Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Short post today just to say that I'm too busy to blog because I'm completely engrossed in Jessica Simpson's new book, Open Book! I've been listening to it all day while I work, while I cook dinner, while I wash my face, do laundry.  I can't stop.

  Right now as I type this, I'm listening to her talk about Nick and how 9/11 brought them back together, her shows overseas for the troops and how she screwed up the words to God Bless America in front of George W. Bush.  So far, this book does not disappoint.  She's talked about her life during high school with some really awful bullying, being molested by an older girl when she was a kid, her alcohol abuse, her rivalries with Christina and Britney, her crush on Ryan Gosling when he was with the Mickey Mouse Club, how she kissed Justin Timberlake after her divorce...  I mean.  It's everything I never knew I wanted to know and more.  I am HERE.FOR.IT.

If you're a Jessica Simpson fan or ever have been, you need to read (or better yet...listen to) this book!

She narrates it herself and the audiobook comes with 6 new songs.  I haven't gotten to those yet.  But I seriously feel like I'm reading (listening to) a huge Us Weekly article except that it's all TRUE.  It's fantastic. 😂  Go get it!



  1. I also like Jessica Simpson. I was rooting for Jessica and Nick when they were married and had their rea!ity show. They truly loved each other and it was fun to watch.

  2. Does she talk about her break up with her hair stylist in the book? I always wondered what happen between them two

    1. I totally forgot about all of that! She does mention Ken several times in her book but there's nothing on why they split that I can remember. It was just more like mentioning him when she was talking about all her other friends. Now I want to go back and pay more attention to when she mentions Ken!


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