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Happy Friday, girls!  I know a lot of us are on Spring Break this coming week so it's extra happy for us, right?!  It's probably even happier for those of y'all who get to actually go somewhere fun as opposed to those of us who will be living vicariously through your Instagram pics.  😉

Ah well.  Such is life and all that.

Today I'm bringing you a mini book review because, as I said yesterday, I chose Hulu over my beloved audiobooks last month.  So I've only got TWO to review.

Let's start with my favorite of the 2.


Sometimes I am just in the mood for a super light, fun, chick lit romance.  And this completely fit the bill.  Also, I get that this cover looks a little cheesy and kind of "romance novel-y" but it's definitely more like basic chick lit.

Here's my review I left on Goodreads.  (PS: You can add me on Goodreads HERE if you want!)


Oh my goodness! This book was so much better than I’d hoped! Yes, the whole premise seems impossible. Life-long fan of cute actor boy catches his eye with her witty tweets and by sheer random circumstance ends up meeting him and becoming his personal assistant. (Seems plausible...)

They go on to fall in love and he is, of course, absolutely perfect in every way. And she is adorable and someone you will cheer for. But drama ensues when private pictures of the two are leaked online and her motives are questioned by everyone, including her very private boyfriend. Can he ever trust her again?  Can she get him to understand? Was it all just too good to be true?

This book was just perfect chick lit. It got better and better as it went along (not that it was ever boring!!) and I couldn’t stop reading/listening. I definitely teared up more times than I care to admit. It was just so sweet! This would make a great beach read as well when you are in the mood for a good old-fashioned, modern day, fairy tale romance.

Also worth noting.  This book was very PG with a wonderful ending.  But the best part?  It's FREE with your Kindle Unlimited membership!  Yes, I still do Audible (HUGE FAN) but once my credit is used up for the month, I like to see what I can find over on KU.  So I was so excited to find this one!

Ugh.  Y'all.  I used to love Sophie Kinsella.  The Shopaholic Series? Can You Keep A Secret?  I've Got Your Number?  Yes to all of those!

But this one?


Nope.  Her newest release was just a boring dud for me.  I was so excited to see she had a new release, especially after her last book, Surprise Me, which was just ok. But this one was even worse.

The book is about Fixie, a hard working woman who is trying to save her family's business from being taken over by her slimy, pretentious and money-hungry brother and her ditzy, hippie sister with barely a brain cell in her head.  She's dating a total jerk when she happens to save a stranger's laptop from a falling ceiling.  And that's when fate takes over.

Bottom line?  It was just so boring.  It was hard not to stop a third of the way through and move on to a new book.  But I hung in there and although it did pick up a little when Seb and Fixie (don't get me started on that name...) got involved it was still just dull.  Also, they seemed to go from 1 to "soulmate" really fast which I thought was odd.

I think the main reason why this book wasn't good had to do with the fact that basically, every other character, besides Fixie, was a total jerk.  Her ex, her brother, her sister, Seb's girlfriend...even her mom, who put all that pressure on Fixie to keep everything going while she was away on holiday for months.  There weren't many people I cared about which makes it hard to really get invested in a story. I'd say skip this one, friends.  Super disappointed.
Since this review was short and sweet I wanted to go over my two favorite ways to listen to audiobooks again!  I know I've done this before but it's been several months so for those of you who missed it or are new around here, here ya go!

Both Audible and Kindle Unlimited have really great promotions right now if you want to try them out!  (And if you want to read more about my love for Audible and how and why I use it, you can find my Audible Fangirl post HERE.)

AUDIBLE:  A trial membership gets you 2 free audiobooks of your choice plus 2 Audible originals!  Almost every single new release these days comes in an audiobook format so Audible is the place to go.  

I do the basic membership which is $14.95 a month which gets me 1 credit that I can spend on any book on Audible, no matter it's "sticker price" as well as 2 free Audible originals.  So I can use my credit on a $22 book, for example, and save myself $7.  You also get membership pricing on all other audiobooks if you want more.  PLUS, they have an awesome "buy 3 extra credits for $35.88" deal which comes out to less than $12 per credit.  That is a GREAT deal!

KINDLE UNLIMITED:  Try your first month FREE!  This is a great way to try it out and see what you think.

 So KU is kind of like Netflix for audiobooks.  You aren't going to find a ton of super popular authors or the hot new release but there are definitely a ton of great ones!  And these books are all available in digital format of course but some of them include the free audiobook as well!

If you are thinking "But I don't have a Kindle...", don't worry!  Just download the Kindle app for free for your phone or tablet!  No sweat!

As for a few fun favorites...

I saw these super fun and colorful earrings on Amazon last night and you get all 11 pairs for just $13.99!!  Worried about reviews?  Don't!  They are excellent!!  I mean, even if you just wear these ONCE, they are worth it!

Image may contain: text

And y'all know I love Jane!!  I scooped up this top yesterday and it's still available (as of now!) in 3 colors, at a great price ($26.99!) and also has amazing reviews.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing

Image may contain: one or more people

So pretty for spring!!

That's all for today, friends!  Y'all come visit me over in the Deals group today!  You know that's where all the good stuff will be!

And remember, you can find ALL my book reviews HERE or under the "bookworm" tab in the menu/header.

Have a happy weekend!!



  1. The fact that you get all those colors of earrings for that price is a win! Love the floral top too!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  2. I just read I Owe You One and couldn't agree more...I found myself skipping several pages at a time because I was so bored. I'm ok with a little predictable, but I felt like it was completely obvious what was going to happen within the first chapter and then it was several hundred pages to get!

  3. I was wanting to read that Sophie book and now I think I will just pass. I love her books, but I have never read the Shopaholic series and have heard so many good things about that series...maybe I will pick that one up instead. Have your read The Matchmaker? I am reading Match Making for Beginners and liking it a lot.

  4. Thank you for that review on Sophie's new book. I did not like her last one and now I won't waste my time on this one.

  5. Tractors and Glam: I LOVED the Shopaholic Series. It's light, its funny, its sweet. The characters are lovable although flawed. You should try it. They are also great as audiobooks because of the cute British narration. It brings life to the characters much better than it does in my head. haha

    And yes, I read The Matchmaker last summer and loved it!! And I read Matchmaking for Beginners which was part of Kindle Unlimited! (Not sure if it still is.) Both were so good!!

  6. Jennifer: Yes, I'd save your time and money! If you haven't read some of her earlier books like Can You Keep A Secret?, you should try that!

  7. I agree with Sophie Kinsella books. I LOVE her older ones (Can You Keep a Secret, The Undomestic Goddess, Remember Me, Twenties Girl) but I couldn't even get through Surprise Me or My Not So Perfect Life. I guess I will also skip I Owe You One! Such a bummer.

  8. I love the Kindle first program but am so bad at actually reading the books I choose. I finally sat down and made a list of the books on my Kindle that I still have to read and am trying to just work through them. But I have to say; I have not chosen a bad one yet!

  9. I was SO sad about the Sophie K book. Loved all the others, but this was so not like them - I couldn't even make myself finish it... I almost felt bad for not liking it! Seems I'm not the only one...


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