Friday, November 20, 2020


 Oh my goodness, y'all. Did you realize that NEXT WEEK is Thanksgiving...? Because I didn't until Wednesday of this week. Like FOR REAL. My mother-in-law texted me to let me know what all she was bringing and I was like "Ummm....wait, that's next week??" Oh crap. 🤦‍♀️

Give me all those sides!! #cantwait

November is always such a crazy month for me. The Etsy shop is always at full tilt. The Black Friday deals and Early Black Friday deals are happening so I'm scouting those out for the FB Daily Deals Group and now my latest, most unexpected (and most favorite-est) side biz is popping off with their own Black Friday Deals...all of which has left me with my head spinning and my house looking picture perfect on one side and a flippin' disaster on the other. 😂 So basically, same old same old.

We've got Craig's parents and his brother's family coming in for Thanksgiving over here. My parents have decided to stay home because my dad has a health condition which could be bad if he caught Covid and my mom is very close to her dad (my granddaddy...a widower) and takes care of we'll be missing them at Thanksgiving for the first time in years. But it's for the safety of my high-risk loved ones so I get it. We'll see them before Christmas, I'm sure. Just maybe not around quite as many other families.

But we'll worry about all of that stuff once we get through today, right?! So how about some Friday Favorites!!

Since it was kind of a crazy week, I'm not going to give you the ordinary organized layout of each favorite. Instead, I'm going to throw them all out in a mostly unorganized fashion because that's how I roll a lot of the time. 

My sweet Chuck Chuck (aka Charlie) was the center of attention on the blog and on my Instagram yesterday.  Did you see the post? I got this little dude's DNA kit test results back and shared them HERE. Turns out, I was completely wrong in my predictions as to what he was. We knew Shih Tzu but mixed with what??? You can find out here!! ;) 

And speaking of Charlie, he had a spa day and his first day at doggy daycare yesterday! I watched him on the live webcams and I swear I didn't get anything accomplished after that. I was so glued to the screen! It was like watching your preschooler on his first day at school! 😂

He made friends with that other white dog behind him. It was super cute and this dog mama was so proud.

Yes, he went from super shaggy to trimmed up short because he was matted. We still haven't gotten the hang of how to deal with all his long fur yet but we're learning! We're going to get a better brush. But look how sweet he is all shaggy! I love him like that!

In other news, my newest Christmas decor came in this week and I'm OVER THE DANG MOON about these cute little trees! I got them at Michael's but they are sold out at this size (the 36") but I found them on Amazon!

My favorite view in the house.

I usually post a product of the week and I was looking through my phone and saw that I'd snapped a picture of the cleansing balm I love so much. You need this. 

You can grab the Radiant Cleansing Balm--which is THE BEST makeup remover/cleanser in all the land--on sale right now for $17 off!

Use it on a dry face, scoop out a little, and watch it melt your makeup away. It's luxurious. There's no other way to describe it. Get you some! A little goes a long way!

\Switching gears...we watched our favorite 7th grader play in his final football game of the season! 
We froze in the 60 degree weather. 😜 Seriously though, it felt SO MUCH colder than that, y'all!

And as for my favorite sale of the week...I mean...can you guess??

The Black November deals on my most favorite new products are awesome but are selling out quickly so I really hope they are still available when I post this!

I'm a month in on my collagen and Trim (among others). I take 1tbsp of Trim in the morning. I've now tasted the chocolate, vanilla, coconut lime and blackberry and honestly, all of them are good. The chocolate is the thickest and tastes like diet chocolate pudding. 😂 The vanilla and coconut are a little thinner and are also so good. The blackberry is a limited time only sale and will end on the 28th or whenever it sells out. I doubt it will last until the 28th.

The Trim is a fat burner that focuses on burning that belly fat (although I've noticed it more in my arms than anything so far!) and builds lean muscle. 

PRO TIPS: Drink lots of water and don't eat like an offensive lineman and expect to drop 10lbs in a week just because it's going to burn fat. Try to eat better. Move around a little more. It'll help your results, friends.

So after 1 month, I've dropped 6lbs of quarantine weight after stalling at 5lbs for a week or so and then dropping the 6th. (I also take the Burn supplements!) 

And the collagen--oh my goodness!! That collagen!! I will be on this stuff forevah. I knew going in that collagen was going to be good for my skin, nails and hair. But honestly, I keep my nails short so it doesn't matter to me. But my hairline has started filling in where it was literally receding and I had no idea until I started to pay attention. I've got so much new hair growth, my eyelashes are longer than they've been since using a lash serum (what?!) and my skin!!! I've seen all the before and afters of the people and their skin after being on this collagen for a few months but I'm seeing it! In real life!!

And I'm a huge skeptic pretty much at everything. (My husband says I'm a pessimist. I say I'm a realist. 😂)  I think that's why I totally geek out when I find something that works the way it's supposed to. My friend asked me what exactly was different about my skin and all I could say was that it looks brighter, felt smoother and seemed "newer". I think when I say newer I mean it is all dewey and glowy without makeup and reminds me of my skin after a really good facial and microdermabrasion at the spa. Except I haven't gotten a facial in years... It's kind of fascinating. It's like new skin.

This is THE MOST effective collagen on the market, friends. In 28 days it will increase your hyaluronic acid by 6000%. It's got an absorption rate of 90% as opposed to 30% for pills and powder and it's got all kinds of global patents and awards. Plus the Skin and Life taste delicious. (Haven't tried Pure or Sport so I can't say much about those but they are great options if you are pregnant, nursing, keto, or an athlete.) Also, keep your collagen and Trim in the fridge after opening and message me on Instagram (@amandanall), on FB or wherever with any questions! :) I'll do my best to help!

You can shop the full website here but don't forget that the BEST deal is the Lean Body System (it's got my Trim and my Burn!) on sale for $25 off plus another $10 off for new customers PLUS you are going to get a free bottle of Carb Blocker! But if you add on a bottle of collagen, you'll be getting a big box of GO for free! I love that stuff. It is perfect for those afternoon slumps when you need mental clarity, focus and energy. Anyway, it's a flippin' fantastic deal, especially if you've been on the fence about trying it out. 

And don't forget to grab a bottle or two of collagen. If money is a problem, message me and I can help you get some free credits!

Shop it all HERE and use the code 2617259 if it asks but it should say my name at some point during the checkout process. ($10 off only applies to first-time customer orders.)

And one more thing before I go!  My sweet friend, Eileen was also a Packers wife with me while we were in Green Bay. Her husband was a very big name guy though and their NFL story is TOTALLY different from ours when it comes to fame, success, and money. I won't get into her story because SHE is telling it all on her new blog! And her story is one.for.the.books. She's now a divorced single mom of 7 boys and 1 little girl and picking up the pieces of something that could have been turned into a movie. So go give her a little peek and find her on Instagram! Tell her I sent you. ;) 

And that's it for today, friends!  Sorry for the abbreviated Friday Favorites but it's been crazy busy and we're just going to keep plowing ahead! Apparently, I should be trying to get my house in order and think about Thanksgiving because that's happening in less than a week! 😂

And be sure to follow me on Instagram! I'm a lot more active there than I am here, for sure. ;) 

Have the greatest weekend!!



  1. Your house looks so cozy and amazing!! I love the Christmas plaid pillow so much!!

    1. Thank you!! Now if I only I could get the rest of it looking the same way!!

  2. Diet chocolate! So funny. It kind of does, but I do like it! Have a great weekend.

  3. Your little guy looks so much like our little rescue. We still haven't done the DNA yet!

    1. It's so fun to see their results! We were shocked he wasn't part Maltese!

  4. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Hi Amanda - You will want to get a comb for Charlie to help with the matting. Unfortunately just brushing won't get the matts out!

    1. Thank you! Our groomer sent us home with some options for him. I haven't even looked them up yet but we've definitely got to do better! 😬

  5. And here we were thrilled it warmed up to 60 today! LOL. But I know what you mean; 60 and sunny is so different than 60 and not or 60 and windy. Your Christmas hearth is beautiful.

  6. Rene Kiser7:44 PM

    Im not sure if I should put this here but I may be interested in ordered some of the blackberry flavor. I've never heard of this but it sounds promising. can email me at [email protected] or text me at 423-999-0601. Thanks!!!


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