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Oh my goodness.  How are we already at the end of March?!  This month has flown by and life is getting busier by the day.  March is always the month that my Etsy shop ramps up with teacher appreciation gifts being ordered as well as lots of fun tumblers and water bottles being purchased for vacations!  So if you see this blog looking abandoned for days on end, just know it's mostly because my energy is being spent on keeping up with my shop responsibilities.

Today, I'm back though with the monthly What's Up Wednesday post with Sheaffer and Shay!
What's Up Wednesday

Loving these veggie made pastas for lunches!  I usually have a protein prepped and ready to add too.  These are great with grilled chicken, turkey sausage (the links) or extra lean ground beef.
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The cheddar sauce one below is my favorite and of course, it's the only one my grocery store never has in stock.  I can't find it anywhere anymore!  But yumm!!!  Since these are all made from veggies, your carb intake is so much lower than with regular pasta and honestly, you 
can't even tell it's not the real stuff.
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These are some pics that popped up in my FB memories this week.

These guys.  BFFs from Day 1.

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That cheesy family picture at The Picture People before we discovered Narci D Photography.  ;)

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The NSU Legends golf tournament in Shreveport 7 years ago.

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And because we are knee-deep in baseball right now with these two, I thought this sweet pic was appropriate.  This was the one year they were on the same team and it was so nice!

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My beach bag is back on Jane right now for just $8.99! I have this in black and pink and will be gifting one to Matthew's teacher at the end of the year filled with fun summer stuff.  (Mason's teacher is a guy so I'm not sure he'd appreciate it as much.  haha)

These are huge, are lined and the rope handles are so soft!  Plus they have a zipper closure to keep your stuff from tumbling out.  They are selling out in some colors so I'd hurry if you want one!

And speaking of bags, I used this one at our games last night for the first time! I meant to take a "real life" picture of it and totally forgot.  I'll try to snap one this morning and update it here and in the Deals Group.  (Are you part of my awesome Deals group yet?!)


They have them for 10 different sports including cheerleading and dance!  This is going to live in my trunk and stay fully stocked at all times with #allthethings.  All the mamas at the game were wanting one.  They are so roomy and perfect for holding blankets, sweatshirts, water bottles, snacks, bug spray, sunscreen...all stuff you end up needing at games and tournaments.

It's only $14.99 too!  Grab one HERE!  Deal ends in two days!

Also loving...  This purple shampoo to keep my blonde light and bright, the perfect socks to wear with my Skechers (they don't show and they don't slip off my heel!), these jeans that have been on repeat all month long and a splurge on a pair of Uncommon James earrings I've been wanting for a year now!

I'll have more info on some of these in this week's Friday Favorites!



Last weekend, both boys were in preseason tournaments and my parents came in town for Thursday and Friday's games.  Then on Saturday, they left to go back home and Craig left for Atlanta.  Eek.  I was on my own juggling those schedules!  Mason only played one game on Saturday but Sunday was a little crazier.

Mason played at 9:30, Matthew played across town at 11 (but had to be there at 10), then Mason played again at 12:30 and 2.  Thankfully, some of the other mamas were there to help me when I needed it so I was able to coordinate it all without missing much of anything.  #ittakesavillage


8am game on Saturday.  At the field across town.  Seriously, games that early take all the fun out of it.


Signs, signs and more signs!  I've got a few large orders to finish up in the next week or two so I spent the other day prepping a ton of boards.

This was about halfway through.  The weather has been so beautiful this week though, so working in the garage isn't so bad.

And if you are part of the Deals Group, then you've seen that I have a promo code right now for all my drinkware!!  The only catch?  You have to be a member in order to see the code!  So go HERE, join the group and then shop HERE for a special members-only code that will end tonight!  So don't wait!

Here are a few of the fun options you'll find...

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Tomorrow night, Craig and I are headed to a Trivia Night fundraiser with a bunch of our friends!  I've never done a Trivia Night and I'm terrified we're going to crash and burn.  We decided to have a guys table and a girls table so really, our only goal is to beat the boys.  ;)


My March Book Review will be out next week!  If you follow me on Instagram, you can check my Highlights to see what books I've read/listened to this year and what's in store for the next review.

And you can find ALL my book reviews HERE.

As for what I'm watching?

Summer House
9-1-1 (You have to watch this show!  This season is already so crazy good!)
Very Cavallari
The Lady Gang

Those are some of my favorites at the moment.

Ending it there today, friends.  We got in super late from baseball last night so I decided to cut it short because I am exhausted.  But I'll be over in the group posting more great deals that you don't want to miss all day today!!  Come join me and don't forget to look for the promo code for the Etsy shop!  (It's in the Announcements section if you can't find it).

Happy Wednesday, friends!



  1. I loved the taste of those veggies pastas as well...until about 1 am that night. They upset my stomach so badly. I am so bummed.

  2. OO i definitely need to try those pastas! And i love uncommon james, SO much. Are you watching her show? ?


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