Friday, August 16, 2019


Happy Friday, friends!  

The boys went back to school yesterday and it was glorious!  😎😂 After I came home from the annual Back-to-School breakfast with the girls, I was able to work in peace and quiet for what felt like the first time all summer and I got so much done.  I forgot how easy it is to focus when there is no screaming, no fighting, no wrestling, no shrieking, no asking for x,y,z and no messes...just me and my audiobook turned up to a normal volume because I had no fears of little ears hearing bad words or inappropriate scenes.  😉

The Funny Business of Back to School! ((LOL--sad but TRUE! I am in NO way afraid to admit it!;)))

I love my boys so dang much, y'all.  Y'all know that.  It's just all the extra stuff that comes with them.  The people.  And trash.  And broken glass.  And headaches.  And MESS.  #ohthemess

Anyway, I've got a few Friday Favorites for you today that I'm excited about!

Ok, friends.  Please trust me when I tell you that this top is my favorite Amazon Fashion Find to date.  I snagged it on Lightning Deal for under $14 not knowing how it would look in real life but wanting to give it a chance and oh man...just pulling it out of the package, I realized this was going to be a good one.

It's thick, has a nice weight to it, is so soft, stretchy and looks and fits just like the pictures.  It absolutely feels like something you'd buy at Nordstrom for $80.  Except, oh yeah, I got it for $14. ;) (Regularly $19.99 when not on LD.)

Image may contain: one or more people

I'm really trying to up my selfie game when it comes to outfits.  Honestly, I still feel like a fool taking outfit pictures but how else are you going to see it, right? (Hiding my face because I had no makeup left by this point in the day and a giant blemish on my cheek that has decided to make itself at home.😂)

I ordered this in a medium because I wanted it to be a little oversized but I'm debating on ordering it in a small next time just to see the difference.  Because I WILL be ordering this in other colors.  No question.  (It's quite possible I've already ordered this in 2 more colors by the time you are reading this.)

top | jeans | booties | necklace | earrings | bracelets are a mismatch of randoms

It fits snug in the bottom half of the sleeves so you can pull them up as much as you want or leave them all the way down.  You can also wear it as a one-shoulder or off both.

Here's a closeup of the sleeves.  

I paired it with these jeans (that fit like a freakin' DREAM) and my cute leopard booties!  I love these booties! Why did it take me so long to jump on the animal print train!  (They come in a lot of other colors too if you aren't an animal print girl.)

I read the reviews on this top and they were good but the "real life" photos weren't that great.  I'm glad I took a chance on it!

Let's talk reality TV for a minute, shall we?

First up...Bachelor in Paradise.  Are you watching??  This show is a hot mess every year and I am here for it.  If you aren't watching, keep on scrolling.  But if you are, can I ask your feelings on Hannah G??  I've always liked her but this girl is testing my patience right now.  I get that you need to explore your options in paradise but what she's doing to Dylan (like making out with Blake right in front of him) is just cruel.  Not cool, Hannah G.  Not cool.

And then there's Blake and Caelynn and their history.  He was a dog for sure, but I think she needs to let it go.  Especially after seeing the text messages he released from her...  Have y'all seen those?  (Google them if you haven't.)

And then there's Caelynn and her new hookup with Dean.  Dean with the mustache.  And the nomad lifestyle.  Living out of a van.  Showering in lakes and rivers or borrowing the showers of friends.  No judgment on all of that.  To each his own.  BUT, when I saw this on IG the other day I laughed out loud.

It's funny b/c it's true.  And also because everything Chris Farley said was hilarious.

And then there's Southern Charm.  You guys!!  What the heck is wrong with Shep?!!  Is he on something?  He used to be lovably goofy and charming and sweet.  And now he's just mean, bitter, messy, spiteful and hateful.  I can't figure it out but he seems to be spiraling and it's hard to watch.  

And why does he care SO MUCH about Austen and Madison's relationship?!  It has literally nothing to do with him whatsoever, Austen is (was) happy, they both cheated on each other and decided to work it out. For goodness sake, Shep.  Let it go, man.

I won't even get into the whole homeless woman debacle.  I unfollowed Shep on IG just to let him know I was mad at him. 😉  I'm sure that hurt him deeply.   ðŸ¤£ðŸ¤£  

Image result for shep rose

I'm anxious to see the reunion play out next week but after seeing the previews, I'm not sure he's going to come out shining.  Madison either even though she came at Shep like a boss on that last episode and I loved her for that.  Shep is clearly not used to women standing up for themselves like that.  I still love this show though.

So yesterday, I decided to do something that I haven't done around here for a long time...if ever.  (Have I ever??)  I documented my day for a Day in the Life post!  Most of my days are painfully boring.  My kids go to school.  I work in my craft room/office all day behind a table and computer screen, kids come home, they head to practice or friends houses, I work some more... it's boring.  You would be annoyed to read that.  But at least yesterday was a little more interesting.  It was back to school day which included lots of pictures before school, meeting up with my friends for a back to school breakfast, work of course, first-time bus rider drama...  I mean, it still wasn't fascinating but what can ya do? 😂 #reallife

Anyway, that will be all be posted next week but for now, I wanted to show you something that was a favorite of my kids this week even though you'll see these pictures again.

I snapped up these Under Armour shirts on Amazon when they were on sale for under $12 on Wednesday. (I posted them in the Deals group that day too...did you see them?) And they came in the same day!  Love when that happens.  So they were able to wear them for the first day of school on Thursday.

We didn't buy a ton of new clothes for back to school because they are pretty set with tees and shorts but we'll have to buy all new wardrobes when it turns cool.  So I was pumped to find such a great deal on UA!  Right now, the price is back up a little but still not near the $20 they are regularly.  So you may want to hop over HERE to check them out.  (The price can vary from minute to minute, just FYI.)

Matthew (in blue) is wearing a youth large and Mason is wearing a youth medium.  We got them in every color they had available!

jeans | tee | sandals (under $36 on sale!)

And that's it for today, friends!  See ya over in the Deals Group today!

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  1. Bring on sweater weather! That white one is so cute, Amanda!

  2. I have to laugh at your boys in the UA shirts! I jumped on the lightning deal as soon as you posted it. My Ethan is the same age and size as Matthew and he only needed the black version of this shirt and now he has the whole set (except they were more expensive when I bought them at Kohl's earlier this year). Can't beat the style and how well they hold up!

    1. Yay! Glad you were able to complete the set! Under Armour is very important to 11 year old boys! 😉

  3. YEH, Shep, WTF?! Seriously. I don't know what's up with him this season!

  4. A girlfriend sent me a similar text this morning about Shep. I said he probably needed a story line this year (the cast is SO stale this year) so it was to be an a-hole.


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