Friday, February 7, 2020


Happpppyyy Friday, friends!!

I'm back today with another roundup of Friday Favorites!  So glad to see another weekend!  It's been a chilly week here in Mckinney and we even had a small chance for snow on Wednesday...that did not happen.  Boo.  We had some sleet but that was it.  However, it was rainy and COLD for most of the week which gave me all the excuses to wear all my warmest and most comfy clothes and I do love that.  (Can I also point out that it was almost 80 just days before the snow that didn't happen? Crazy TX weather.)

Yesterday, the sun finally came out but it was still freezing.  I had to get out and run a few errands and so I grabbed my warmest sherpa pullover (currently $9.99 for today only!) and my warmest Target boots and got to wear my newest Kancan jeans!  I mean, that almost made running errands worth it.

If you are in the Deals group, you have probably seen me post about my preference for Kancan jeans.  They are great quality, fit like a glove and most of the styles I own have the absolute perfect amount of stretch.  Plus they are priced SO WELL.  I can't find this exact pair right now (I got them on Jane a couple of weeks ago) but you can find a ton of great styles HERE and HERE.

And man...I highly recommend this $9.99 sherpa!  I sized up and am wearing a medium.)


I also wanted to show you another Sherpa goodie that a lot of y'all probably already have because they are just THAT good.  It's insanely soft and cozy and I actually wore it the day before but slipped it back on when I saw that it was also on Jane right now with free shipping.  I think today may be the last day but you can also find them HERE on Amazon. It may not be in this exact color anymore but its the same style.  I sized up to a medium in this one too for extra coziness.

Ok, so this next one was a really really great Amazon find!!  I posted this beauty blender set to the Deals group last week when there was a 50% off coupon code with it and scored this 5 piece bundle for $5!!  Dang y'all. That's a great deal no matter how you look at it. And these beauty blenders are legit too!  So pretty, I love the flat side and I got FOUR of them PLUS a fluffy powder brush as well.  I've been using the brush with my translucent powder that I sometimes use to set my makeup (when I'm feeling fancy.  Ha.).  It really is so perfect for that.

I'm honestly not sure if the code I used to knock this down to just $4.99 still works or not.  Since I've already used it, it wouldn't let me use it again anyway so I'm not sure if it will work for you.  But it's worth a shot!  Try 502TCD8J.  Again, probably a long shot but who knows.  There is (as I type this) also a little clickable coupon with it so be sure to check for that!  Even at full price, this is a great find!

Open Book: A Memoir

Ahhhh!! I finished Jessica Simpson's Open Book and OMG.  Best autobiography I have EVER read.  EVER.  That girl put it all out there and left no stone unturned.  I loved Jessica back in the Newlyweds days because I was also a newlywed and was obsessed with her and Nick.  They were such goals (until they weren't, of course).  I would devour every article I could find in every tabloid to try to figure out WHAT WENT WRONG!  Did he cheat?  Did she? Was her dad to blame? Was it the fame that tore them apart?  What was it!? She answers it all and then some.

She also goes into her other relationships like with Tony Romo and John Mayer.  She talks about her drinking, her insecurities, her parents' divorce, her faith, being molested as a kid...  Seriously, if you were ever interested in Jessica Simpson--GET.THE.BOOK.  Yes, she's hit on lots of topics during her press tour but this book is 11 hours of her just talking to you.  It's awesome.

And let me especially recommend doing the audiobook version.  She reads it herself and you can hear the emotion in her voice when she talks about things.  It's heartbreaking at times.  Plus you get to listen to 6 new songs she recorded just for the audiobook.

It sounds weird but I honestly feel like I finally have some closure. #thanksJess 😂😂😂 Now if poor Britney could get it together long enough to write a book!  That would be EPIC.

And if you have already read/listened to her book, then you know she talks about how she always had a glitter cup with her vodka in it at all times.  And guess what?!  I have those same cups in my Etsy shop! 

I remember seeing this picture a couple of years ago and going "OMG! I wonder if she got that from my shop!".  😂 In the book, she talks about how she got all her girls matching glitter cups too with their names on them when they went to St. Bart's.  Yeah, I definitely went back through my orders to see if I ever made a "Jessica" cup like that.  (I didn't.  Darn it.)

Anyway, if you want one too, grab one while you can!  They have discontinued these so I only have a few left!  Check it out HERE.

And since we're talking cute cups that you can drink adult beverages out of, how PRECIOUS ARE THESE?!

Y'all.  I just can't EVEN with how adorable these are.  They are dipped in rainbow sprinkles/tiny beads and hold 20oz.  They can be personalized but look super cute as is too.

I just have a handful of these cuties left too so don't wait too long!

I also sent out a set of these pretty little confetti tumblers for a bachelorette party this week.  Color and sparkles just make my heart happy.

And the turquoise 22oz tumblers have been restocked as well!  Aren't they pretty?!

I've got 171 items in my shop right now so hop on over to see them all!

And finally, don't forget to drop your blog link below in the comments if you're interested in the Blog Swap Series I'm hoping to start soon!  I've got a list of blog names from last Friday's post where I talked about this for the first time, from DMs that came in on Instagram and some that were left in the Deals Group.  

Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. I couldn't read your last post because I'm in the middle of that book! Ha! I can't wait to finish it!! Happy Friday!!!!

  2. I'd love to do a blog swap,, which is going to soon be rebranded since I just got married, IG is @angiegrobertson

  3. I need to read her book! It's on my list for this month for sure.

  4. Love the jeans. I'm in for the blog swap.
    IG is @reginekarpel

  5. I'd love to do the blog swap!
    Fun idea!


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