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We have one more week of school until Spring Break over here so let the countdown begin!  

As always, we aren't going anywhere over the break though. Womp womp.  So I'm not sure what I'm getting all excited about.  Maybe I'm excited to hear my kids tell me "I'm bored" 12,000 times a day while simultaneously stuffing empty Cheez-It wrappers behind couch cushions and leaving half-drunk cups of milk all over the house.  I mean, yeah, maybe. That must be it. 😉

I thought this was a great post and it really spoke to my heart about not letting your clean house become an idol. :-) Housekeeping Matters: 5 Habits that Help

Craig has to work next week and then will be out of town for football camps as well and as much as we'd love to get away, it's also just nice for us homebodies to be able to spend a week hanging around here and finding fun things to do.  As long as we can find fun things to do.

My boys are usually pretty content just racing around the neighborhood with their friends so fingers crossed there are some other boring people in our hood who are opting to Spring Break it like us. ;)  We will definitely be in trouble if ALL of their neighbor buddies are gone for the week.

But today it's time for those fun Friday Favorites and honestly, if you were checking out the deals in my Deals Group on Facebook yesterday then you may have seen one or most of these.  There's at least one in here that I haven't mentioned yet in the group though so I didn't spoil them all.

But before we get to those, I just want to thank everyone who donated to the Manda Strong Foundation fundraiser this week.  The last time I looked it was over $18,300 and we are so to reaching that $20,000 mark.  There is still time to donate if you want!  Every little bit helps...even a $5 or $10 donation is so appreciated.  The money goes straight to those mamas fighting cancer and provides trips and memory-making moments for them their families.  If you missed my post on Wednesday, scroll to the bottom HERE and you can read all about Manda and her story.  The Manda Strong Gala is tonight and I was looking over the auction items and I have no doubt we are going to raise SO much more money for these mamas!

(Be sure to follow me on Instagram HERE for Gala pics!)

And now for this week's FAVORITES!

This colorblock hoodie (that reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream) just rocketed up into my top 5 items of clothing.  It's a true sweatshirt so it has the softest fleece lining, the outside material is thick and super soft, the hood has a waffle-knit lining and the colors are kind of muted for a vintage/worn-in look.  You will not want to take it off.  It's also got a great weight to it as well that makes you feel all cozy and secure.

The best part is that I scored it on CLEARANCE for around $15--down from $58!  As of right now as I type this, it's still on clearance in XS and Small (I'm wearing a small) and it also takes an additional 20% off in the cart.  #hotdang

RUN to grab this one, friends!!  I'm sure my friends at the ballpark will be tired of seeing me in this after a while.  But it's perfect for those chilly spring nights!

I also got another ahhhhmazingly adorable sweatshirt from A&F...

I have last season's version of this sweatshirt and I've been telling y'all about it sporadically for the past few months.

The pic below is last season's version.  I'm wearing a medium and love the fit but I could have been fine with a small.

Here's this season's.  Too similar for me to justify getting it.

model 1

BUT this new grey/white combo was perfect!

I ordered a small this time and it hits a little below my beltline and is just as soft as the first.  Plus, it's only $28 right now (down from $58!).  I do love a good deal.

Since I'm talking about my love for #allthesweatshirts, I thought I'd let you know that this cute camo one is on Jane right now for just $16.99!  I got it a couple of months ago and's heavy in the rotation. I'm wearing a small in it so it definitely runs TTS while still giving some breathing room but not swallowing you whole.

If you've never checked out before then you should!  I've been a Jane addict for years now.  If you aren't familiar with it, Jane has 72-hour deals on tons of great stuff like boutique clothing, home decor, baby and kid stuff, and so much more.  They are kind of like flash sales.  So if you see something you like on there, don't wait!

So the other day, I was watching @ketoincourt's IG stories and saw her share this 4 piece "Crepe Rescue" lotion set. Crepiness is something that I've started noticing more of this year...on the back of my hands, on my arms, on my neck.  Ugh.  Getting old SUCKKKKKSSSS.

So when I saw her share this I headed to the website to hear more about it.  I watched the video, saw before and afters and yeah.  I was sold.  I definitely encourage you go to and watch the videos of them actually using these products on their legs and neck and seeing the difference!  I wanted to try it!  Plus I love good smelling lotions anyway.  The Olive Pomegranate seemed to be the most popular scent so that's what I went with.

You'll get 4 full size bottles.  The Pure Greek Olive Crepe Rescue Intensive Body Treatment, the Pure Greek Olive Oil Crepe Rescue Hand & Nail Treatment Cream, the Pure Greek Olive Oil & Body Cream and the Shower Gel.  All of these smell AMAZING but the Crepe Rescue products are my favorite.  I feel like the other two (with the white labels) are just added bonuses!  The Crepe Rescue products really work--like immediately!

And the other good thing about these is that they offer that cool Flex Pay option so you can choose that and just pay $8.60 a month for 5 months.  Plus free shipping!  Also, be sure and sign up for emails to get 15% off your first order and if you've already done that then just use a different email address to get it again. ;) 

Ok, so my final favorite was a super random purchase at Ulta the other day! I ran in to get a new selfless tanner that I'd seen another influencer use and felt like I needed before this gala tonight.  (The jury is still out on if I like it or I type this, it's still settling itself in. haha)  But as I was waiting to check out, I glanced over and saw all the Ulta brand makeup staring back at me and started browsing.  I was drawn to what I thought was a pretty lipstick in some gorgeous little metallic cases.

There were several shiny ones to choose from so I started looking closer and realized that they were actually lip balms that went on clear but reacted with the pH levels in your lips to give you a flush of pretty color.  I love that!!  I tried all four on the back of my hand and watched it turn color and decided on this one in Shine.

These go on so super smooth and give your lips moisture and make them so soft.  All the stuff you want in your basic lip balm or chapstick, right?  But within a second or two, you'll watch a pretty pink start to develop on your lips and I knew this would be a product I'll buy forever!  The pink that showed up on me was a soft pop of pink that looked so the color my lips would be if I were a 16-year-old model in Teen Magazine. (Seriously...that's what I thought of immediately when I saw the color.  😂)  I don't know if everyone will have the exact same shade show up once it reacts with your body's pH levels but I loved it.

I posted this deal in the group yesterday because Ulta was having a Free Shipping day so I didn't want to wait in case someone wanted to try it and didn't want to pay shipping.  (Do we ever want to pay shipping?!  So spoiled by Amazon Prime.) So again, my apologies if this whole post is just one big recap on what you've seen in the Deals group this week!  

Anyway, the next time you are at Ulta, grab this stuff!  Or scoop it up online right now.  (Use the code 860957 for $3.50 off $15+.)

And I've been trying to remember to do the random favorite at the end of every Friday Favorites post so here's todays.  (As a reminder, these can be ANYTHING.  From favorite movies, music, or food to favorite way to curl my hair, tie my shoes or iron a shirt.  Seriously, anything.  haha)

Today, I'm sharing my favorite CHIPS ever.  I think I've been craving these for a while which is why this came to mind and I try to steer clear of chips while doing the low carb/Keto thingAnd while I'm not always 100% keto 100% of the time now that I'm in maintenance mode, I know that I can't eat just one.  Or twenty.  I could seriously eat the whole bag.  And that's just not pretty. 😂

Does anyone else feel me on the jalapeno chips?!  I'm not picky about the brand.  Any kind of jalapeno flavored potato chip is fine by me.  But oh man are they my favorite.

So that's it for today, friends!  Be sure to check in over on Instagram tonight and tomorrow for pics from the Gala! I'm so excited to get all dressed up and fancy for a fun evening out and for such a great cause!

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  1. YES! Miss Vickie's jalapeno chips all day every day!

  2. Oh my gosh YES! The Miss Vickies jalapeno ones are so good! I could eat chips with every meal. Jalapeno flavor is a favorite, but nothing beats a good bag of salt and vinegar flavored chips for me! Looking forward to seeing the gala pics.


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