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Ahhhh! Totally ran out of time to post this to Friday Favorites after my try-on sesh at Loft yesterday afternoon and before I had to start getting ready for my fun GNO to go see the #imomsohard ladies!  But this sale is so good and it's the perfect time to stock up for spring (while all the good stuff is still in stock!) that I had to post randomly in the middle of the day, which I hardly ever do.  But I didn't want you to miss it if you also love Loft and love snagging $60 shirts for $30.  🙋‍♀️

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  This would be so much easier if I could just post these cute pics to Instastories and give y'all the ole "swipe up" command.  But alas.  I need 6,900 more followers to go before Instagram releases that little feature to me.  Sooooo basically that means I'll never have it.  #smalltimeinfluencerlife #firstworldproblems Ugh.  (Hint hint: you can follow me HERE...)

Anyway, here's a quick rundown on what I found at Loft and LOVED.  Like "I don't care how much my total is, I can't put back any of this stuff." kind of love. (The really good kind. 😂)

I'm working on getting "real" pics instead of dressing room ones for all these but y'all, this sale won't last forever, so I don't want you to miss it.  If I posted this on Monday morning with everything perfect but the sale had ended and now all these shirts were back to $60 instead of $30, that would be super rude, right? 😉 So bear with me and my dark, spotty mirrored dressing room pics for now.

(Remember, you can find all my outfit details on Liketoknowit (and the app) or by clicking on the Shop the Blog tab in my menu/header.

Ok, friends.  Let's start with the C's.  Cute, comfy and cozy.  And soft.  Oh so soft.  This (PERFECT) sweatshirt is thin, not bulky but CRAZY UBER soft.  It has a fleece lining, fits so cute and is cream with these adorable multicolored flecks all over it. It's slightly longer in the back and I'm going to have a hard time not wearing this one every single day.  Perfect for spring too since it's light and doesn't have the bulky look of a real sweatshirt but still gives you some cozy warmth.

As soon as I put it on I literally told myself "I need this in every color."  Unfortunately, it only comes in this one but if it did, my Loft card would be taking a hit.  😂 I'm wearing a small and this fit very TTS.

(Working on finding another link for my Kancan jeans! I got them on Jane a few weeks ago and they aren't currently available but they could come back at any time so I'm going to go ahead and link them here anyway. Wearing Style #8.)

And here's the crappy dressing room pics but you can see the side view better and closeup of the pretty flecks.

PS:  My star necklace is $10.99 on Amazon.  I love that thing.  My earrings are from my Etsy shop and I'm working on getting them listed as soon as I can get through all this! :) 

Now this may be my very favorite sweater of all time.  It fit like it was made for me and as soon as I put it on I was like "oooohhhhh yeahhhh....". I was a little worried I'd need a little cami underneath because the top part does have actual holes in it where you can see through to your skin (and bra) but then I thought if I wore a nude-colored cami wouldn't it look just like my nude-colored bra?  So why bother?  haha  Totally a personal preference but just wanted to throw it out there.

I love everything about this sweater though.  The neutral colors with the stripes, the neckline, the fit, the stretch and those darling cuffs!!  It just couldn't be any cuter if it tried. ;)  And again, this one is also on sale for 50% off right now!

(Updated pic of this adorable sweater at home instead of the dressing room.)

You know how every season, Loft has a shirt or two that are kind of the "it" blouse of the season?  I think this one maybe it.  It's bright and bold and a classic Loft top.  It's thin and flowy and feminine.  Perfect for spring too!

I paired it with my favorite jeans, favorite (and comfiest) wedge booties, my metallic gold earrings from my Etsy shop and my new star necklace for our GNO.

Here are my original dressing room pics.  Looks cute with or without a little front tuck.  Didn't quite go with my Sorels though. 😂 Wearing a petite small in this one. I highly recommend!!

Now I really really need to take a new picture of this gorgeous blue top because of all the ones I snapped in the dressing room, none of them did it justice.  So check back for updated pics in the Deals group or back here on the blog soon!  But it's so pretty!  This is also one of their new "it" prints of the season and I'm loving it.

I also grabbed this one in white.

(I probably would have switched out these petite smalls for regular smalls for added length if they had been available in the store when I was there.)

And I almost didn't even try on this next one!  I saw it at the last minute and grabbed it on my way into the dressing room and I'm so glad I did!  It's a beautiful print, first of all.  It's a blue/grey color and the sleeves are SO PRETTY!!  The little ruffle on the shoulder that extends down and even has a ruffle on the sleeve.  It's just so girly!  It has a button that you can leave open (like the pic on the left) or close (like the one on the top right).  I prefer it open.  Either way, it's a really great blouse for church (with white pants!), work, or for a night on the town!  I sized down to an XS in this one and it's still a little roomy but I didn't want to go to an XXS.  That seemed excessive. 😂😂  I didn't see it in a petite but that may have worked as well.

Now the other day, I also ordered THIS TOP and it should be here sometime today.  This was the one I wanted immediately.  Like as soon as I saw it on the site I had to have it. 

So I have high hopes for it!!  We'll see.  I'll be sure to show you over in the Deals group so don't forget to join us over there!!  I'm way more active there than I am here. ;)

UPDATE:  It just arrived and it's GORGEOUS!! Wearing a small but could have sized down to an XS in this one.  The color is so stinkin' beautiful and the sleeves are so pretty! Ignore the jeans with it.  I'd pair this top with much nicer jeans than the ones I'm wearing now with holes all over them.  ;)

Seriously, don't miss this one!!

DON'T FORGET THAT THIS SALE ENDS SUNDAY NIGHT SO HOP TO IT, GIRLS!  I hate to say I may need to go work out my Loft card a little more but...I may need to.  There's so much good stuff and great deals going on right now.  Happy Shopping!

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