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Welcome back to another edition of Friday Favorites! It's time for that weekly random assortment of fun faves and finds with my girls Erika and Andrea!

Ladies, we are now officially into Spring, and I am starting to feel all the Spring vibes. Are you? Every year at this time, I get the itch to spring clean, organize and spruce up my house/redecorate it ALL. 🀦‍♀️ So it comes as no surprise that some of my faves revolve around that this week.

Let's look...


The other day I posted my new plan for spring flowers in my Instagram stories. I'm going faux, girls. Don't judge me. I'm going to own this decision.

I saw my friend do the prettiest faux assortment of flowers in a fun planter for her porch the other day and I was instantly inspired. I have a serious black thumb. I find it very hard to keep plants alive. I'm just too focused on trying to keep everyone else alive and happy I guess. The plants just get whatever I have left which usually isn't much. πŸ€ͺ So when I saw her idea, I decided to try it. I hit up Hobby Lobby for some pretty faux flowers and greenery and did the best I could. I'm not sure I love it but I don't hate it. 

I'll post a picture of the whole porch once I spray paint my planters black and I get in this cute door hanger I just ordered from Etsy.

 I also need to spray the plants with some sort of UV/weatherproofing spray. That's also on my list for this weekend. Hopefully, that will help them last a little longer. I AM making sure to pull them inside any time we get storms. That's the best I can do when it comes to taking care of plants apparently. πŸ˜‚


Now speaking of plants, I gave my half bathroom a little makeover the other day and decided on a soothing, botanical theme.

That mirror has been at least 3 different colors. I just keep spray painting it because it's just so easy to do! Before this, it was fire engine red and the whole bathroom was a big ball of color. I loved it so much but wanted to go with a more neutral color scheme. I love it so much now!

I found almost everything at either Hobby Lobby or Target. I'll link the Target items below. But that skinny storage unit is an Amazon find and it is worth its weight in gold. The boys always finish getting ready downstairs each morning so the drawers hold toothbrushes/toothpaste, hair gel, combs, deodorant, extra toilet paper etc. It was a great buy for this space.

But here are the Target finds:

Wash Your Hands plaque

Towel Holder

Green Hand Towel

Wood Top Glass Canister

Reed Diffuser (smells amazing!)

Almost everything else (decor pieces and framed art) is Hobby Lobby.

Also-why is it so hard for boys to just dry their hands while the towel hangs on the holder? Why do they always have to pull it off, wad it up and then throw it on the counter? Why is that necessary? We're about to have hand-drying lessons over here. Just reach over, wipe your hands off and then go about your business WHILE IT HANGS THERE. I swear these boys just try to find ways to drive me crazy sometimes. πŸ˜‚


Moving on to cleaning.

I posted this makeup brush cleaner the other day but did an actual video to show you how good it works this week. It's in my "favorites" highlight bubble on IG and also in my Deals Group on FB. It works super fast, doesn't need any water and dries in minutes. I just dab my brush into the cap or for bigger brushes I'll use a little bowl and then dab it off onto this super soft (and cheap) cloth.

Also, YES. That is a Seint brush. I've been using their makeup for the past few weeks and I have to say that I am a big fan. It took a little getting used to when it came to how best to apply it (it's cream foundation/highlight/concealer/blush/bronzer etc) but now that I've got my technique down, it's awesome. I know some people hate it and I actually thought I might too until I worked with it a bit more and got the hang of it. I'll definitely be reordering though.


Other faves from this week...

...these boys. Our neighborhood is chock full of boys. I'm pretty sure they are multiplying. Mason (5th grade) is my little entrepreneur. He loves to make money and doesn't mind working hard to get it. So he decided he wanted to have a lemonade stand with some of his friends. They pulled out the table, made the lemonade themselves and tore off a piece of cardboard from a box to make a quick sign. 

(Sidenote: I have a feeling if this was a GIRLS lemonade stand it would have been sooo different. πŸ˜‚)

They did so well on their first day that they did it again the next.

And then I told them they needed to give it a rest for a little bit and maybe make it a once a week thing at the most. Also, my kitchen floor was covered in sticky lemonade and I can't handle that every day.

We really are so blessed to have such a great neighborhood full of kids and wonderful families.


Now moving on to my own entrepreneurial efforts. πŸ˜‰

This is just a reminder to get in those end-of-the-year teacher gift orders (or Teacher Appreciation orders) ASAP before my turnaround time gets too long! My Teacher Name Signs are always the biggest seller of the season and they also tend to take the longest to make. (Cut, sand, paint, sand, stencil, paint, peel, seal, package and ship) So go ahead and get that crossed off your list now!

And while you're there, don't forget to get yourself a little something to. ;) Like these little wine tumblers! I've got them in stock in several different colors right now and they are perfect for the pool or evenings outside. The lid helps keep those pesky gnats out of your wine!

To shop my full Etsy shop, you can click HERE


Now onto collagen news! ;) 

This is my daily regimen. Trim (fat-burning collagen), Biocell (liquid collagen + hyaluronic acid mix that is getting me the closest to aging backward that anything ever has) and the Axis Trebiotic which is for gut health and overall wellness.

I've had a lot of questions this week about what someone should start with if they are wanting something for weight loss/body composition AND something to help them with anti-aging (skin, nails and hair growth). Here's what I suggest.

Start with this. It's the Trim and the Biocell (liquid collagen) Life duo. There are 4 different Biocells but don't get hung up on which one is "better". They are all great, they are all going to help with anti-aging, fine lines, wrinkles, make your hair grow etc. When I started, I did the Life and was seeing undeniable results in both my skin and my hair within the first month. If you have concerns (like you have allergies or something like that) obviously check the label first or message me and I can help you find the right one. But if you are just ready to start, this is the duo I suggest.

When you buy them together in the combo pack, it saves you $10 PLUS you'll get $10 off your first order if you are a new customer.

This is my friend, Katie, after one month on Trim and Biocell. That collagen has plumped up her fine lines and crows feet and brightened, smoothed and evened out her complexion. I was talking to her for a couple of months on and off about the collagen, y'all and she FINALLY decided to try it. And after she did, she was sending me before and after pics just 10 days in. I told her to wait until at least 2 full weeks before posting anything about or no one would believe her! hahaha She was so excited with what she was seeing.

And for those of you who are already customers, you MUST hear this! It's so good! So from now until March 31st, Modere is doubling the amount of free product credits you can earn when you "share the love"! A ton of companies have this sort of referral program so you're probably familiar with how it works but as a customer, you've been given a referral code. If you have a friend who wants to get some of this collagen too, tell them to go to and use YOUR REFERRAL CODE when they create their account. This will give them $10 off their first order and it will give you AT LEAST $10 in free product credits. If you are on smartship when they order though, you'll get 25% of their total order in credits! (So another great reason to be on smartship.) 

HOWEVER, right now, they are bumping that $10 all the way up to $20 per order! (or 25%...whichever is bigger). This ends on March 31st though so if your friend or mom or sister or whoever has been wanting to order, share that code now so you'll get double the rewards. If you ever need help doing this (can't find your code, don't know how to share, etc) just message me on IG and I'll help!

You can also check out this video HERE to give you a quick overview on how to do it.

For more info on the products, check out this post HERE


And finally, my blog post from my recent Girls Trip to Galveston is up on the Holiday Inn Club Vacations blog today! If you missed it, I grabbed two of my besties and we headed down to Galveston a few weeks ago and stayed at the Galveston Seaside Resort (gorgeous villa), shopped, rode some roller coasters, ate delicious food and watched our hair get bigger by the second in the super dense fog that had settled onto the town the entire time we were there. πŸ˜‚ It was everything we needed it to be though and our villa just blew us away. I can only imagine how amazing it would with good weather.

(This was literally the only 5 minutes of the trip where we saw some blue skies and part of the sun.)

A good time was had by all though! Go check it out HERE!

That's it for today, friends!

Be sure to stop by the Daily Deals Group for some fun stuff over there too! Have the best weekend!



  1. Just bought the makeup brush cleaner!! Thank you for the rec!!

  2. Rachel K.3:31 PM

    My cousin refused to use hand towels and had paper towels on a holder in her kids/guest bathroom. She had them same issue with wet, thrown towels on the counter or floor so she did this. I thought it was pretty genius even if I know its not environmentally friendly!

  3. love the faux plant idea....looks great, I may do the sameπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


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