Thursday, November 5, 2020

A DAY IN THE LIFE: 11/2/20

Happy Wednesday, friends! I woke up Monday morning and decided I was going to turn it into a Day in the Life follow along on Instagram and a blog post here today. So if you did follow along on Insta, this will look familiar. I'll just be adding a little commentary. ;)

Now let me just say a couple of things...

1) I thought I was going to be meeting a couple of my "Buffalo girls" for lunch which would have made my day look a little more interesting. But one got sick so we rescheduled. And by "Buffalo girls" I mean two friends that I was besties with when our husbands were with the Buffalo Bills. And now we all live in the same area. 🥰

2) Craig was out of town for several days in case you were wondering why he wasn't mentioned at all during this day. I didn't want to say that on IG though since he wouldn't be back until Wednesday. He's back now. 😉

My alarm went off at 6:10am and I managed to roll myself out of bed before the snooze went off. It definitely helped that the sun was starting to come up already (thank you Daylight Savings) so we no longer feel like we're waking up and going to football practice in the middle of the night. Matthew has football practice every day at 6:45. It was 6:15 for awhile. Ick.

Matthew wasn't feeling pictures so early in the morning but he was up and getting himself ready for football practice and school. I love that he is completely self-sufficient with this. I get to sit under a blanket on the (NEW) couch and just shout out reminders until it's time to go. We left a little after 6:30 but I snapped one pretty little picture first because I'm in love with my new couch (more in Friday's post) and the touch of Christmas I have up already.

I decided not to snap a picture of Matthew standing in line outside the locker room waiting to get his "health check" done before he could go in. But those boys always look like little soldiers every morning lined up with their backpacks and their big football duffel bags and their masks.

Back home before 7 and just in time to make sure Mason was up and moving around. He was complaining of a stomachache so we waited it out until he was feeling better. Halloween candy for the win... womp womp.

Then it was time to get to work.

Work stuff for me is kind of all over the board. Obviously, my Etsy shop is a huge part of this and it's my only job where I have actual set deadlines I have to meet because if I don't, I run the risk of customers yelling at me and no one wants that. 😂 

If I've posted a blog that day, I check to see if there are any comments to publish and maybe work on the next post. Then I check for any great sales or hot deals I need to post to my Deals FB Group and then for the past 3 weeks I've managed to add one more little side gig with all this collagen stuff that I fell in love with and apparently y'all did too! It went from a little "Hey, I love this stuff and I bet y'all will too!" type of situation to a full-on side business. Like, overnight. Who knew I needed one more thing to keep my head on a constant swivel?! 😂 But I am really loving it and finding more and more products that are so awesome. I'll share my favorites of course as I find them. And I apologize in advance if I get annoying at times with it but just know that 1) I'm aware of that 😂.  And 2) a TON of you ordered and have even re-ordered already so I know it's not just me who is loving it all. So it makes me feel better about sharing. ❤

I checked on Mason around 8:30 and his stomach was still upset. Mason loves school and hates missing out on ANYTHING so I knew he wasn't lying. I told him he could stay home as long as he did some online school work. He had no other symptoms so I think he just ate something the night before that didn't agree with him.


I worked on Etsy orders until 10 and then came down for my shot of collagen and tablespoon of Trim. (The coconut lime flavor is my new favorite! I look forward to this little routine every morning now.) I made some quick scrambled eggs and ate while watching the news, popped my Burn supplement, grabbed a pack of GO and a bottle of water and headed back upstairs to work work work work.

The finished products are always so satisfying! Look how cute this tumbler turned out!

And all the paint. Sigh. If you missed the announcement the other day, I've decided to put a halt on all sign orders for awhile. I've got some other work things going on now too and I just can't do it all. The signs are what take the longest to do and require the most attention so for now, they aren't available in my shop. But they might the back soon! I just don't want to spend the holiday season stressed out and struggling to keep my head above water. All drinkware, earrings and burlap prints are still available though!

I somehow missed the season premiere of This Is Us the other day so I finally got to watch that! I've missed that family!

Lunch was supposed to be with these pretty ladies but hopefully I'll get to them this weekend instead. I was looking for a picture of us and came across this one of us in 2011 at the Britney Spears Femme Fatale tour here in Dallas. Oh Brit Brit. I worry about you.

Since Craig was out of town, I was solely responsible for all the afterschool activities. 

We saw a hot air balloon flying around our neighborhood. Hot air balloons are a common sight here in Mckinney! Love them!

Mason always has football at from 5-6:30 although Craig takes him since he's a coach and it's not really something I have to handle very often. But today I did so we left at 4:41, made a quick pit stop to drop some Etsy orders at the post office and then rolled up to practice a little before 5. We saw the team already warming up so I assumed they started a few minutes early. Hmmm...

I didn't think much of it and told Mason I'd be back a little before 6:30 to pick him up.

Next stop: Grab Matthew from school because he had to stay late for band.

I got him home, got him some dinner and went to sit down and relax for a few minutes before I had to head back out to go get Mason.  That's about the time my phone rang and it was Mason...asking where I was. Apparently, practice had actually been from 4:30 to 5:30. (So that's why the team was already practicing when I dropped him off!) It had been moved up due to Daylight Savings and his team app hadn't updated to show the new time the last time I'd checked it. Ugh. Thankfully, his coach always waits until everyone gets picked up before he leaves and said it was no problem to bring him home. Is it possible to go just one day without a #momfail? 🤦‍♀️

I decided to lean into it though and enjoy the fact that I was saved from going back out again. We still had a baseball game to get to soon!

I put up the tree in our bedroom on Sunday but haven't fluffed it or decorated it...just put it together and plugged it in. I saw Charlie laying on the pillow staring at the lights and he just looked so sweet. Until I realized he was probably trying to figure out the best way to chomp into the cord. He can be quite the mischievous little thing. I'm definitely a little nervous about how he's going to do with all my cute Christmas decor.

I fed Mason a quick dinner when he got home from practice and then it was time for us all to head to the ballpark! Matthew and Mason were actually playing each other that night which is always fun and also very nerve-wracking for this mama! It's so hard to know when to cheer!! 😂

It was a little chilly (for me) so I let them out to go warm up and then stayed in the car until the very last minute.

Mason's team is one of the youngest in the league this year so they've lost most of their games. Matthew's team is just the opposite. So we knew this game would be a blowout. And it was. But it was still fun for both of them.

Mason got to pitch to his big bubba for the first time ever in a game so that was fun for him especially when Matthew hit a blooper back to Mason! Mason was able to field it and throw Matthew out at first.

Matthew didn't mind though. He got a great hit (not off of Mason) to drive in the final run of the game a little later.

9:45pm. Game over, 12-1. Season over too. 

See ya in the spring, baseball!

Back home, kids showered, and in bed by 10:45.

I enjoyed a little peace and quiet by the light of the Christmas tree and caught up on some Real Housewives. I've honestly been so wrapped up in all this election stuff for the past couple of weeks that I'm SUPER behind on both Real Housewives AND the Bachelorette.  Who am I?! 😂

Finally called it a night around midnight and enjoyed having the bed all to myself. 😉

So that was my day! Not terribly exciting but very typical for us around here.

Hope to see you guys back for Friday Favorites!!




  1. These posts are my FAVE!!!

  2. Do you have links to the tree and new couch in the first picture?

    1. They'll be in the post tomorrow! Couch is from Living Spaces and the tree is from Michaels. :)

  3. you are a very busy lady!!! And pretty!!!


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