Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday Favorites #67.

Happy Friday, y'all!!  It is the last Friday of July and I'm seriously scratching my head wondering where the summer went!  I feel like I was just typing "only 3 days left of school before SUMMER BREAK!!".  And now somehow, we're only 3 short weeks away from it starting all over again.

But I can't worry about right now.  Today is Friday Favorites with my girls Andrea, Narci, and Erika so I'm just going to focus on that.

Let's get started!

Ok, friends.  I know you've probably heard other bloggers sing the praises of this bra before.  I did.  I even mentioned it in yesterday's post and in my FB group already.  So when I saw it was part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for almost $30 off, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.  (Because free and easy returns.  So why not?!)

I ordered the nude color and it arrived this week.  Y'all.  As soon as I put it on it was like the heavens opened up and angels started singing.  It really was (almost) that dramatic.  ;)

(Also, these undies were equally as amazing.  I ordered more of them as well.  They are the perfect amount of smooth, silky and stretchy.  And so pretty.  If you order just one pair, I have no doubt you'll be back for more.  I think they are $12.90 each or 3 for $36.)

I digress.

I said this yesterday but if you missed it, I'll say it again.

I'm a 34D.  I'm 36.  I've breastfed 2 kids.  And my boobs are natural.  So a good bra is kind of a necessity.  I've tried several different ThirdLove bras but could never find one I loved.  I also have some Soma bras that are ok but have kept me looking for a better one.

Girls, this is the one.

Five minutes after I tried it on, I was online ordering it in black as well.  And now I feel like I want to go back again and order the rest of the colors!

So what do I love most??  For starters, the straps are so pretty.  I love the touch of lace.  The fabric is so smooth and so soft and the band has the perfect amount of stretch.  The cups are lightly padded...JUST ENOUGH...and it gives you such a pretty shape. But it's just plain comfortable on top of all of that. 

Give it a try. Do it for your "girls".  ;)  And if you hate it, return it.  No biggie.  But you won't.  

Find it HERE!

Did you happen to catch my post yesterday about my first time with my Instant Pot?  I finally jumped on board that Instant Pot craze after holding out for at least a year but Wednesday night, I pulled it out and made my first meal with it.

And guess what?  I think I'm a convert.  It was so easy, so quick and clean-up was simple.  I can't wait to use it again!  I think the hardest part is narrowing down which recipe I want to try next!

Check the post here to see how my first experience with it went and for the recipe I followed.  (Highly recommend!)

And thank you to everyone who sent me links and suggestions for other recipes!  I've got them all saved!

Jane is my absolute favorite place to find good deals on cute (and random) things.  If you're in my Facebook Group already, then you know this.  haha  So I wanted to throw in a few of my favorites that are still available today but remember, there is a ticking clock on these!  All of the deals are only available for 48 hours so be sure to check the little timer under the picture and grab your goodies while you can!

One of my favorites right now are these wood bead tassel necklaces.  These are so stinkin' cute with any basic, solid colored tank or tee or maybe even stripes?  Pair it with some cute shorts and sandals and you look totally pulled together with minimal effort.  That is my kinda fashion.

They are only $7.99.  At that price, I want one of each!  I ordered the white/yellow/turquoise one last night but I kind of want that pink ombre on the right too...

Again, grab these NOW because this deal will be gone soon!

Another Jane favorite right now are these cute and comfy shorts.

Another blogger posted about these the other day but she got them HERE on Amazon for pretty much the same price.  She raved about them and had them in several colors and looked adorable.  So I ended up ordering 2 pairs because I live in comfy shorts and tees 90% of the time.  (Sidenote:  They weren't eligible for Prime so they won't be here until the 30th.  Boo.)  But it was a total coincidence they ended up on Jane this week too!  

So if the Jane deal runs out, just head to Amazon to grab them.  They've got them there in the same 5 colors and they are about the same price on both sites.  I think a few of the colors may even be a little cheaper on Amazon.

And if you're still on the fence, be sure to read the reviews of them on the Jane listing!  Everyone LOVES THEM!!

One more that I'm adding in late...

This GORGEOUS three-tiered tray popped up this morning and I love it so much!!  I have one very similar and it is so fun to decorate for different seasons and holidays.  I'm actually thinking of getting this one though to go in the boys' bathroom to put on the counter between their sinks.  It could hold their toothbrush holders (maybe in mason jars?), washcloths, etc.

And if you want it for your own bathroom, I can only imagine how cute it would be with some glass jars filled with cotton balls, Q-tips, flowers, nail polish...

The ones I see that are like mine are typically $70-$80 but this one is on sale for just $35!!!  This is deifnitely one of the best finds on Jane lately!

Speaking of Amazon, last night I was browsing the site looking for some car games to occupy my kids when we head off to the beach in less than 2 weeks.  We played Car Bingo on our way to the lake last weekend and that was fun so I wanted to see if I could find anything else.

I came across this awesome set of car games and it will be perfect for that 11-12 hours road trip.  These don't have to be just for long road trips either.  I think they'd be great for when you're waiting on a table at a busy restaurant or waiting for your food.

This little kit comes with 13 popular game cards that are all used with a dry erase marker so you can reuse them over and over again.  AND it comes with 2 sets!  So one for each kid, all in one kit.  Plus some sort of countdown cards which I'm not sure I understand yet but it looks cool.  :)

This whole kit is just $14.99 too and I know it'll be easy to just store under the seat and grab it any time we want.  Cute right?  I think it's kind of perfect and you can't beat that price!  You really get a lot!

I'll be sure to post more about it once it arrives.  But I'm excited.  It'll give the boys something to do while I'm passed out in the passenger seat for 12 hours.  Haha.

Big Brother, The Bachelorette, The Real Housewives of NYC and Southern Charm.  I can't get enough.  I CAN'T. GET. ENOUGH.

Thoughts on Big Brother.

I love Tyler.  He's adorable and a lot smarter than I originally thought.  Plus he seems to have a good heart.  

I also think JC is hilarious.  When he said the word "dumbass" as "dumb bass" I almost spewed my drink everywhere.  

I love listening to him twist up sayings.

Kaitlyn looks just like Nicole Richie.

Truth be told, I am not sad to see her go though.  She was a bit much for me.  

And I still don't understand why EVERY SEASON people get so offended when they are put up on the block. Like Winston.  Why was he SO ANGRY at Scottie?!  Scottie had a great reason for putting him and Brett up and explained it well and Winston came after Scottie with fire in his eyes.  And fists clenched.  I think it was crazy for him talk about making Scottie's life hell if he ended up staying.  Why?!  Two people have to be nominated.  Winston barely even spoke to Scottie so it's not like he betrayed some friendship.  It's bizarre.  And it happens every time.  I can't stand it.

Now The Bachelorette.  I think I'm Team Garrett.  But I love them both.  I hate that Colton got dumped though because of Tia.  I sure hope Tia and Colton end up together after all of that.  And oh sweet Jason.  I'd be ok with him as the next Bachelor.  He's most definitely hubby material.

Now RHONYC.  Oh my goodness.  The past two seasons of this show have been AMAZING. I am completely obsessed with these crazy women!

Oh Dorinda.  Dorinda, Dorinda, Dorinda.

Have y'all been watching?  I adore Dorinda.  Most of the time.  But girlfriend needs to get that drinking in check.  How has she watched herself on season after season getting completely wasted in almost every episode and still not recognized that her behavior is not normal?  She went off on Bethenny in Mexico last season.  

(Last season was awesome by the way.  You can actually watch all seasons on Hulu right now.  If you are a binge watcher, this is the perfect show to binge watch. Click HERE to get 2 weeks free if you don't already have Hulu!  I use Hulu more than Netflix these days.)

Are you Team Carole or Team Bethenny??  I hate that their relationship is such a mess now.  I loved them as BFFs.  But I'm Team Bethenny.  She seems to be able to back up everything she says.  (Those texts from Red Scarf guy....did you see them?  They absolutely backed up what Bethenny said about him texting her so much.)

And finally...Southern Charm.

If y'all aren't watching this show then WHY THE HECK NOT?!  Start from Season 1 and just watch.  Southern Charm and RHONY are absolutely my FAVORITE reality shows and their drama is GOOD.  Plus, they are likable.  You'll root for them and laugh with them and get crazy eyes with them.  It's good television, friends.  I think you can watch Southern Charm on

This season has been the Ashley Jacobs show.  And not in a good way.  If you are watching, then I'm 99.99999% sure you cannot stand this woman either. At this point, I just feel sorry for her.  She's clearly battling some sort of eating disorder and has admitted to it for the most part.  She's been INSANELY awful to Kathryn.  And Kathryn deserves all the accolades.  She's handled the situation with grace, charm, maturity, and restraint.  All while still keeping it real and maintaining her true personality.  

Ashley clearly has something on Thomas.  Clearly.  He's tried to dump her so many times and she just won't have it.  She's definitely got that Single White Female vibe going on.

She is probably the most hated reality star in America at the moment and yet she's still managed to hold on to Thomas.  A man who thinks he has to maintain a certain image because his great grand-relative built a bridge or something 200 years ago.  (I have no idea...something to that effect.)  

So yeah, I think she's got something on him and has threatened to take him down and spill all if he doesn't play it her way.  It's sad.  She's sad.  She needs help.  And she needs to get off of the television (and Instagram) for her own sake.

But man, is it good TV.  :)  If I were giving advice, it would be for Ashley to cut her losses, move back to California and lay low for a while.  De-stress and eat something for goodness sake.  Then start over.  No man is worth all that, especially not Thomas Ravenel.

And before I go, I'll be hosting my Book Review linkup next Wednesday!  So if you're a blogger and have a book review post you want to link up, please feel free!  I'll be reviewing all my reads from July!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. I started watching Southern Charm because of your blog and seriously finished all 5 seasons in 2 weeks and I work outside of the home!!! I'm tired!!! But you are sooooo right! It's soooo good!!!! :) And Ashley is crazy. Have a great weekend!

    1. My passion for this show is ridiculous. 😂😂😂 I love a good train wreck!

  2. AMEN on the Ashley comments...I couldn't stand to look at her last night on the reunion show because, like you said, she is clearly battling some sort of eating disorder...and like you said, move back to Cali, Cali, Cali

    1. She needs to remove herself from the spotlight immediately. I really do worry about her health. I’m glad she acknowledged it last night though. Now if she was only smart enough to do something about it!

  3. Southern Charm is my favorite!!! I have not watch the reunion from last night but can't wait. If you haven't already, you need to listen to Melanie Shankle's podcast where they talk about Southern Charm-it will have you laughing out loud.
    Love your blog.

  4. Oooh maybe I need to start watching Southern Charm! I've got to say that I'm Team Blake, but I think Becca will end up with Garrett, and Jason would be such an adorable Bachelor!

    1. You absolutely should watch Southern Charm! The original one though, not Savannah or New Orleans. And yes, I love all three of those guys! She can’t go wrong.

  5. you can google it, but the blogs say Ashley hacked into a computer of T-Rav's and found some REVEALING items...... it's what she has on him.

    1. Oh goodness. I believe it! Girlfriend needs to cut her losses and move on!

  6. Oh man I love Southern Charm. I can't NOT watch. And I love RHONY...when you can't even understand Dorinda...YIKES!

    1. YES!! The whole “clip clip clip” thing is my favorite scene ever! And “hostess with the...mostest!”. She is a hot mess and I hope she gets help but she is TV gold.

  7. Wow, that bra sounds like it's really great! I'll have to look into it! That pasta meal that you made in your InstantPot looks so yummy! Oh, and I love Jane too! What a great post! I hope you have an amazing weekend!


  8. I think I may need that bra. :) Jane is my weakness. I have to delete her emails every morning. ;)

  9. Yes yes yes to all of southern charm and rhony.
    Ashley is so awful & manipulative...I’m thinking weight loss is a ploy for sympathy/attention/something. The show is sooo good though!! She's so funny, but then sometimes crosses over to being a little mean. Team Bethenny here...Carole has just become such an oddball lately and seems very needy. They all are a big crazy hoot overall!


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