Thursday, June 7, 2018

School's Out For Summer...

Friends!!  We are FINALLY DOWN TO THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!  (That deserved all caps.)

I feel like we've been waiting for this day  #saidinmybestSandlotvoice

This last week of school has been a fun one and today will end with bounce houses and pizza.  And yet my kids still want me to check them out early!  Enjoy your last day, kiddos.  ;)

Sunday night, we got home late from the baseball tournament.  I rushed the boys into showers and bed because I had to be up at 6:15 in order to be at the school by 7am.  Why you ask??  Oh because I'm #thatmom who forgot to buy yearbooks for her kids and had to try to be first in line to snag one of the extras as soon as they opened it up at 7:15.

Ugh.  When will the mom fails end?!

The Talent Show was the next morning as well.  Mason was in the Crazy Boy Crew and performing a little dance.  They were supposed to wear jerseys, hats and shorts and Mason was so excited that he begged me to wear the jersey and hat to bed the night before.  I said no to the hat but gave in to the jersey. 

And he also grabbed the marker from me when I started filling out our calendar for the week so that he could write in Talent Show.  He was so excited!

We love this little weekly calendar dry erase board.  I have an Erin Condren planner that I use sporadically but lately, all of my commitments are sports related.  And since their schedules are in an app, it's just easier to send those schedules straight into the calendar on my phone.  Every week I check my phone's calendar to see what's up for the week and fill it in on the dry erase board.  It's also where I jot down meals I have planned so everyone knows what to expect. (Or not to expect.  #letsbehonest)

I think I got this at Target a few years ago but I found them HERE on Amazon now in both the horizontal and vertical versions.  (And for less than $10.) 

The next morning I was up bright and early (for me) to score those darn yearbooks (#victory) and headed to the gym to get a good seat for the Talent Show.

Mason was in the Romo jersey #9.  Are they not the cutest!?!  You can see the whole dance on my Instagram @amandanall.

These boys are just the cutest little 2nd graders I know!

Craig got home from his camp in L.A. the night before around 3am.  He managed to get himself to the Talent Show to see Mason perform but spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping.  And I didn't blame him one bit.

At the camp he went to (Elite 11 Finals), the coaches typically get about 4 hours of sleep each night.  They are so busy in meetings, ranking QBs and so many other things.  It's just a hard few days for them.  (Not all his camps are like this.  Just the Finals.)  So I walked into the bedroom at one point and saw this.  Abby clearly has just taken my place. ;)

Thankfully, Matthew's All-Star practice got canceled Monday night due to rain because we were all exhausted from the weekend.  But Tuesday night, it was GAME ON.

This was Matthew's first year to make All-Stars and he was feeling pretty good about himself.  He played a great game, went for 2 for 2 at the plate and their team won, 11-2.

Dad was pretty proud of his boy.  Mason played on the playground the whole game and was chased by a half dozen little girls the whole time but was still proud too.  ;)

Our Cubs represented on the All-Star team!  Everyone played so well!

But on to summer.  I think we are all excited about no homework.  No projects.  And no getting up early.  

My boys are AMAZING summer kids.  They are constantly on the go.  We have a huge neighborhood full of boys and we have an open door policy.  As do most of the other boys.  So there are groups of kids in and out of our house all day every day.  They love to play Nintendo in the media room, Wii Baseball or Bowling in the playroom, swim in the backyard or ride bikes/scooters/hoverboards all around the culdesac.  I'm that mom who doesn't allow violent video games. It just doesn't seem necessary with all the other fun options. So no Fortnite here.  #wompwomp 

Instead, they play wiffle ball and make forts from all my beach towels and lawn furniture.  They get dirty and stinky, go to bed late, wake up late and do it all over again the next day.

They are boys of summer.  #oldschoolstyle

Now they aren't amazing at everything.  We definitely need to work on chores and responsibilities this summer.  I'm trying my best to keep my boys from turning into complete slobs but it is wearing me out.  My goal this summer is to whip those two into shape when it comes to picking up after themselves.  Because they are already driving me crazy.  If I find one more empty bag of Cheez-It's behind a couch pillow, I'm going to LOSE.MY.MIND.

And yes, they do still have screentime.  They play Minecraft and watch funny videos on YouTube Kids.  They love Dude Perfect and Mason is on a Prodigy binge right now.  But it's a good balance of technology and old school outdoor playing.  And I'm ok with that.

I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Favorites and my May Book Review!!

I'm currently reading Reese Witherspoon's June Book of the Month, Something in the Water.  I talked about it a little more in my FB group HERE.

It's a thriller and Reese never fails to pick an amazing book, so I totally trust her.  If you're an audiobook girl like me, you'll love the narrator.  Her accent is just so fun to listen to.

More on all of this tomorrow!  Have a great day, friends!



  1. It's the last day!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!

  2. My goal is to whip my kids into shape in the picking up after yourself department too!!

  3. I wish our neighborhood was filled with kids! It's an older neighborhood and taking too long to turnover. I love that your boys are just into old school playing, that's kind of how my kids are, and definitely no fortnite over here!


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