Monday, August 26, 2019


Hello Monday!  I know a lot of you hate Mondays and I totally get that but I need this Monday!  I'm feeling completely overwhelmed with so much stuff right now.  This week, baseball starts for real. We have three games this week plus at least one night of practice so let the late nights and Chick-fil-A dinners commence!  ;)

Since I've got so much on my plate and on my mind right now, I thought this would be a great opportunity for another Monday Musings post.  A post where I can jump from one topic to the next depending on what pops into my head as I'm typing.  We all know by now my blogging style is sporadic and random for the most part so I feel like this type of post fits me well.

Ok.  So I've told you before how much I LOVE Kristin and Jen from #imomsohard.  They are just my kind of people, friends.  They get me.  I want to be best friends with them.  And not because I aspire to be them or want their life.  But because I legitimately feel like they would be the BEST girlfriends ever.  No airs. No pretense. Just come as you are and let's have a glass of wine, some girl talk, and some laughs.  THOSE are my kind of people.  And if they sound like your kind of people too then you need to watch their new #imomsohard Live show on Amazon Prime!  


So I watched this Saturday night in my own bed, with my own glass of wine while Mason was at a sleepover and Craig and Matthew were watching "boy shows" in the living room.  At first, I was kind of thrown off that they seemed a little rehearsed and almost seemed to be putting on a play.  I've been to several comedy shows and when I can tell that things are scripted, it's just never as funny.  But I gave it a minute and guess what?  Ten minutes in and I was cracking up so hard and couldn't have cared less that the jokes were scripted. (B/c I get it, they were on tour.  That's part of it.  They need a script.)  The longer it went on though, the more I didn't want it to end!  It was so funny and so relatable and they totally nailed it.  This would be such a fun Moms Night In party!

If they go on tour again, I will be there!!  (And I will be gathering as many of my girlfriends as possible too!)

Since we're on the topic of mom stuff, I thought I'd share a little mom hack with you that I've been using for a few weeks.  Now listen.  I know this is not some crazy original idea and one or maybe all of you are already doing this.  BUT it came to me one day as I shared a Lightning Deal for these mesh laundry bags over in my Deals FB group...

Backing up:  We are a sports family and have uniforms coming out of our ears.  Hubs is the head coach of Matthew's baseball team this year and is a coach for Mason's football team so he's got 2 jerseys to keep up with.  Mason plays baseball for one team full-time, subs in on another when he can and plays flag football so that right there is a lot of uniform pieces as well.  And then Matthew plays baseball and also has PE uniforms this year.  And guess what? I don't have it all together all the time and there have been more times than I can count when it's 5 minutes before we are supposed to leave for a game and someone is crying that they can't find their jersey and someone else can't find their pants.  So we dig through all the clean clothes in the laundry baskets, the dirty clothes in the hampers, the washer, the dryer and then are forced to pan out into bedrooms and check under beds, etc.  It is beyond frustrating and I know we've all been there, right? (Please say yes so I don't feel so alone.)

So back to the mesh laundry bags.  I grabbed those HERE and decided that I was going to use them to remedy this chaotic uniform situation.  And I have!
These bags are awesome.  They come in a set of 7 in all different sizes and seem to be well made and durable.  And I use them like this...

If Mason comes home from a game or practice, everything that relates to his uniform (meaning pants, jersey, socks, cup and cup shorts--not sure that's the technical term for those but it's what we call them) all get put into a bag together and thrown into the dirty clothes.  When it's time to wash it, I just toss the bag into the washing machine and dryer and it all stays together.  On my counter next to the washer and dryer, I have several baskets that we keep certain things in.  One holds all the boys socks so they can grab and go without having to run upstairs for all of that.  And one holds all their uniform pieces.  So when they come out of the dryer, they just go straight into the sports basket so we always know where everything is.  These mesh bags are making it even easier!

 This weekend I had 3 bags of uniforms going at once.  Mason's baseball stuff, Matthew's baseball stuff and Matthew's PE uniforms that he brings home on weekends to wash.  

I am loving it for those PE uniforms too b/c they look so similar to all the other stuff in the laundry. It's really hard to pick them out amongst all the other tshirts and shorts. This way, there is no manhunt for the 2 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts in the mountain of clean clothes.  He can just pull out the mesh bag and dump his PE uniform back into his backpack and be done.

If you've got kids in sports or a kid who has a PE uniform that needs to be washed, you should definitely grab these!  They are only $8.99 for this set of 7 and you can also use them for your own stuff as well.  (Bras, undies, socks etc.)  They even work great for travel.

Anyway, I'm a fan and this has been a mom hack that is so easy and so practical!  And I love anything that is practical.

Have y'all been watching Big Brother this summer?? I am a huge BB fan but y'all.  I just cannot get on board with any of these people this year!  They've gotten rid of my favorites already.  I was really rooting for Kat or Sam and even Analyse but I feel like I'm jinxing these kids for liking them!  Every time I pick a new favorite, they get the boot.  


This has been my least favorite season EVER. I just don't love anyone although I am rooting for anyone other than Holly, Christie and Jackson.  I'd love for one of the underdogs to win it.  What are your thoughts about the season this year?  Let me know! I love to talk BB.

I posted a picture on Instagram this weekend of some yummy stuffed jalapenos that Craig brought me from his favorite BBQ place.  He knows I've been all into my Keto stuff and even though I have yet to convince him to get on board, he totally respects my new food choices.  So when he stopped at Hutchins BBQ on Saturday night on his way home, he got me one of these.  (He ate the other one.  I kind of wish he'd left them BOTH for me...) 

YUM.  I pretended the BBQ glaze on the outside didn't count because I know it was not sugar-free but there really wasn't that much on there.  But this was a giant jalapeno stuffed with cream cheese and brisket wrapped in bacon.  O.M.G.  So good!

Anyway, I got a ton of DMs asking questions about 1) where this BBQ place was and 2) which sugar-free BBQ sauce I use.  So I figured I'd go ahead and answer that here. :)

It's from Hutchins BBQ (if you're local, you probably know it) and I laughed because of how "real life" it looked when I actually heated it up and ate it.  Not quite as Instagram-worthy, huh?  😂

I sliced it up before popping it in the microwave and then added a little of my Sugar-Free BBQ sauce to dip it in.  And as for the one that is my favorite, I have to say I've only used one so far!  So I can't say it's my favorite since it's the only sugar-free BBQ sauce I've tried, but I really like it! I don't even taste a difference.

I picked this up at Walmart on a whim one day and although it may not have the absolute Keto-est ingredients (🤷‍♂️), it's only got 2 net carbs per serving and that's good enough for me.

Get on this.  Do not pass Go.  Do not collect $200.  Just do it.

If you are a fan of slip-on sneakers with skinny jeans then you are in the right place.  Go on over HERE and snap up a pair of these for under $30!!  I found them TTS and these black ones will not be my only pair.  I live in slip-on sneakers during baseball season.  Plus, supposedly these wash so easily in the washing machine and stink a lot less than your Converse or Skechers.  So there's that.  haha ;)

And last but not least, I feel like I owe BH90210 an apology.  I complained about how disappointed I was that this wasn't a real reboot but y'all.  I am so ON BOARD WITH THIS NOW.  It is so good!!  And funny!  Seriously.  I feel bad for being a Debbie Downer about this after the first episode but now I am all in.  And the fact that they still use the same theme music (best theme song ever, in my opinion) is just icing on the cake.  If you were a 90210 fan back in the day (and who WASN'T?!) then you should be watching this.  

Image result for bh90210

Happy Monday, friends!



  1. Happy Monday! The crazy starts up for us this week as well! Best of luck, friend! hahaha!

  2. Why am I not watching 90210??? I loved that show so much!! I need to finish GOT and hop right in!

    1. You will like 90210 way better than GOT. Hahaha.

  3. I am one those annoying DM'ers about the sugar-free BBQ sauce! But I used it last night to make a Weight Watchers friendly pulled pork and it was SO good!

    1. Hahaha! You're not annoying! I love when y'all message me! I've used it on pulled pork too and it was so good!

  4. Sarah K7:47 PM

    I’ve seen IMSH in person twice!!

    I may need to try those shoes!

  5. Katherine6:21 AM

    About those mesh bags - do the uniforms come out wrinkled if you leave them in the bag until they are used?

    1. The uniforms we use them with are that moisture-wicking material that doesn't wrinkle very easily. When I pull them out of the dryer, and then out of the bag, they aren't any more wrinkled than they are just from the dyer. (Meaning, definitely not enough for us to care.) I don't leave them in the bag once I take them out of the dryer though. The PE uniforms go into Matthew's backpack and then his locker at school and the sports uniforms get taken out and thrown into the "sports basket" on our counter.


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