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Happy Friday, everyone!  I saw this meme on Pinterest the other day and had to laugh because I know there a ton of you out there who do work on weekends and Friday means nothing to you.

Friday Humor| Animal Funny | Friday is here | Friday funny | Weekend funny | Cute Dog | Working on the Weekend | Bummer | Need a day off | Working hard | Weekend humor:   A little Friday humor for all those who have to work on weekends. I too, feel your pain!!

So please just know, that I get not everyone is a super fan of Friday.  This meme is for you!

No school today because of a bad weather day we never had to use so big cheers for that!  Matthew and Mason have been dying to see Dumbo and Wonder Park so we'll pick one of those to go see today and then enjoy those 70-degree temps before it starts to rain.  (Fingers crossed it won't.)  I love movie dates with my babes!

But today, I've got a great list of new favorites for you so let's get to them!

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Attention all blondes!  YOU NEED THIS!

So last week, I had one of my sorority sisters, who is also an active member in the Deals group, message me to see if I had any recommendations for a good purple shampoo.  I told her I've used one before, a couple of years ago, but I can't remember which one it was, how I liked it or if it worked.  haha  I was no help.  So I started researching them and compiled a list of really great ones (according to reviews) and posted them in the group.

Out of all of them, the Amika "Bust Your Brass" shampoo was the one I decided to try.  


Purple shampoos are meant for blonde, silver or white hair.  The knock out the brassiness that tends to develop after your color starts to fade and bring it back to that "just stepped out of the salon" radiance that you started with.  For me, the Amika shampoo has lightened and brightened my blonde highlights after just 3 washes (although I noticed a difference after the first) and I also feel like my base color has lightened up at least a half shade as well.

I don't have my own before and afters but I found this picture from a Glamour magazine article and it's similar to how I feel this worked for me.

Image result for amika purple shampoo before and after

I always feel like my highlights fade into dirty dishwater status quickly or just go straight brassy, so this stuff is going to really help keep things looking great for so much longer!  Not only will it help correct some brassiness but it will help prevent it from even happening in the first place.

I vow to NEVER go without a purple shampoo again.  I use it on every third wash but may switch to every other once summer rolls around.  I still use the all-time greatest shampoo and conditioner all the other times though.  😉

Some people say purple shampoos can leave their hair a little dry but so far, I haven't noticed any of that.  A great deep conditioner can fix that problem though if you do notice any.  I love this one.

And I mentioned this product during my Amazon Haul post last week but it's worth mentioning again since we're talking hair.  I love this lightening spray so much!  I've used it a couple of times now, just on a few pieces around my face and it really works!  Between this spray and the purple shampoo, I'm going to be able to go a lot longer between salon visits!  I feel like I'm cheating on my stylist. 😂

The other day I was doing a little research on the best cleansing balms that don't cost an arm and a leg. (For the record, they are few and far between.  But more on balms later.)  But during all of that, I stumbled across a beauty blog and she was talking about the Pixi Glow Peel Pads and how they are nothing short of amazing.  I love the Pixi Glow Tonic (I've mentioned that HERE).

So after falling down a rabbit hole of all the reviews for these things, I decided I had to try them.  The reviews were just too good.  In fact, they were GLOWING.  😉😂

I think what makes these things so great is that they contain 20% glycolic acid + rose water.  I can't think of any other that I've seen that is over 10%.  So yay for that!

They come in these premoistened pads and you use them at night after cleansing and before all your skincare products.  Wipe one all over your face, neck and the backs of your hands!!  (So great for your hands!)  Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse off to neutralize the peel.  

You will wake up with amazingly soft, plump, hydrated skin that feels like it's brand new after just one use.  #notkidding

I've used it three times now and the morning after is when I notice the biggest difference.  Your skin feels like baby skin.  Like you just had a chemical peel and the new skin is there...healthy, glowing and fresh.

I've tried several chemical peel type pads before and this is the best one, in my opinion.  The Exuviance Daily Resurfacing Peel is AMAZING and it has been my favorite in the past.  But these are proving to be all that and then some at a fraction of the price.  They are affordable and they WORK.  Get you some, ladies. ;)

Since we're on the topic of beauty, I thought it'd be a great time to throw in my thoughts on a new concealer I tried out recently.  I was in Ulta, killing time between baseball practices the other day and thought I'd try a new concealer.  The girl who worked there showed me this 24 hour concealer by MAC.

I bought it originally to go under my eyes.  And it's great for that. BUT.  I ended up using it exclusively for the red areas around my nose, my chin, and my forehead!  It has been AMAZING at covering all of that redness.  So much so that I can swipe on some of my Tarte concealer ('s still winning, y'all.  It's really really hard to beat this concealer.) and then put on the 24 hour concealer on my problem areas, blend and be good to go!  Add a little mascara and bam!  Natural makeup look for the win.  Especially after using the Peel Pads. 

 It is definitely a favorite right now, especially going into summer where I hate to wear a ton of makeup and don't typically have to once I get a little color. It dries quick and when it does, it is NOT moving. They aren't joking when they say 24 hours, y'all!  So if you've been looking for a new concealer to try, give this one a shot!

Last night, we hit up the Mckinney Education Foundation's Trivia Night in downtown Mckinney at Tupps Brewery with 6 other couples and had the BEST time!  We split up into a guys team and a girls team and although we didn't win a darn thing, we totally held our own.  #ifIdosaysomyself

(Earrings are from that 11 pack I bought from Amazon for $13.99!)

They told us we could decorate our tables with a theme so one of our artsy girls came up with an Easter theme and brought us all bunny ears.  We had to name our team too so we called ourselves the Honey Bunnies.  haha So much fun!

Brittany is my go-to Bravo friend.  She gets me, y'all.

I also grabbed a pic with Meagan and Brooke.  Brooke and I were totally twinning with our pink shirts! They were almost identical except hers was a shade lighter than mine.

It was such a fun couples date night!  If you have never done a Trivia Night, grab your friends and DO IT!  I was surprised at how many answers we actually knew!

As for the rest of my favorites, please join me over in my Facebook Deals group!!  I'll have more over there throughout the day. Sorry this is short and sweet today but you know the deals are GOING DOWN over on Facebook.  ;) All day, every day, friends!  Join us!

And I hope you guys all have a happy weekend!!  I'll be back next week with my March book review and I'm so excited about a couple of these books!!  Don't miss it!



  1. I've got to try those Pixi glow pads! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such fun favorites! Thanks for the tip on the Pixi glow pads. This might be a good dupe for the Dr. Dennis Gross alpha peel pads I use that are much pricier. By the way, I just "rediscovered" your blog. I think you must have changed from blogger or something, and it wasn't showing up on my sidebar anymore or in my Feedly. Hopefully, I can update the URL and it will show up again. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. yay for book reviews.....I can't wait. I highly suggest the Burts Bees cleansing oil. It is so so amazing. Cheap too. It takes off every stitch of your makeup, and refreshes your face. I've tried one million cleansing balms and oils and this is my fave.

  4. OOOOHHHH!!! I need to try that shampoo STAT! And those glow pads?! EEK! What a fun post, friend! Sad we missed last night but not sure I would have really been helping the table. ;)

  5. You look so pretty at that event! What a hot date your husband had. Some questions: 1.) Do that purple shampoo stain your shower tile? 2.) I'm so interested in that peel pads. I need to google results on sensitive skin.

  6. Sara-Thank you so much! And I haven't seen any staining at all! I even read in some reviews that people were saying how happy they were that it didn't stain their showers like others have before. I didn't even think of that but no, there haven't been any stains.

  7. Tanya-I know! I totally screwed something up awhile back because I switched hosts and now it's just a mess. I need to find someone to fix it for me. I'm too computer illiterate to figure it out! 😣

  8. Erika-We missed you guys last night! And yes, you need to try the shampoo and glow pads! You'll love them!

  9. We were the table right by y'all! We only had 4 people, but I thought we did pretty well! It was hilarious when they put your table in jail! :)

  10. Morgan! We were so stunned that they did that!! I was like "There are only 4 rounds and y'all are going to put us all in jail for 1 of them?!". Brooke's mom bailed us out AND sent them all to jail! Love it! haha

  11. Where is your pink shirt from? I need one for Easter.

    1. I honestly can’t remember! I’ve had it for several years! I know they sell the same style at Nordstrom though. I’ll see if I can find one tomorrow and post it in the FB group!

  12. Do you use s purple conditioner too, or just the shampoo? I want to try!!

  13. Jen-I just use the shampoo. I use my regular conditioner with. Try it!

  14. I love all your beauty recommendations!!! Which foundation are you using nowadays? I have seen you mention Clinique and Nars before - your skin always look flawless!! You should do a makeup post with all your faves!!!


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