Thursday, March 21, 2019


Happy almost-Friday, friends!  This week has been rough, as all are when you're coming back from Spring Break plus adjusting to the whole "spring forward" madness.  I feel like our schedules are all off and honestly, none of us are really doing much to get back on track right now.  There's always next week right? 😉

But we had a super lazy Spring Break.  Craig had to work all week and then had to be in Houston for a football camp last weekend so we just made our own fun.  Here's what that looked like...

Mason tried his hand at painting signs with me while I worked on the other side of the table.

He was so proud!  He wants to paint his name across it now.  My little protege.  ;) 

On the other side of the table was me, working on these...

(You can find my Etsy shop HERE.)

And then there were the forts.  There are ALWAYS forts around our house.

I walked into the living room the next morning to this.  And nowhere to sit.  haha

Mason was excited to show off his space.  He had everything he needed.  And then some.

Apple juice, bottle of water, pretzels, Cheez It's, a lunchable, a granola bar and a couple of books.  Plus he could see the TV from his new little house so he was all set.

I've mentioned that Matthew and Mason have both been really into earning money lately.  (My chore chart system is the best thing ever for these two!!)  Well, both boys were able to make some extra cash during Spring Break by pet-sitting!  I had two of our neighbors text me to see if the boys would be interested in feeding their pets while they were out of town for a few days and they were going to pay them!  They were SO excited!  They would have totally done it for free so the money was an added bonus.

I snapped Mason's picture with Binks and Jenks at House #1.  We may end up with a cat someday.  They just love them.

The boys did a great job taking care of the two cats plus our other neighbor's dog.  I was so proud of them for taking it so seriously and making sure it was all done the right way.

The boys weren't the only ones getting to have fun.  I actually got to go sit out by the pool one day in my favorite chair with a book or two and just enjoy some relaxation and warm weather.  All it did was make me long for summer!  

As for what I was reading... I picked up my Complete Book of Home Organization because I wanted to get motivated to do some more spring cleaning during the break.  I love this book so much.  It is so easy to read and the tips are so simple.  Plus it's broken down into rooms and areas of your house so you can tackle a little at a time.  It's my favorite organization book by far and it's currently on sale for under $12.  Plus it's so pretty so it looks great as decor too!

I also started Nancy Thayer's Summer Breeze at the end of summer last year and never finished it.  It's my "sit by the pool and read" book so I'm picking up where I left off.  You can tell from the cover that it's seen it's been through a lot.  haha

Before I knew it though, these two little backyard crashers came running out to join me.

See those sad looking plants under the umbrella?  My mom will be here this weekend with her green thumb to help revive the plant life in my backyard and I can't wait to get it all pretty again.  I am HOPELESS at gardening.  But I do want to get better.

By Monday morning the forts were gone but the boys had found an empty box to play with.  Sigh.

They decided to cut holes in them so they could wear them and run around the house screaming "Box Trolls!" while giggling uncontrollably.  #pleasedontgrowup

Craig's parents were coming in for a few days so the boys waited on them in the front yard like this.  😂  Who needs toys when you have boxes?!

That Monday night, Matthew had his first scrimmage of the season and since so many kids were out of town for Spring Break, they asked Mason if he would play to help fill out the roster.  The boys haven't played on the same team since they were in t-ball so this was so fun for us!  My parents came in as well just for the game.

I love being a baseball mom.

After the game, we hit up our neighborhood Mexican restaurant with the whole crew to end our first official day of Spring Break.

Tuesday night, I made chicken spaghetti for dinner and while I cooked, Mason found chores on the chore chart to do so he could add to his $tash.  For some reason, he loves to wipe down the refrigerator door.  It's his favorite chore.

Wednesday, Craig's parents took the boys to the movies while I got some work done and then they headed out to visit Mimi's brother, Rusty.  Uncle Rusty and Aunt Kathie are two of my favorite family members and they just recently moved from Waco to a nice retirement community in Denton.  Their new house is about an hour away from us so after Craig got home from work, we drove down to meet up with everyone for dinner and see their new house.  I loved their house in Waco (you may remember me recapping our family reunion HERE) but this one is perfect for what they were looking for at this stage in their lives.  Plus, they are closer to us!  (And their kids too. haha)

You've probably heard me mention that these earrings are from that 11 pack  I got from Amazon for $13.99!  Total steal!  (If you missed my Amazon Haul post, you should go back and check it out!)  So basically, I paid a little over a dollar for these cuties!

Not only do we love Uncle Rusty and Aunt Kathie but we also love their funny dog, Arnie.

We love Arnie.

Thursday morning, Craig's parents left to head back to Louisiana and we spent the rest of the day being all kinds of L.A.Z.Y.  You may notice that Matthew is still wearing the outfit he had on the day before.

Mason wanted to play cards so we played several rousing games of Go Fish and Spoons. I told him as long as I didn't have to get out of my cozy little spot in the corner of the couch, I'd play anything he wanted.  haha

And then it was Friday!!  I was so excited about Friday!!  

Thursday night, we told the boys we were going to go to the zoo the next day.  Just as something fun to end our Spring Break.  They weren't super pumped about it.  They like the zoo but they've been several times and were all "Sure, that'll be fun, I guess."  But wait!!  We woke up bright and early Friday morning and headed to the zoo. Or that's where we told the boys we were going anyway.

Insert evil laugh here.  

They have been dying to go to Six Flags so I secretly bought us all season passes a couple of months ago and kept it a secret from them just so we could surprise them!  So instead of the zoo, we rolled up to Six Flags and they lost.their.minds.  Especially once we said we have season passes.  So fun!!

It was definitely a chilly day though. I was wearing two long-sleeved shirts under my sweatshirt and leggings under my jeans.  In the sun, it was fine but standing in line for 30 minutes to an hour in the shade was not super fun.

Thankfully, it warmed up a little as the day went on.

We rode as many roller coasters as we could fit into our day.  The boys had only ever been on roller coasters like Everest and Space Mountain at Disney World.  But roller coasters at Six Flags are on a whole other level.  So it was fun introducing them to REAL thrill rides!  I am so glad we ended up with 2 roller coaster enthusiasts because I LOVE a good roller coaster.  And it's so much easier when the whole family is on board for each ride!

We all agreed that the Titan was our favorite ride followed closely by Mr. Freeze and Batman.

Although Mr. Freeze is a SUPER quick ride, it was one of their favorites!  They were nervous about that one!

We had the best day!  It was such a fun way to end our break.

One thing we won't ever do again though is go when it's packed.  I'm using this Crowd Calendar to choose our next date.  We wasted so much time standing in line which made me appreciate Disney's Fast Pass system so much!  If Six Flags gave you 3 free fast passes with each visit, it would be so much better!  But they make you pay for the good stuff and it's not cheap.  So I think our next visit will be on an off day for sure so we can just hop from ride to ride.  Who wants to join us???!!  We'll definitely be going back very soon!

If you've been to Six Flags, what's your favorite ride??

Have a great day, friends!



  1. My kids have never been to Six Flags! I probably should take them bc you guys made it look so fun!!

  2. I used to go to Six Flags once a year growing up, but I haven't been in forever! I used to love the Mine Train, Conquistador, and the big Mexican hat (forgot what it is called), but I cannot ride any of those anymore. #motionsicknessproblems I'm so glad you guys had so much fun!

  3. We lived in Bedford when I was in grade school and had season passes to 6 Flags! I have some of the best memories of summer days at 6 Flags and Wet n Wild (Hurricane Harbor). Your boys are going to have a blast!

  4. Batman is my favorite. I also like Pandemonium.

  5. I'm thinking we need a Six Flags Day in McKinney! My kiddos have never been either...invite us to join you!


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