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Hey hey hey! It's GIVEAWAY DAY!!

Ok, so technically, I should have posted this yesterday if I'm going to title it "Lucky Day Giveaway" but I wasn't able to until today and the title is just too catchy to change. So yep. A day late and a dollar short on that but we're going to roll with it! ;) 

I'm sure we are all counting down the day until Spring Break (if you haven't had that yet) and of course--summer!! So I wanted to do a fun giveaway to help you feel as confident as possible when you strut your stuff in your swimsuit, shorts, and tanks this summer! Every little bit helps right?!

I decided to give away 3 out of my Top 5 favorite Modere products. Yes, as I'm sure you know, I joined the "collagen cult" several months ago and I am not ashamed to say it. Do you know why? Because these products WORK. My skin hasn't looked this good in years. My hair hasn't been this thick in years. I mean, I may even stop using filters altogether at some point. (Or not...haha. Let's not get crazy.) 

I took this picture with Chuck the other day and not to toot my own or anything but I was pretty happy with my 39yo skin which is saying something because I was NOT happy with my 38yo skin. My melasma on my forehead has faded a lot (although you can still see it a little since I don't have much makeup on), my lines around my eyes aren't have plumped up and aren't as crinkly and dry anymore (although it's not a magic eraser, unfortunately), my skin tone has evened out so so much and is just brighter all over.

 I didn't immediately look at this picture and think "Ughhh I hate my skin. I look so old!!" which is what I used to do in every unfiltered picture before I started using this liquid collagen. Also worth pointing out is this isn't JUST collagen. It's a patented collagen/hyaluronic acid blend so you're getting a bigger bang for your buck. (They call hyaluronic acid "wrinkle filler" because it plumps up your cells to hydrate your skin so it doesn't look as crinkly. Not sure crinkly is a scientific word but you get it.)

So, yeah. What can I say? I'm a believer, my girlfriends are believers, my mother-in-law, my hair many people I know personally have seen awesome results with it (and fairly quickly) so it's not just me. If it WAS just me, I wouldn't be sharing. 😉

But it's not just the collagen that's great! I feel like I talk about that the most because honestly, it's my very favorite beauty product of ALL in the history of all the beauty/skincare products I've ever tried. This has made the biggest difference for me. Hand down.

But since summer will be here before we know it and we're all going to be showing a little more skin in the coming months, I thought I'd give away something that could give you the extra little boost you need to meet some goals and look your best.

So I decided to go with 3 other faves: a bottle of Trim, a bottle of the Body Firming Foam and the newest product that's just been released-Axis Trebiotics.

 Trim is a state-of-the-art weight management supplement that speeds up fat reduction while improving muscle tone and restoring youthful skin, (it's got the collagen/HA blend in it!!) and was even voted the #1 weight management product in 2018. You take 1 yummy tbsp a day and that's it. Easy. I want to say though that you cannot use this as an excuse to eat whatever you want and think it's going to miraculously cancel those calories. ;) 

But if you are serious about wanting to lose weight, tone up and get healthy, this is an excellent addition to get you to where you want to be. Use it in conjunction with those water goals, getting in more steps each day, a new workout program, cutting out fried foods, white carbs, sugar or whatever it may be. Some people do see results without changing anything but not everyone is that lucky. It doesn't take drastic changes though to see results. But give it a fair shot. Trim works on your overall body composition. A lot of people lose inches before they see the scale move so I definitely recommend taking measurements before you start! You just might be surprised! :)

Trim comes in five flavors (chocolate, lemon, coconut lime, mango and vanilla) and is a pudding consistency. All the flavors are great although you'll find that everyone has a "favorite". Chocolate is the biggest seller but I know not everyone is a chocolate lover so if you win, you'll get to choose between chocolate or lemon.

Trim is also part of the Lean Body System so if you want to really go for it, grab this.

This is Kirsty after 2 months on Trim. This is such a good testament to what this product can do!

Another product that is a huge huge seller and everyone loves is the Body Firming Foam (BFF). It's a lightweight foam that is designed to nourish, tone, and tighten wherever you put it. It's great for arms, legs, stomachs, love handles, chins...anywhere that you feel needs to tighten up. The longer you use it, the better your results. I honestly need to get better at remembering to use mine but now that summer is approaching, I'm sure it'll be easier to do.

Here are a couple of before and afters pulled from our Real Results FB group. (I know the girl below personally so I know this is 100% real.)

And this one was taken after just 4 days!!!

And because I want to always shoot y'all straight, I will say that not everyone sees results as awesome as this as fast as this. I think there must be something about certain body types or body chemistries or something that make it work better/faster on some than others. I've seen plenty of people where this worked just like this but I've also seen some that it took longer to see results. So just FYI. But I do think it's worth checking out to see what it could do for you. It's just a cool product!

And finally, the Axis Trebiotic. This is our newest product and it's doing amazing things for gut health. Did you know that health is tied to SO MANY THINGS? From weight loss to sleep to energy to mood and so many things in between. This product has been in the works for 4 years and is one-of-a-kind. It helps create a perfect environment in your gut (microbiome) by blending pre-, post-, and probiotics. Since it came out, I've been reading up on gut health and holy cow. I had no idea it was such a big deal. I know people take probiotics for gut health but I never really cared or knew why. Now I get it. I've been taking it for 2 weeks now and I'm legitimately feeling less sluggish, especially in the afternoons, I'm sleeping better, my mood overall has improved and I have more energy. I just FEEL better. 

The Trebiotic comes in these little beadlets and you take 1 scoop a day. I mix mine in with my Trim and love the crunch it gives it. You can also stir it into your smoothies or sprinkle it into your yogurt or just toss it back with some water. They are virtually tasteless.

If you'd like to place an order and you are a new customer (or have created a new account...), you will get $10 off your first order if you use my referral code 2617259 when you create the account. *This is not a promo code so it won't work if you put it in the promo code box.* The $10 discount should show up at the very end of checkout. Please make sure it says referred by Amanda Nall when you create the account. Otherwise, it won't count towards the giveaway! (And I would be sad too, of course, let's be honest. 😉 )

Quick FAQ:

How long does the product last?: Each bottle of Biocell and Trim are 30 servings. If you are taking both of these then 1 bottle of each is what you'd need for a month. Take Trim in the morning and Biocell at night. (the timing of these is not critical. This is just what the optimal way is. Don't get hung up on times though. Just set a reminder on your phone so you can stay consistent and take them every day.)
The Body Firming Foam will vary depending on use. And the Axis is a month's supply if taken every day.

Which collagen do I need?: There are 4 Biocell Liquid Collagens. Skin and Life are my favorite. But here is the chart so you can see for yourself what you need. Trim is also included on this list since it's a collagen but doing a Trim and a Biocell is probably the most popular order.

How can I save the most money?: Smartship y'all. Don't be scared of smartship! It's going to save you money and act as another discount code. (Although you can't stack your $10 off with the smartship discount, unfortunately. They'll give you whichever is higher.) They will text you 2 days before your next SS is set to ship so you can go into your account so you can change up products (switch from Life to Skin or chocolate trim to vanilla or whatever), push back the date, add new things or cancel altogether. They also send you a couple of reminder emails as well.

Here's how to take advantage of smartship. Add 1-4 items to your cart and click "checkout with smartship and save" and you'll save 5%. 5-7 items gets you 10% off and 8+ items is 15% off plus free shipping for the whole month. 

I personally love all the home stuff especially since it's non-toxic, safe, etc. I'll add some hand washes, dish soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent etc to my order...stuff that I'll be buying at the store anyway...and bump me up to that next level. I love that it's not based on a certain amount of money you have to spend but it's based on more items. So you can grab cheapies to bump yourself on up.

Here are some great examples of bundles that will save you money on smartship:

If you wanted the three products in today's giveaway plus a bottle of collagen, you could get that for $278 with the $10 off your first order deal. OR you could add those same 4 items to your cart and then also add in the entire fresh & clean collection (laundry detergent and softener, dish soap and fabric spray which is awesome for smelly shoes by the way) and click "checkout with smartship and save". And your total would be $4 CHEAPER than if you were just getting those 4 products on their own. Does that make sense?

If you want this deal, add these things to your cart:

...and then hit smartship and save.

And one more thing before I go. (I know this is a lot but I just really want y'all to know how to save money on all of this!) So once you've created an account using my referral code (2617259), you will have YOUR OWN referral code. Before you even purchase anything! You are free to share that code with your own friends so they can get $10 off their first order and YOU get $10 in shopping credits!! And from March 22-31 they are actually going to double that! So you would get $20 in shopping credits! And if you want to really max it out, if you are on smartship when your friend orders, you will actually get 25% of their order total back in shopping credits or $20...whichever is higher! Isn't that crazy?! So if you're loving your stuff and want to get your hubs on it too or your best friend wants some or your mom or whoever...tell them to go to and create an account using your referral code. (It'll be in profile but if you need help finding it just ask!) It's a super simple way to share the love. :)

You can always feel free to message me on Instagram or Facebook with any questions! I am pretty quick to answer and would love to help you out in any way I can. I love these products, I love this company and I love that so many of you do too. And if this whole thing is just not your cup of tea, well then I thank you for reading this far!

So there ya go, friends. All the ways you can enter are listed below! You'll have until Saturday night (midnight) to enter! I'll announce the winner on social media on Sunday night so make sure you're following me! If the rafflecopter isn't working for whatever reason, please let me know! You can also try the link HERE

Real Results Group linked HERE
Daily Deals Group HERE
Shop Now and/or Create a Free Account HERE

We've got a baseball tournament this weekend for both boys, my parents are coming in for it PLUS it's our 16th wedding anniversary tomorrow and we've got big plans for a Monster Truck show on Saturday night with the boys. 😂 I mean, if that's not romantic, I don't know what is. Happy Thursday!!


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