Thursday, July 19, 2018

Catching Up.

My phone keeps telling me it is out of storage.  And I find that incredibly annoying.  ;)  So I was going through pictures from this month and realized there are so many I've been meaning to post or talk about and time has just gotten away from me.  So today is another photo dump while I play catch up.  

This is one of the memes that I saved the other day.  Yes yes yes on all of this but thankfully, this is still how our 'hood rolls.  It's exactly how all our neighborhood boys know where the crew is!

Water balloons and pool time are usually involved in their daily fun.

Matthew and Mason have had a few sleepovers with friends.

And even got to "help" Dad during his final camp of the season at The Star (the Cowboys practice facility) in Frisco.

Later that day, Mason decided he wanted to spend some of his birthday money on a new bike.  So we made the day of it while Matthew was at a birthday party.  He got a haircut, new shoes, and a new bike.  

Sidenote:  He paid for half since he didn't NEED a new bike.  And the reason he wanted a new one was because he'd beat up his old one so bad from just throwing it on the ground all the time.  We talked about taking care of our things and so far he's done really really well with it.  He definitely tries harder since he knows he helped pay for it!  #parentingwin

Of course, when Matthew got home from his party, he wanted a new bike as well.  

Craig's final camp of the summer was a 5-day event and even though it was just in Frisco (15 minutes from the house) all the coaches stayed at the hotel with the players.  It's a pretty intense camp that can change these high school seniors' lives and it's kind of a big deal.  :)

He was able to come home a few times throughout the week and the boys couldn't wait to show off their bikes!

And then Mason came down with swimmers ear.  (The Nall boys and swimmers ear go together like peanut butter and jelly...)  And THEN he started throwing up on top of it.  Stomach bug.  Nothing to do with his swimmers ear but he was miserable.  I was miserable because I was living that single mom life since Craig was gone.

After about 24 hours, I was able to get a little smile out of him before bedtime!  But the bug's after-effects lingered for several days.  #ifyouknowwhatImean

The stomach bug after-effects meant that our Red, White & Boom parade in Downtown Mckinney was a no-go for him.  So Craig stayed home with him (he was finally back from the camp) and I think he was happy to have an excuse to get some sleep after his long weekend.  But poor Mason was so sad!  He loves a good parade and wanted to be there with all his buddies.

So it was just Matthew and me for the parade.

We met up with all my favorite Mckinney mamas!  These girls just make me happy!!

Brooke sent me this cute picture of Matthew with his buddy, Holden.

I really do love our town.  It is the perfect mix of small-town charm with easy access to all the fun amenities that I need.

When we got home, Mason was feeling better (but still not 100%) so we had to skip any interaction with friends so we wouldn't get anyone else sick.  We jumped in the pool and had our own little party.

It was a very low-key 4th of July.  We'll make up for it next year!

Another fun picture I found on my phone was this.  Matthew decided one day that he would mop our floors.  Out of the blue.  So I had to document it.  I LOVE this kid.  He has so much of my personality that I flip-flop between loving it and feeling sorry for him. hahaha.

(I had DMs asking about this beach scene painting when I posted this on Instagram.  It's from Pier 1 and you can find it HERE.  I need to lower it a little I think but I was so excited when it arrived that I just hung it on the screw that was already there.)

Abby laid there like a slug and Matthew just mopped around her.

I live in a culdesac and when we moved in 10 years ago, this was (most) of our culdesac crew.  Everyone had small kids and the culdesac was always hopping.  Since then, some families have moved and most of their kids are now teenagers.  (And babysitters. haha)

But I still love these ladies!!  We had a great little reunion dinner recently.

I'm still loving my little egg cooker. (I told you this was a random bunch of pictures!) Enough so that I apparently took a picture of it the other day while my eggs were cookin'.  Did you grab this in the Prime Day sale??  They had it for a little over $14 but you can still get it here for just a few dollars more.

And then there was this one.  Have y'all been watching the Bachelorette??  What do you think?  I'm loving her last three guys but I was so sad to see her let go of Colton!!  My friend, Brittany and I always text about this show and we both agreed that Tia and Colton better end up together after all of this!  He's such a cutie-pie!!

I had a couple of DMs about my lamps too and I got them from Wayfair but I also saw them at Home Goods a few weeks ago for way cheaper which made me mad. ;)

Did you see my tree frog drama on Instagram??  I started hearing this loud quacking (what I thought was quacking/honking) one night right outside our breakfast nook window and honestly thought a duck had landed in our pool.  This is not unheard of so I just let it go.  But the next night, it was back!  And it would not stop!!  I could hear it all the way across the house, with the door closed to our bedroom.

I made Craig come hear it and I said, I swear there's a duck in our pool!  He looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "You know that's a frog, right?".  Ummm NO.  I would have bet money it was a duck!  Clearly, I was wrong.  It happens from time to time.  ;)

We've also had summer flag football going on with Mason.  I missed this week's game because Matthew was sick.  He came down with what I can only assume is a touch of what Mason had.  It hit him Tuesday afternoon and he's had some residual effects since then.  

Flag football is my least favorite sport to watch.  Mason rarely touches the ball and grabs a flag once or twice a game.  He's losing interest I think because of it.  This is a kid of who needs to be all up in the mix if it's going to keep his interest.  

And speaking of being all up in the mix, he was pumped that it was finally time for church camp!  This was his final year for the one-night mini-camp.  We're going to have to step up our camp game next year, I think.  He'd go all summer long if we'd let him.

I dropped him off on Friday and picked him up 24 hours later.  He had a great time! 

We decided to hit up Cherry Berry for a little cold treat before heading home.

He told me his cherry looked like George Washington.

And since he was wearing the camp's "Love Your Selfie" shirt, we snapped a selfie.  ;)

And then there's this.  It's always pool time.

This last picture was taken yesterday.  It's my favorite guilt-free treat from Sonic.  A Route 44 ice water with lemon and strawberry. If you've never tried it, DO IT!

Today, I've got about 100 packages arriving from the Amazon and Nordstrom sale.  (Ok, not 100 but several...).  Why do they all have to show up on the same day?!  And I'm really hoping Craig has a long day at work so I can clear out some boxes before he gets home.  haha.  He doesn't necessarily care that I shop (he golfs so it all comes out about even) but he will totally give me crap about all the randomness of my purchases.  ;)

Like this hot dog steamer I bought because I just could not pass it up!  And we grill out and have pool parties a lot with our friends and family so it will totally come in handy.  Right?

It was only $29.99 (still is as of right now) and has great reviews.  Find it HERE if you just can't say no either.

I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Favorites!  I've got some Nordstrom picks that have arrived and I'm loving and I'll most likely show you the real-life picture of my hot dog steamer.  Because I'm already obsessed.

Have a great day, friends!!



  1. I think Tia and Colton will end up together, but I was SO mad at her for waiting until after hometown visits to say something to Becca! That's not being a good friend--she should have been honest up front.

  2. Kristen Gerdel9:01 AM

    i think i need the rapid egg cooker. That would be life changing for me:)

    And was the Dak Prescott in the background of one of those pictures of Craig and the boys at camp?

    Love your blog and love that you keep everything real!

    1. Ha! I had to ask Craig because I couldn't tell either but no, Dak wasn't there. There were some other big name guys there though. Antonio Brown, Zeke Elliot, DeMarcus Ware, Trent Dilfer, and Willie McGinest. And yes, I love my little egg cooker!! Get you one, girl!

  3. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Love the Sonic drink! You recommended it a while back and it has been my go to ever since!

  4. Have your boys tried tennis? My daughter played softball and lost interest pretty quickly as there wasn't a lot of action that she got to be involved in, but she LOVES tennis (and it's, ironically, something I never even considered - we got involved in it through friends who dragged us along to a trial class). There are even team tennis programs that run in the spring and fall (I had no idea this even existed until recently)!

    1. They haven't mentioned any interest it other than Mason wanting to go to tennis camp this summer because the coach said they would watch movies and eat popcorn. haha. But I played in middle school and loved it! Mason also plays baseball (his favorite sport) in the fall and spring and basketball in the winter so he's pretty busy year round as it is. I think if he was given the chance to be a quarterback like his daddy (he's got a great arm) he'd like it more. ;)

  5. My 10th grade football obsessed child would love to find a camp like that. It seems like we have no options in NC for kids to go and get noticed by college scouts or learn how to improve their game! So that’s awesome your boys have that close by!

    1. Is he a quarterback? Craig works the Elite 11 camps all over the nation (the regional camps) and I know they had one in NC. They are for high school QBs. (I think just upperclassmen.)
      Then they take the best of the best from those camps and invite them to The Opening which is a multi-day event where all these kids (from all positions) compete in skills competitions as well as a big 7-on-7 tournament. It's sponsored by Nike, is usually on TV (some random sports channel) and scouts and colleges really take notice. You can find more info at (for QBs only) and (for the big finals with all the other positions). This is the first year they've held The Opening in Frisco at The Star. Usually it's held out in Oregon. So Craig was pretty excited to have it practically in his backyard this year and be able to get the boys up there to watch and "help" some. ;)

    2. I just re-read all of that and it sounds so confusing. Hahaha. Sorry about that! Email me if you have any questions. Maybe Craig knows of some camps out there that might be worth looking into. :)

    3. Thanks so much!! He’s a WR, not quarterback. We are checking those link out!!


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