Monday, July 2, 2018

My Favorite Vlog | Embrace & Grace

Hello Monday!!  

We are dealing with Case #3 of swimmers ear over here (Matthew twice and now Mason) so I went with "Hello" instead of "Happy" Monday.  Anytime swimmers ear is involved, no one is happy, let me tell you.

Let me also tell you that, yes, we've been doing the 50/50 vinegar and alcohol drops as best we can---when we remember (eek)---and clearly, we need to make a bigger effort to do that because I HATE SWIMMERS EAR.  I hereby declare myself the Ear Drop Queen and will rain them down into the ear canals of my children EVERY SINGLE DAY from here on out.  Because swimmers ear is miserable, my baby is hurting and we are all tired from no sleep.

This started Saturday afternoon so he's still in the most painful part of it.  We're staggering Motrin and Tylenol and putting a warm compress on his ear when I can get him to sit still for long enough.  And of course, we're using the prescription drops 4 times a day.  Other than that, we're just over here powering through as best we can.

Thankfully, Mason's pain is a lot less severe than Matthew's was earlier this summer.  So as long as we've got a dose of some kind of pain reliever in him, he's running around at about 80% until it starts to wear off.  He has football practice tonight and a game tomorrow so I'm hoping he'll be ok for all of that.  We'll see.

But moving on.

Today, I wanted to share my FAVORITE vlog with you!  I've mentioned before that I started venturing into the world of vlogs recently (watching them...not making them) and have a few that I really like.

But there's one in particular that I wanted to spotlight today because I'm fortunate enough to call these sweet people my friends!

You may remember hearing about the Richardsons when they adopted their daughter, Willow, from China a little over a year ago.  

Willow has Down Syndrome and their journey to adopt this precious girl will melt your heart.  Everything about their story is amazing.  From how Brooke decided on the name Willow even before the whole process had begun to how and why she felt drawn to children with Down Syndrome specifically.  God had His hand in this big time.  

You can read about all of that and more on her blog post here.

Willow is just a little ray of sunshine but so are her siblings!  Libby (hugging Willow for the first time in the above picture) and her big brothers Aiden and Cooper are all adorable, spunky and full of personality.  Brooke and Tyler are amazing parents...kind, caring, affectionate, fun, and focused on God.  Their faith is a huge part of them and it is evident in everything they do.

I just love this precious family!  But my whole point leading up to this is that they now have their own vlog!!

Just recently Brooke created a YouTube channel and her videos are so much fun to watch.  She has plenty of stuff about their adoption journey plus "day in the life" type videos as well.  You may even catch glimpses of other Mckinney bloggers and their crews in there every once in a while as well!  ;)

Here is their teaser video.  It's short and so sweet...just enough to leave you wanting more!  :)

Find their YouTube Channel HERE.
Find Brooke on Instagram @embraceandgrace.
And her blog HERE.

Be sure and SUBSCRIBE to the channel so you don't lose it and can check it out frequently!

Stop by and say hi!!

Hope you have a swimmers ear free day!!  ;)

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  1. This reminds me...I need to subscribe to their channel!!!

  2. Brooke and Tyler are like two of my FAVORITE people! I love them so much!!

  3. So sorry about yalls swimmers ears!! I have only experienced that once and it was HORRIBLE!! I hope they're better soon!!

  4. Order the Doc brand ear plugs. They have them on amazon. They work for swimmer’s ear. My son had a hole in his ear from having tubes as a baby. He had swimmers ear all the time until we got those ear plugs.

  5. I swear I commented on this and now I don’t see it. Lol. Anyways thanks again for sharing about our family vlog. It has been so much fun and I’m so thankful I found a way to document all our memories that hopefully I don’t ever get tired of doing.


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