Tuesday, March 23, 2021


 Happy Tuesday, friends! I've been meaning to do some catch up posting over here and wanted to start with our weekend! Crazy, busy, eventful, fun, cold...all words to describe it. Words that wouldn't describe it would be: warm, relaxing, calm...you get the idea. ;)

We have had nothing but relaxing weekends for months though because when it's not baseball season, we just don't have a lot going on that we have to run here and there for. Our idea of a relaxing weekend involves the boys running around the neighborhood with their buddies while Craig golfs (when he's not at a football camp) and I clean, organize, find a project and/or go to Hobby Lobby or Target and buy a bunch of stuff I just know I have to have to help me clean, organize or help with said project. 😂

This weekend not that. It was go go go!

On Friday afternoon, my parents drove in from Texarkana (about 2.5 hours away) to spend the weekend with us since both boys had their pre-season baseball tournaments. They grew up watching me and my brother play (my dad was my coach until I was 18) and we had tournaments almost every weekend during the summers. In softball, it wasn't unusual for us to play 4 or 5 games in one day and I even remember starting championship games at midnight! (What in the world?!) Thankfully, we haven't had a baseball tournament that nuts (yet).

(This was my summer league softball team. There was a core group of us that were together from the ages of 6-18. We also played high school softball together too but our hearts belonged to The Swingers. Yes. We were called the Swingers. 🤣 As an adult, this name has a completely different meaning that comes to mind when you hear it but trust that a 6yo named us this in complete innocence. 😂😂😂 We probably played in 100 tournaments together in our years. Ask any of us and we'll tell you it was the best times of our lives. Can you spot me? I'm on the far left. My dad is the coach in the red cap.)

Anyway, Friday was also my and Craig's 16th wedding anniversary!

These are the only pictures I have on my computer from our wedding. Not the greatest quality obviously.

This was me hanging out before the wedding started. Craig and I decided to do pictures before the ceremony so we didn't spend an hour afterward taking them and missing out on the reception. (I'll also say...planning a wedding at 23 years old after you'd only been to maybe 2 others in your entire life was rough. I had no idea what I was doing, what I wanted, etc. There are SO many things I'd have done differently knowing what I know now. But that's what happens when you get married young and are one of the first ones in your group to do it!)

I remember trying to make this picture look "cool" with this vignette effect at some point. 🤦‍♀️ I really need to get the original onto my computer.


Babies. ❤

Unfortunately, we had a ballgame Friday night so no romantic dinner for us. We are going to try to do it soon though. And Saturday night (after games) we had tickets to take the boys to see a Monster Truck show here in Mckinney. Romantic dinner? Monster Trucks? An equal trade off, right? 😉

We knew the boys would love something like this though so it wasn't a hard decision to make. So instead of steak dinners in a quiet, dim restaurant, we had burgers and fries in the bleachers at an incredibly loud Monster Truck show in a dirt field with our kids. And honestly, it was probably a lot more memorable! 

So here's a look at our weekend in pictures.

Our Friday night was spent wrapped up in blankets for Mason's game.

I can't believe Matthew will be a TEENAGER in just a couple of months. He's clearly too cool for me now...

...but he's still a sweetheart.

Mason's team won their game Friday night and moved on to Saturday play.

Saturday morning started off bright and early with the 8am for Matthew's team while we froze our little booties off. (They won!)

Then Mason's team was up at 11:30 and they lost a heartbreaker.

We were all back at the house by 2 and had a few hours to nap (I tried...and failed for the most part) before it was time to get ready to leave for the Monster Trucks! You can check to see if it's coming to a town near you HERE.

It wasn't just monster trucks, y'all. They even had a camel you could ride. 🤷‍♀️😂

Waiting on the show to start! Bring out the trucks!

Looking so handsome.

And old. (Time slow down!!)

It started to get cold so Mason pulled up his hoodie to look like the kid from E.T. and I captured this sweet shot of my biggest and littlest guy.

The monster trucks were huge and LOUD. And also a hit. The boys loved it.

We gave in and bought $12 snowcones in light up cups so that Mason could entertain us with this.

Mom and Dad realized they needed at least one picture to document Anniversary #16!

Matthew and I tried to get a picture together but little brother was determined to photo bomb it.

Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3 trying to get us all in. Mason was in rare form and living his best life. 😂

It wasn't just Monster Trucks either! They had motorcycle guys (I'm sure there is a more professional name for them) doing tricks and flips and all kinds of scary stuff that, as a mother, I did not approve of. Haha. But it was fun to watch!! Pics are super blurry but they were actually my favorite part of the show!

When we'd finally watched all the trucks leap through the air, crush cars, and race each other, it was time for....

The Human Cannonball. Now we WERE going to leave early to beat the traffic out of there but we stayed because how often do you get to see a human cannonball, right?! He was dressed in this bright red and blue super tight spandex costume and they pumped it up to make it seem super suspenseful. And UNDERWHELMED is all I can say. hahaha This guy got in and they shot him out almost in slow motion and he landed in a net about 15 yards away. It was very womp womp. And somehow he ended up hurting his knee too. Staying to see that little performance ended up getting us caught in parking lot traffic for 30 minutes before we were even able to start moving. Not worth it, just FYI if anyone else ever goes to this show. Leave early! The rest was fun though! Maybe not as professional as some of the really big events are but still a fun little Saturday night.

(My parents opted out of the show in favor of Mexican food and a movie back at the house.)

The next morning, we were back in our layers and blankets watching Mason's 9:45 game. They lost and were out of the tournament.

Matthew played right after Mason's game though and won! They were going to the championship!

They played again at 3 and lost a tough battle to a really good team. It was a great way to start the season though and we were so proud of our boys!

We switched teams this season and the team that beat us was actually our old team. And even though we ended up coming in 2nd, we were really glad to be on our new team.  Just a quick PSA: If your kid isn't happy on the team he's on...or if you're not happy...or there's drama or politics or whatever it may be...SWITCH YOUR TEAM. Find one that's better. Or at least try. Maybe it means moving to a team that's less than #1 team in the league. Heck, maybe its the worst team in the league. But these kids only get so many years to have these experiences and make memories so make it fun for them!

Matthew has played on some teams that made him a better player and made him love his experience but he's played on some teams that just weren't right for him in one way or another and made him want to quit baseball altogether. I'm thankful he seems to be on a really great team all around this season. He's happy, we're happy.

So proud of these guys (and girl)!

(Mama hat HERE but currently sold out. Similar HERE.)

And that was our weekend! Let me tell you, we all slept SO good Sunday night.

In other news, congrats to Jessica Meyers on winning the Giveaway from last week! She's been contacted and her goodies will be shipping out today!

Thank you to everyone who entered!! If you were waiting to see if you won before ordering and still want to place an order, message me on FB or Instagram (or email me as a last resort...I'll try not to miss it!) if you need help or want to make sure you're getting the best deal. My referral code is 2617259 if you want to get $10 off your first order but there are other ways to get even more off possibly. I'm always here to help if you need it. :)

Have a great day, friends!!



  1. OHHHH the monster trucks are near my nephew this weekend, you may have just made me VERY popular ... !!!

    1. Haha! Yay!! Look for the free kids ticket!! I can send it to you if you can’t find it! They give one free one for every adult ticket. (Ages 3-13)

  2. The wedding pics are my FAVE!!!!

    1. Why did I think I was cool having two dresses?! So unnecessary. 🙈😂

  3. We are in full swing with baseball too. We switched leagues this year but was 100% Hayden's decision, and I'm proud of him for making that decision and playing ball where he feels more comfortable and will hopefully be happier.

    1. Yes!! It makes all the difference when they are comfortable with their team. That’s awesome! I hope he has a great season!


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