Friday, November 6, 2020


Sooooooooo. How we doin', America? 😂

I know this week has been rough for everyone no matter what side you're on. Here's hoping we can find out who the father is soon!

Did you see yesterday's blog post? I documented a day in my life if you want to check it out! I am such a nosy thing. I love these posts so much but every time I document my own day it seems so so dull.  😂 And it makes me wonder if I lose readers after I do one of these. 🤷‍♀️

But let's get to today's topic!

Here are my favorites for the week!

I was too distracted to pick out a new book this week so I decided to re-listen to one of my very favorites of all time. I know I've talked about it on here before but Little Earthquakes was one of my first audiobooks to ever listen to. It was actually a book on CD that I'd listen to in my car. I've probably listened to it on CD, on Audible and read it in actual book form at least 10 times. I love the characters so much and when I was pregnant with my boys and a new mom, it completely resonated with me.

The book is about 4 pregnant women who find their lives intersecting at a crucial time for them all. There's Becky, a hard-working chef who struggles with her weight, has a fabulous husband who loves her to death, and a mother-in-law that makes her life hell. Kelly Day is struggling to hold her life and marriage together while trying to pretend everything is perfect to the outside world. Ayinde (pronounced i-in-day) is a former model and the wife of a very famous basketball player. When she finds out a secret her husband has been keeping, her life is thrown into the spotlight and she learns she needs to lean on her new friends. And finally, Lia. Lia has moved back home after a successful career in Hollywood. She's escaping a tragedy when she finds herself intrigued by this group of ladies...

Again, I love this book so much. It'll always be one of my very favorites!

Ahhh!! I'm SO DANG EXCITED!! Remember me saying about a month ago that I ordered a new couch?! They told me it would take 7-9 weeks to arrive and look!! It got here in just 4! Now that is one happy surprise!

Of course, I couldn't stop myself from throwing out a few Christmas decorations to go with it. I put up one of my little skinny trees (currently on sale for $39.99!!!) and threw on as many Christmas pillows as I could find. The green and white pillows are pillow covers from Amazon and I need to order another green one to go on the other end. This setup may change as I drag all of my Christmas decor out this weekend but for now, this is making me so happy!

Blessed throw, Merry & Bright Rae Dunn Pillow & Merry Everything are from Hobby Lobby this year.  Green & White Pillow Covers here. Plaid pillows & ruffle red one are from Pier One last year.

I love this couch so much! We just got a Living Spaces near us so I ended up finding the best price and the best options there. This is the Elm II Foam Sectional and there are a ton of ways it can be configured and dozens of fabric options for you to choose from at no extra charge! There is also a down version of this but after doing a little research, I decided to go with the foam. It was $1000 cheaper and honestly, I was a little concerned that Craig might leave butt imprints with the down. 😂 And there's nothing worse than finding those little feathers sticking up through the fabric, right? So I chose the cheaper version and we all love it. You don't sink into it like you do with my Pottery Barn couch I have upstairs but instead, it's like a medium-firm mattress. Still plenty comfortable and I feel like it'll hold it's shape better. I loved that I got to choose my own pillow fabric as well. I need to take a pic of the pillows I chose but I put those upstairs for now. Our fabric color is called "Macintosh Sage".

It makes me like our living room so much better! Our old couch was way past it's prime. This has made me so happy! Next on my list for this room is to change out the ceiling fan and then paint the kitchen cabinets white at some point. #allIwantforChristmas I also think I may want to switch out the coffee table as well...

Just a couple of pictures this week but look at these I snapped of Mason and Charlie! They need their own Christmas card!

And Matthew had a football game Tuesday night and I loved this picture. He's #50 on the sidelines if you can find him. I don't know how long he'll play football so I have to document this as much as I can.

I checked my camera roll to see if I'd snapped any pictures of food this week and this was all I had. I love Chick-fil-A's cobb salad and lately I've been getting it with this creamy salsa dressing. Oh my yummmm... If you haven't tried this yet, do it!

Look what is back in the shop this season! I love these snow tumblers!!

I can also put this adorable Christmas vinyl on the snow tumblers but it's super cute on the insulated mugs...

...and their fatter sister. 😂

Also, my Mama Bear slippers look great with them too. 😉 (Size up! Also, look for an $8.99 clickable coupon with them! It's there as I type this but it can disappear at any time.)

I'm combining these two categories for this next one because they go hand in hand.

I have not watched a dang thing this week except the news. (Minus the premiere episode of This Is Us on Monday afternoon while I was working). Who else has been obsessed? I have been GLUED to the news. This week's news has been like a never-ending reality show but for once, I'm not loving this one. It has stressed me out so much because like I've said before, I am super impatient. I just need to know, people. Can we please but Chick-fil-A in charge next time?

I saw several memes about the election that were hilarious and I knew I had to share. 

Yes!! 😂😂

And this was my favorite one. 

I laughed so hard at this one!!!!

(This is all in good fun so please don't think I'm literally doing this. I know there are always a few people who will take this seriously. 😂)

Now as I'm typing this Sheaffer just texted me to see if I was watching The Bachelorette and for once, I had to say that I am soooo far behind!! I've only seen the first episode! Unheard of for me, I know. But if you know Sheaffer, then you know her Bachelor commentary is HILARIOUS so I'm about to go catch up on that so I can get her take on things. She was not happy with Claire so I'm anxious to see what's up. Expect The Bachelorette to be in this space next week! I'm hearing it's getting GOOD! (or really bad...however you want to look at it.)

Are you watching???

Have the best weekend, friends!



  1. That first meme though...bahahaha!

  2. Love the couch!! It's beautiful and I love it with the Christmas pillows. And, yes! Get caught up on the Bachelorette! haha Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you! I’m almost caught up!! It’s crazy!!! Hope Clare made the right choice! Poor thing needs her happy ending.

  3. What a lovely new couch and a happy surprise it came in early!

  4. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I love your coffee table that you have already, it looks good with your couch.

  5. Love your happy, fun blog Amanda! Love your new couch. Thanks for sharing all the info. Now I need to see if we have that store nearby.


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