Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Favorites #64.

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone had an amazing 4th!  Ours was good...not great. Definitely not what we had planned. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that Mason started the week off with swimmers ear and then on top of that, came down with a stomach bug.  So yeah...not the way we had planned on celebrating.  I'll have more on our 4th next week.

But today is Favorites day and like always, I'm linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea!

The other day I posted these little phone case wallets in my Facebook group.  I've been using mine for a week or so and I love it!  I needed something for those times when I don't want to haul my entire purse around with me but still need my phone, keys, and wallet.  

I found several I loved but they didn't have the wristlet strap and I really felt like I needed that strap. I can also quickly attach my key fob to it.

On the inside, there's a place for your I.D., credit cards and cash.  Your phone pops into the attached hard case and flips closed with a magnetic clasp.

This is the back.

There are a ton of different patterns on Amazon for all the different phones.  Just make sure you are getting one for your exact phone!  I have a 6 Plus (I know, it's probably time to upgrade...) so I ordered from this link but the seller has lots of other options for all the iPhones.  You can find all those options here.

And did I mention, it was only $7.49?!  Yeah. You can't beat that.  Even if it falls apart in 3 months it's worth it.

Other favorites I found:

This gorgeous leather one is from Etsy and I splurged on it. I need options I guess.  ;)  This one was more expensive but I love the vintage look of it.  

It looks like a little journal.  You can find this leather one here.

And one last option that I had to show you, was this personalized one, also from Etsy.  This seller has some gorgeous patterns and prints and you can choose to have it monogrammed or leave it blank.

So pretty!!!  The ONLY reason I didn't get this one was becuase it didn't come with a strap.  But if you feel like you don't need one, check it out.  You can find this one here plus all this seller's other cute stuff.

Macy's has a great sale going on right now with several ways to save in different departments (see them here) but their swimsuit department caught my eye.

Bandeau tankini tops are one of my favorite swimsuit styles and they had some super cute ones.  They are just flattering on almost every body type and I have several of them.  So many of them are on sale and until July 8th, you can use the code FOURTH and take ANOTHER 15% off.

This top is from last year and is no longer available but I've linked some other cute ones below.

I dug up these pictures from a beach vacation in Destin in 2014.  I don't take a lot of pictures of myself in my swimsuit.  haha

I ordered this top because I am obsessed with this gorgeous print and those colors!

Find it HERE.

And I also grabbed this one too because I love that ruffle!

Find it HERE.

I think this next one is the new version of mine from last year.  Same design, just in different colors.  And all of these (I think) come with a detachable halter strap if you want to add that for extra support.

Find it HERE.

Or if you're more of a solids girl, this option is for you!  It comes in several gorgeous colors.  Check them all out HERE.


I'm a 34D and these suits are so comfortable and supportive.  I never feel like I'm falling out or constantly having to tug it up.

And I have sung the praises of these little shorts before but since we're talking swimwear, I thought I'd mention them again.  I absolutely LOVE these.  I slip them on over my bottoms as a cover-up but they are made from swimsuit material so you can get them wet too.  I wear them at the waterpark because those waterslides are notorious for pulling your swimsuit into unmentionable places.  ;)  And no one wants to see that.

The waistband is so soft and stretchy and you can make them longer or shorter depending on how much you fold it over.  I think I've had mine for 3 years now and I've never found any that fit me better!  Just love these.

Have y'all subscribed to my friend, Brooke's, YouTube channel yet?!  She posted a video of our 4th of July parade in downtown Mckinney and she is so talented.  You need to follow her!

If you missed my post about all of this on Monday be sure to check it out here or just head straight to her YouTube channel!

Eek!  I've got to admit that I've been so excited to try these and share the results with y'all!  I saw another blogger mama post these on Instagram the other day and I jumped on Amazon to order them immediately!

They are reusable ice pop pouches.  My kids adore popsicles of any kind and you can fill these with ANYTHING.  Since Mason has had that stomach bug and was all kinds of dehydrated, I made Gatorade ice pops which are also great on those hot summer days and perfect for kids who are always outside.

I got 100 pouches for $14.99 but there are several other similar brands too that are even cheaper.

Just three of those little small bottles filled all of these.

We have plans to fill them with orange juice, lemonade, smoothies...and possibly some margaritas or daiquiris for a fun adult treat.  ;)

Mason even liked it with just water.  Poor baby.  I did whatever I could to keep some fluids in him.

You can find the ones we ordered here.  These were such a fun find!!

I will have my June Book Review a little late this time because this past week just got away from me.  Mason was up several times a night from Saturday until Tuesday (first with the ear and then with all the puking...) and of course that was when Craig was at his final camp of the year.  So I felt like a single mama with a newborn.  It was not fun, friends.

But I did want to mention that over in my Facebook Group, I've got a new album going with all the books I love!  It's a quick way to look through them all and find one that looks good to you!  Each one has a link attached so you can follow that to read the summary and reviews first as well.

I just thought this might be the best way to find them all in one place.  So if you haven't joined yet, head to the FB group and check it out.  The album is still a work in progress because I've got so many I want to add in but it's getting there!

I've also started building an Amazon Store HERE which will include all my favorite Amazon finds.  I've been working on the books section mostly but will slowly start to add in more of my favorites in all areas.  I'll share more about it soon!

That's it for today, friends!  



  1. So many fun things! Those swimsuits are super cute!

  2. Love the Gatorade pops! So brilliant for sick days and hot days.

  3. So sorry to hear about Mason's double whammy of illness! The popsicle baggies are genius, and I love the phone case. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Oh how I need those zipcicles in my life! My kids would freak out. I am jumping over to Amazon NOW! I love those wristlets. I need one. That would be super handy. Happy Friday!


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