Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Hello Tuesday! I thought I'd go with a little "currently" post today because I haven't done a random life roundup lately.  So this is kind of a "What I'm currently...loving/wearing/doing/dealing with" etc. 

I posted this picture after church last Sunday in my Deals Group because I am obsessed with this velvet cardigan.  It's slinky and silky on the inside and super duper soft on the outside. This is on Jane for $12.99 right now but the deal ends tonight so grab one while you can!  If you miss it, you can also find it on Amazon but you'll pay a little more.

 I've got everything linked HERE that I can.  The boots are old so I linked some cute similar ones, the necklace is sold out and my earrings are from my Etsy shop HERE.

PS:  The cami is so versatile and looks great under cardigans, kimonos, jackets, or by themself.  I have it in black and this ivory color.

Wearing a small in the cardigan and cami.

Do you ever have those days where you look at your kids and just think "How did this happen?  How are they so big?  How are they so smart?  How are they able to legitimately beat me at board games now?".  😂

Well, that was me last weekend playing Square Up with the boys. 

You rattle your little cube (on the right) so that all the squares land in a certain pattern and then you have to repeat the pattern on your little gameboard.  Rubik's cube style.

Rubik's cubes are ALL the rage right now with my kids so they love this game and it's almost identical twin Rubik's Race.  Which we also have for some reason.  Both of these games seem to be getting hard to find but I did find them HERE and HERE.

Mason and his buddy, Hudson, like to play too.

Also, Mason is getting this little Rubik's cube that he picked out for Valentine's Day.  It's really small (and cute!) and it's a keychain so he can clip it on to his backpack. He says the way it's designed means it's very smooth and fast. If you have a kid who is into Rubik's cubes it could be a sweet little gift. I'll throw in a little chocolate, some smooches from Mama and call it good. ;)

Last Sunday for the Super Bowl, Mason headed over to a Super Bowl party at his friend's house.  I'm pretty sure they spent the whole game outside playing hide and seek in the backyard with flashlights but they had a blast.

Something else I'm currently LOVING is my new rug!!  I get really excited about rugs because we've never really been able to keep a rug in our house for very long with babies and two poorly-trained dogs.  So now that our boys have grown up a little and our sweet pups have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I get to have rugs.  Again, it's all very exciting. ;)

And oooohhhhh I was in love with this rug the second I saw it on the website.  We used to have this navy blue and white distressed looking rug here but I wanted to tone down all the blue.  I really latch on to a color when I like it and have to pull myself back before things start looking a little MUCH. 😂 We moved the navy rug to the office (which I gave a nice little makeover to this weekend and will show y'all soon) and then we waited for this one to come in.  

(I say "we" like it was all of us...or even me and Craig.  It wasn't.  He had no idea and couldn't care less about rugs.  So really it was ME who waited...and waited...and waited...for this to come in.)

(Sidenote:  That ceiling fan is on my hit list.  I hate it and it came with the house and we've just never changed it out.  But I'm going to soon!  I wish I could just replace it with a cool light fixture but Craig would throw a fit if he didn't have a ceiling fan.  And we won't even talk about that poor couch.  It has been through a LOT.)


I loved everything about this rug.  The size, the shag, the tassels, and the colors were perfect with my color scheme and would help hide dirt and whatever else my kids might do to this thing.  However, the size I chose said it was backordered for a couple of days so I was like "That's fine.  I GUESS I can wait an extra 2 days."  Sigh.

And then two days went by and nothing happened.  No shipping notifications.  And then another two days. And then I watched the backorder date get pushed further and further out.  Grrrr.  I ordered the rug originally in the 7'10"x11" because it was significantly cheaper than the 8x11.  Like almost 50 bucks cheaper.  Which is weird because it's literally an extra 2" of length.

Finally, I told them to cancel my order and I sucked it up and ordered the 8x11.  And it arrived in two days.  Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Here's a closeup of the colors.  It's a mix of creams, tans and greys.


I wish you could feel how soft this thing is.  The boys love laying on it to watch TV now and it's like petting a poodle.  The tassels seem to be on there pretty tight too so as long as I keep the robot vac away from them, I think they'll be fine.

This rug is currently on a nice little sale too if you're interested!  I have bought 4 or 5 rugs from this place in the past and have loved them all.  Super fast and free shipping (as long as it's not backordered...). Ha!

Another thing I'm currently not exactly loving but not exactly hating is helping Matthew with his homework at night.  We come and sit up here in his new little study area in his room (more on that HERE) and work on mostly math but sometimes science too.  So far, I've been able to keep up and actually help but at some point, I'm sure it will all go over my head.  Matthew and I are very similar in personality so I know how to teach him and help him in a way that he understands.  I kind of love being his study buddy. :)

Ok, switching topics again but have y'all ever heard me say that any time my kids go to a trampoline park or bounce house type place they always end up coming down with some sort of stomach bug or virus within days?  Seriously, y'all.  If I could bet megabucks on it happening each time, I'd be so rich.

This was Mason last Saturday.  Mason and his buddy were bored so I decided to take them up to the little Obstacle Warrior place for an hour or so.  They had a great time.  Mason was a beast trying to tackle the big wall and get his Ninja Warrior on.  But the whole time they were running around having the best time I was thinking "who is going to puke first?".  #probablymason

I get it.  There are just so many surfaces to touch and everyone wears their shoes (because you really do need to) and it's got to be impossible to sanitize a place like that.  I'm guessing they don't really bother trying.

So of course, a few days later, Mason starts sniffling and coughing.  His cough started to get bad on Friday and Saturday night I was doling out the cough syrup.  Then Sunday morning, at 5:30am, he came and woke me up to tell me he thought he was going to throw up and that his throat hurt so bad and there we go.  Dang.

I turned off our alarms for church and Mason refused to try to go back to sleep.  He was just a mess...crying, miserable, coughing, puking..but no fever.  I finally got him to go back to sleep around 8am and he slept until 10:30.  He felt a little better after his nap but ended up going downhill again that afternoon.  Thankfully, a good night's sleep helped and he woke up Monday morning feeling better but he definitely wasn't going to school to spread his germs everywhere.

He's at school today though feeling almost back to normal.  Just a little cough that will work it's way gone soon, hopefully.  But seriously...darn you, Obstacle Warrior! (Yes, I know he could have picked something up at school.  But still.)

So that's a little of what's been going on around here!  I've got a few other things I've been working on lately around our house.  I've mentioned this before but I've been trying to clean out, organize and redecorate a lot of rooms in my house.  First up, was the media room and I was waiting on a few things to come in before I could finish it.  Now that they are here, I'm almost ready to take pics and show y'all!  Same for Craig's office.  I let that man decorate the office 12 years ago when we moved in and it wasn't my best decision. 😂  But it just needed some major decluttering, some organization and some "girl" decor pieces to breathe new life into it.  I'm hoping to take pics to show you that too before all the boys in my family destroy it again.  I am officially the only one in my household who appreciates a design aesthetic.   ðŸ˜‰



  1. Anonymous5:23 AM

    Your house looks beautiful ! I have a perfect comfy sectional too and every once in a while, from boys playing or my Jack Russell laying in the same spot. I refresh the cushions with poly fill or batting — fluffs everything back up and it looks all filled up again. Just unzip cushions and pillows and stuff away.

    1. Thank you! It's not really the cushions that bother me. It's all the stains and just overall grungy look of the fabric after years dirt and Cheez Its. Haha. It's also got a nice (new) little rip on the side that the white blanket is covering where the seams have pulled apart. 😂🤦‍♀️ Thankfully it's mostly on the underside where it's not as easy to see but it drives me crazy. I'm on the hunt for a new one but haven't found anything that I like yet.

    2. Anonymous7:41 PM

      Enjoy the hunt but know your house is beautiful. it is evident what a wonderful mom, wife, friend and daughter you are ! With love from an old lady who loves your blog

  2. Just ordered Square Up for Smith for Valentine's day!! Thank you!!!

  3. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Your new rug would match my family room perfectly! Approximately $200 and free shipping sounds so temptimg!


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