Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Favorites #65 {Nordstrom Picks}

Hello Friday!!  One more week of our summer is gone, y'all!  And it's just so sad.

But you know what else is sad?  Spending 2.5 hours hitting "place order" on your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale cart.  Yeah.  I did that.  The site had all kinds of issues yesterday morning and my order (and everyone else's) would just not go through.  It's like Nordstrom just didn't want my money or something.  ;)

Thankfully, I was finally able to check out. So now we wait and see what I didn't really get because it is actually sold out.  They'll send an email.  I'm nervous.

Since today is Friday Favorites, I'm going to share my personal favorites from the sale (along with every other blogger in Blog Land...haha).  I think it's fun to see what everyone else chooses though.  Sure, there are plenty of popular things that everyone will be talking about but there are also random things that get overlooked a lot.  So keep scrolling to see mine!

I'm no fashion blogger, friends.  I feel super awkward taking outfit pictures (which is why you rarely see them) and because I run a full-time Etsy shop, I'm typically in tees and soft shorts that are covered in paint, sawdust, and glitter.

But I do love a cute outfit when it's time to clean myself up and I LOVE a good deal.

So let's jump on into those Favorites!!

Linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea.

Just in case you aren't familiar with the sale, here's the rundown.  Early Access is from July 12-19th for Nordstrom credit and debit cardholders.  The sale opens to the public July 20th and runs through August 5th.  So right now, you can only purchase items from the sale if you are a cardholder.  However, you can still look and "window shop" so you'll be ready when it opens to the public.

Also, things will sell out and things will be restocked.  Not everything.  But some.  So keep checking back!  If you aren't sure about a size or are trying to decide between 2 similar pairs of jeans (for example), you can always grab both and return what doesn't work.

Shop the entire sale here.

For ALL of my favorites from the sale, be sure to check out the Nordstrom Sale album I have in my Facebook Group.  I didn't get everything that's in the album obviously, but it's all the stuff that caught my eye.

So let's start with jeans.  There were a LOT to choose from and a lot that looked similar to each other.  And also a lot that looked like ones I already own and love.  So here were my top 3 picks in jeans.

All of these are under $60.

If you're 5'4" or under, you may want to order the Petite size.  I'm 5'5 and a half.  Regular jeans always end up a little long on me and petite sizes are always too short.  It's frustrating.

I love that bootcut jeans are making a comeback.  Don't get me wrong.  I love skinny jeans but it took me awhile to get there.  Now they are an easy go-to.  But flares and bootcuts look best on my figure.  I'm not size 2.  I'm a 6.  I've got hips and a butt and am constantly trying to lose 10 pounds.  So the flare out at the bottom of my jeans helps balance those curves.

I love these but they are starting to sell out.  You can find similar ones here (under $50!) and here.

I also was in need of some non-ripped jeans that I could wear with dressier things so I'm trying these.

Again, all of those were under $60!  (Except for one of the similar bootcuts.)

As for shoes...I was surprised at how many I loved!  Here are my favorites.  (All of these come in different colors than shown so click over to see the other options.)

I went back for these slouchy peep-toe booties.  Find them HERE.

But then maybe these would be better?  I ordered both and will choose.

I love the perforated peep toes too.  (HERE)  They are the same price as the ones above so I'm guessing this is going to boil down to comfort.  We shall see!

I love everything about these next ones.  I love the color, the medium height, chunky heel and that side buckle!  These look like the boots I'd grab on a daily basis.

If you're looking for a less expensive option, I'm throwing in these adorable booties from  They are under $30 but only available for the next 2 days so you have to grab them fast!  They come in 5 colors too!

These next ones caught me off guard with how much I wanted them!  But they're cute right?  I love that black and white check! And they are Vans which are supposedly really comfortable?  I've never owned any so we'll see.  I really love these and they are less than $40.

Black & White Check Vans HERE

These next ones are pretty popular with everyone from what I can tell.  The pictures that I've seen of real people wearing them are ADORABLE!!  I might go back for the black too once I see how they fit.  But for now, I ordered in the taupe.

Wedge Sneakers HERE

UPDATE:  A sweet reader in the FB group found THESE that are so similar and under $27!  But you need to act SUPER fast with these because the deal will close very soon!

I have some low-heeled booties that I love from last year so I wasn't looking for any of these but wanted to make sure you saw them!  So cute.

Low-heeled bootie HERE.

And my last pick in the shoe department are these.  I ordered in the black because I love that brown and black contrast but I'm a little nervous about the wedge being too skinny.  Broken ankles are not fun so we'll see.  I'll keep you posted!

Wedge Booties HERE

As for "looks", this is just what landed in my cart in this order and I kind of loved it!

The Barefoot Dreams cardigan (shown in Stone above) is absolutely worth all the hype it gets, y'all.  If you've been on the fence about it, pull the trigger, girls!  If you get it and you hate it, just send it back!  But you need to feel this.  You need to try it on.

For size reference, I order the xsmall/small.  They always feel a little tight on my arms at first but stretch out a little.  I've got one in taupe and one in black and I grabbed the stone this time around.  These also make great Christmas gifts for your sweet mamas!  

As for tops, I loved this gorgeous navy pattern for this blouse.  Perfect for date night or girls night out!

And I ordered one of these cute Henley tops to hopefully wear with my checkered Vans.

Ok, this next outfit is HIDEOUS.  But if you look strictly at the emerald green sweater and imagine it with skinny jeans and some tall, tan boots, it might be better.  It also comes in 3 other colors including royal blue!

(Seriously, who styled this poor girl?!)

Leisurewear favorites include this adorable PJ set for $35.  I bought this in last year's sale and they are CRAZY comfortable!!

And these Pajama Pants are just so cute.

As for jewelry, I didn't find a ton of things I flipped for.  But I did order these Kendra Scott earrings in black/gold.

I feel like I'm always looking for the perfect pair of black earrings so problem solved!  ;)

I've got a few more favorites picked out in the sale but you can find them all HERE.

Moving on from the sale...

In case you missed it, my June Book Review was posted on Wednesday!  I'm going to start adding a linkup to my book review posts from here on out because I love hearing what everyone else is reading!  And I know there are a lot of you who do book reviews too, so let's link up!  Wednesday's post is open for new links if you want to add anything in there now.  

And I also wanted to say THANK YOU for all the awesome suggestions from Tuesday's frozen dinner chat!  I'm just happy y'all didn't judge me for admitting that!!  I've done some grocery shopping this week and have been trying all your suggestions!

Be sure to go back and read the comments if you're looking for some ideas!

These little spring rolls are pretty awesome dipped in a little fat-free sour cream, by the way.  They taste like Chilis egg rolls!  Yum.
Alright, y'all! That's it for today!!  Be sure to join me in the Facebook group for more fun finds, great deals, and sale alerts!  Plus an entire album dedicated to all the books I recommend!

Have a great weekend, friends!!

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  1. Love your sale picks! Especially appreciate how you included jeans, some blogger seem to skip over that!

  2. I think we may be twins:). I posted many of the same items-ha! And I too, hate taking outfit selfies. Those booties are prob my favorite item in the sale! I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. So many good finds!! I can’t wait to hear about those green sweater. ;)

  4. In case you didn't know- Target has the same style shorty pjs for $20 and Walmart carries them in their Secret Treasures brand for under $15. They are so soft and the price point is fabulous. Don't get me wrong- I love the Nordy ones and have the long ones and the short ones but for that price difference I would definitely skip the Nordy ones!

    1. Didn't know that but glad I do now! I'll have to check it out! Thanks, Kim!


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