Monday, March 20, 2017

Busy Weekend & Beaches on the Brain.

Y'all.  We had such a busy weekend.  We kicked off the new baseball season with some tournament play which can be a struggle with 2 players on different teams!  I'm so thankful none of the games overlapped this time.  

Mason's team was up first and played on Friday night.  Matthew had games at 8 and 11 on Saturday and Mason played again at 3.  Then Sunday morning we were back up at the field bright and early for a 9am game for Mason and an 11:00 game for Matthew.  Whew!!  The boys did great and my sweet Mason hit his first home run ever!!  It also happened to be a GRAND SLAM!  (Or as Mason called it, "A home run plus 3 runs!")  This is the first year that Mason's team got to hit off the pitching machine instead of doing Coach Pitch and they were knocking that ball around like they were old pros!  Nixon and Smith had home runs too plus several other friends!  It was such a fun game and a great way to kick off the new season!

Another thing that contributed to my busy weekend were all the orders that were due out Friday and Saturday!!  I had to run home between the Saturday games in order to finish them up and get them shipped out on time.  Stressful!!

On our menu tonight:  

So last fall, Narci invited us over to her house for dinner and a little family night and made this delicious pulled pork in her crock pot.  I asked her how she made it (because as I've said before...I hate to cook but this was in a crock pot so maybe I could handle it...) and she said it was made with Dr. Pepper.  What!?  I am LOUSY at anything meat related outside of browning ground beef or a few chicken recipes I have in my back pocket.  Meat intimidates me.  I don't like to handle it raw.  I feel like it is getting salmonella everywhere.  It's slimy.  It's gross.  And I clearly need to man-up and step up my mom game.  #workingonit

I was looking for the original picture but all I had was the one from Instagram.  Screenshot will have to do!  
I have been craving some good BBQ lately so I am attempting my first pulled pork today!  We'll see how it goes!  If all goes as planned we'll have BBQ sandwiches and Ceaser salad tonight and then maybe pulled pork tacos or quesadillas tomorrow.  We shall see.  Our meal plans are known to change quickly.  

  And I would give you a rundown of what I'll be cooking for the rest of the week but, to be honest...I have no idea.  ;)

Beach trips on the brain:  

I have been thinking nonstop about our annual beach trips! Every single year around this time I start thinking about our beach trip.  Probably because the weather is getting warmer and in Texas we tend to go from winter to summer overnight.  (The high today is 88.  Happy first day of Spring!)

Our first beach trip was several years ago and we chose Ft. Walton Beach, FL.  We had a great week long stay there and the boys were adorable!!  Mason fell asleep on me almost every single night at dinner but I guess that's what happens when you take a 3-year-old to the beach with no naps during the day!  

Since then we have also stayed in Destin (always amazing but super crowded) and most recently in Orange Beach, AL.  We love the water in Destin but Orange Beach is an hour closer and not quite as crowded.  We'll see where we end up this year.  :)

This picture always makes me laugh.  Mason decided he did NOT want to be buried anymore and couldn't get out.  

That time we thought Fudpuckers in Ft. Walton would be the same as Fudpuckers in Destin.  It's not.  But we took a picture anyway and then drove into Destin to vist the REAL Fudpuckers.  

First time on the beach!  
Take me to the beach, yall!!  

What I'm Loving...

I wore my new bracelet all weekend and just looking at it made me happy.  I think I have a psychological response to royal blue.  It just makes me smile.  :)  

I'm also loving a few other things...

like these water bottles which have been best sellers all week.

And these gorgeous burlap prints.  I made quite a few of those last week as well.  (They also come in a wood sign version!)

And this one.  I have ONE of these ready to ship!!  I accidentally made one too many the other day so it'll ship immediately if you are the first person to purchase it!  :)

I'm also working on a super cute sign for my girl, Narci!  I've got to have it finished up this week and ready for her by Sunday.  If you are coming to hear her speak, you just may see it there...  ;)  I'll be sure to post more on that next week! 

Happy Monday!!

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  1. I would give anything for a beach trip right now! haha Wayyy too much snow here this winter. Hallelujah Spring is here =)
    I've heard Destin is a great beach/vacation spot. We have friends that vacation there every year.
    I hope you have a great Monday!

    1. We love Destin! The water is just so gorgeous!!

  2. Girl you are killing it with your orders! #momboss~~
    Thank you so much for linking up with us! We have beach on the brain too! we are headed there for spring break in about a month! We are so ready!!!

    1. Thanks Heather!! Sometimes I feel like I'm in over my head and have to force myself to just look at it one order at time so I don't panic. haha. So jealous you are headed to the beach!!

  3. WOOHOOO for the Grand Slam! How fun was that to watch?!?! Also, I love that bracelet stack...and beach brain...take me there! I am so ready for some sand and sun. Hope you had a great Monday!

  4. I lived in Pensacola when my husband was cross-training with the Navy (this was 21 years oldest daughter was born there). We lived out on Perdido Key and it was very rural and quiet back then. We went back about 4 years ago, and wow, things have changed. You should check it out for your beach trip. It is still very family friendly, but with lots more things to do.


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