Friday, June 22, 2018

Friday Favorites #63.

Happy Friday, friends!  Today I am in full party planning mode.  The boys' (very belated) birthday party is tonight and I can honestly say I threw this thing together in a hot minute and TEXTED out the invites.  So we'll see how this thing turns out. ;)

I'll have more on the party next week but if you want to read about last year's party, you find it HERE.

But I'm also throwing in a few old pictures as well.  Our backyard birthday parties are tradition around here.  :)

Let me go ahead and say right now that this year's party won't be nearly as cute as some of the ones in the past.  My 8 and 10-year-old boys are probably rolling their eyes right now because they couldn't care less about anything cute.  They just want that waterslide!.  haha 

Today is technically Friday Favorites day though so I'm linking up with ErikaAndrea, and Narci!  But since I'm trying to get this party together, I'm just going to leave you guys with just a few favorites.

Since we're talking parties, I'm throwing this Jane find out there.  These are felt party garlands and they come in all of these options plus several more!  (Cars, trucks, popsicles, etc.)  

It's too late for me to use it for tonight obviously but for $10,  I think these are adorable!  And reusable so grab them now and use them for years to come!

Check out all the options here.  They are so cute and would look adorable strung across your mantle or on the front of a table.  Cute cute cute.

And since the Jane finds seem to be a favorite to y'all too I'm including a few others.

For you Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke fans, check these cute tees out!

And I saw something similar to these little crayon holders on Fixer Upper one time and you can grab a personalized one right now for just $12.99!

Those would make such a cute gift for a kid or at a baby shower!!

Just remember that all of these deals are only going to last another day or two so grab them now while you can!

For all Jane's deals, click here.  They have the best stuff!!  I love sharing my favorite finds from there in my Facebook group throughout the week too so be sure to join!  Since they are all quick 48-hour deals, it's so much easier to post things there when I find them.

That's it for today, friends!  I'll have a full recap of the party next week and will probably be oversharing over on Instagram.  ;)  Find me @amandanall.

And one last thing before I go!  My Etsy shop is open again so head on over to check out all the cute stuff!!  Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Have fun tonight at the party!
    Thanks to you I am now addicted to Jane. 😬

  2. I have a slight Jane addiction. Those garlands are so cute! Have a great weekend and celebrating your boys birthday!

  3. I hope the boys enjoy their birthday party! And the Diet Coke t-shirt is super cute.


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