Hahaha.

That's all I've got for today, y'all!  Happy happy Friday, friends!



  1. I ordered those Americana tees on Jane because of you and they’re cute!! I need to check out these “Summer” ones. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I want one of those summer tees!!!!!

  3. Love, love, love you boy ideas! My son is in soccer everything and the water bottle thing is REAL! The huge jug is too messy and hard to drink out of, regular water bottles get warm and don’t hold enough. I just ordered 2 of the ones you mentioned from Amazon (because...boys....can’t remember where they leave things)! I also have the boats to order later for his birthday. Epic gift idea!

  4. I love the earrings and graphic tee's. So fun for summer. I had stopped looking at Jane because I love everything on there, but looks like I need to check it out again. Have a wonderful weekend. Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  5. I love those earrings and the graphic tees. What a great list of summer essentials! I love Jane.

  6. Wow! You need a summer break from your shop.
    Obsessed with that rainbow tee. If you include Jane faves every week, I will lose a lot of money :)

  7. I ordered some of those Summer tees on! Can't wait for them to get her!! I can't stop making the leather earrings! They are so FUN to make!!
    I got a different L'oreal mask today at Target and LOVE it! I took a picture to share on Friday! HA :)


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