Friday, February 15, 2019


Oh my word, y'all!  This week has whipped my butt.  I know I said that last week was a weird one but this one has it beat.  There wasn't a single day that went smoothly, I feel so behind on everything and feel like I'm going to be playing catch up all weekend long. #storyofmylife


I'm going to meet my girlfriends for breakfast this morning, most likely in a baseball cap because even dry shampoo can't help me right now, laugh a lot, and try not to think about all the things that need to be done for a couple of hours.  And when that's done, I'll get to work on Etsy orders, catch up on laundry, finally unload the dishwasher and load the dirty ones that have been piling up in the sink, post #allthedeals in the FB group and maybe even on the Deals Blog as well and attempt to super glue my favorite wall mirror back together.  (Don't ask. Ugh.)

Since I haven't blogged since Monday, I'm going to combine our week with some of my favorites and then try harder next week to get my act together.  😉

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Monday started off pretty normal.  Before school, Mason complained of a headache and said that his knee was hurting.  He'd hyperextended it at the trampoline park the day before.  You remember me talking about my love for the trampoline park right?  (HA!)  I literally told the boys before we left for that birthday party on Sunday, "You know this means y'all are going to end up with strep or flu or something this week, right?".  Well...

I gave Mason some Motrin for his headache and sore leg and sent him off to school hoping he'd be ok.  And then headed out to another doctor's appointment.  This time for blood work.  It's always fun driving 20 minutes across town, parking a mile away, having someone stick a needle in your arm for 60 seconds and then reversing it all to get back home.

Luckily, I had a package waiting on me when I got home!

My Friends sweatshirt from Jane came in and I LOVE it!  Yes, I have a Jane addiction.  (And now a sweatshirt addiction.)  But my thinking is that I'm going to buy clothes no matter what...why not pay LESS when I do it?!  #sosmartright 😉  But I adore my new sweatshirt.  Perfect with my leggings and yoga pants too and oh so comfy!  I ordered a medium because I wanted it a little oversized and the sizing is perfect.  I need more!!  

See all their current ones HERE.  I'm adding THIS ONE to my cart right now.

I worked on Etsy orders for a while, stopped for my 30-minute workout on my reformer, and as I was finishing up, my phone rang.  When I saw it was the school nurse, I knew it was about Mason.

She said Mason was in her office, crying and saying he felt like he was going to throw up.  He was warm but wasn't registering a fever.  She said, "When the big boys come in crying, I know there really must be something wrong."  haha  So true!  Mason is a tough cookie so if he's crying in front of other people, he's probably really hurt or really sick.  I told her I'd be there in 5 minutes.

I checked him out of school and as we were walking to the car he just broke down in tears.  And seeing my babies cry like that just shatters my heart.  I got him cozy on the couch and told him I wanted to take a picture because Nana was worried about him.  

My mom had actually texted me that morning saying she'd had a bad dream that she lost him on a mountain trail but then found him and he was ok.  But it was so scary.  And she was texting to make sure everything was ok with him!  I told her yes, but that he was sore from hyperextending his knee the day before and that he had a headache but was fine and at school.  Who knew I'd be picking him up later because he was sick!  Kind of odd.

After I got Mason settled in on the couch with some Tylenol, a trash can, his iPad, Nintendo Switch, the remote control and a wet rag for his forehead, I headed upstairs to get some work done.  I worked for a while until my back started hurting and then I had to lay down on the floor because sometimes that just helps! 

Sidenote:  I bought these $5 slipper-socks from Walmart last year and I wear them all the time.  I have no idea if they still sell these but if they do, go get some!  It gets cold up in my craft room!

Mason started feeling better after a little bit and even asked for waffles because he'd missed lunch.  So I made him waffles thinking he was on the mend and would be ok.  But then he started doing this thing he does whenever he's sick, has a headache, stomachache...anything.  He took a shower.  And he stayed in until the hot water ran out.  The cried because it was out and had to wait a while to reheat.  Then got back in the shower...ON REPEAT.  I swear he took 12 showers in 6 hours.  When he's sick, the only thing that helps him is a shower.  Our water bill should be enormous this month.

He also took a couple of baths during that time period. And at one point, he finally succumbed...and threw up OUTSIDE of the tub.  As in, all over the tile and my scale.  I just kept yelling "THROW UP IN THE TUB!!!".  🙈 But I get that that wasn't super appealing when he's standing up in it with water up to his knees.

After his puking session, I convinced him to go to bed.  I sent Craig out for elderberry gummies and oscillococcinum because Facebook is all about these two things when you're dealing with the flu!  Which is what I was sure he had.  Apparently, these work wonders for flu patients.

Mason woke up around 7pm and made his way downstairs...drowsy and completely out of it.  He saw Matthew sitting on the couch, then looked at the clock which read 7:05 and said "Bub, why aren't you getting dressed?!  It's 7:05!". He really thought it was morning time and that he'd been alseep "for 10 hours".  hahaha  Bless his heart.

We got him to take the big O med, some Tylenol and the elderberry gummy and then he took 2 more showers in the next hour.  Sigh.  He went back to sleep around 8:30 and slept ALL NIGHT.  I kept waiting for him to wake up puking but nope.  All good!  And then the next morning, he was doing great! 

He was still a tad warm but no fever and was all smiles!  As the day went on, he got hungrier and hungrier which is always a good sign.  And thankfully, we realized that this was just a 12 hour bug!  No flu.  No strep.  He was fine.  But he did miss school and his playoff basketball game Tuesday night.  :(

Since he was feeling better, I was able to get some work done.  My insulated coffee mugs are restocked in almost all colors right now!!

And my insulated tumblers are also super popular and available!  I loved the color combos on both of these!

Another thing that counts as a favorite this week??  That night, Craig showed Matthew how to use a can opener "like a man". hahaha  He was saying things like "Use your muscles" and "Left elbow up!".  What?!?!  I was laughing so much and had to take pics.

So funny!

Mason and I finished off his Valentine's and I had to put away the extras so he wouldn't eat them all.  ;)

I had ANOTHER doctor's appointment to go over my blood work on Wednesday morning which had me really nervous and apparently my thyroid levels are a little high so they'll be rechecking me again in two months.  I looked through the symptoms for hypothyroidism and I've got to say, I've got the majority of them.  Definitely makes me go "hmmmm....". But there's nothing I can do about it for 2 months so I'm going to try not to worry about things and just keep it moving.

After school on Wednesday, Mason and I finished his Valentine's box.  We went with the super appropriate Nerf Bullet.

Thankfully, we had ALL the things necessary to create this so it was a total win.  It's cute, right?!

Then Wednesday night, I headed out to my friend, Meagan's, house for a PJ & Pampering Mary Kay Party!  Our friend, Karla, has just started a new Mary Kay venture and we were so happy to be attendees at her very first party!!  And she killed it! Who knew Mary Kay had such awesome stuff!!  I honestly wanted it all but ended up with these three things for now.

I got the Day Cream, the primer and the CC Cream in light/medium.

And I've already got three or four others picked out for whichever party I attend next.  
Shop through Karla HERE.  (And no, she has no idea I'm linking to her right now nor am I getting anything from this other than supporting my sweet friend and her new business!)

And then yesterday was Valentine's Day!  I'm not the most romantic or into anything cheesy or corny.  I hate when Craig spends money on flowers because they just die and normally I end up having to trim them and arrange them and that's just more work for me.  So YES on the card and my favorite candy!!

I worked on orders until it was time to head to school for the boys' Valentine's parties. 

Mason's class had just come in from recess and WHOA did it smell like sweaty kids! The temps were in the mid 60s yesterday so it was beautiful but stinky!  ;)

Love that sweet pic of Mason and his buddy!

My kids both have hair that is out of control.  It grows SO FAST!!  Poor kid needs another haircut.  But that sweet smile just melts me.

I spent half my time in 3rd grade and half in 5th.  This is what I walked in to in Matthew's class! 

When the boys got home, they found their Valentine's surprises waiting for them!  We don't go all out for Valentine's Day gifts but they each got their favorite candy and chapstick!  I know it's weird, but they've been complaining about their lips being chapped all the time and they always lose their chapsticks.  So I figured it was a good gift idea. ;)

Matthew LOVES his Hershey's chocolate so a giant Kiss is his JAM!!

I cut out some hearts and wrote a few things that I love about my boys on them and stuck them to each of their bedroom doors.

I love these boys so much.  I really wonder how I got so lucky.

That's all I have for today!  Like I said, it's been a weird week.  I've had 6 doctor's appointments in 2 weeks which is more than I've had in the past 3 years...  And this is why I never go!  It throws everything off.  But I vowed to put my health first this year and that's what I'm doing so it is what it is.  Just hoping next week, we start to get back into a somewhat normal routine although we don't have school on Monday so that doesn't help.  

Anyway!  Hope to see y'all over on Instagram, in my Etsy shop, on my Deals Facebook page or on the deals blog this weekend!

Happy Friday, friends!!



  1. All the praise hands for Karla's Mary Kay!!! Annnnnnd...I can't wait for my breakfast today!!

  2. Oh Amanda, I'm so sorry you've had such a rough week! We haven't had sickness but have had ALL THE THINGS. We are hoping to reset and rest this weekend! Hoping you can get caught up a little. I hate that overwhelmed feeling and feeling behind in everything. Happy Friday, friend! Simply Tish

  3. Man, y'all had a rough week! Hope this weekend breathes refreshment and vigor back into your bodies and souls! :)

  4. So I have never tried the Oscillo..., but there is something *magic* in the Elderberry gummies. We start taking it at the first hint of a sore throat or not feeling great, and I really think it keeps sickness away. Glad Mason rebounded in 12 hrs!


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