Monday, March 6, 2017

The Audible Fangirl.

Yes.  That's me.  The Audible Fangirl.  I've mentioned it before and I'll say it again.  If you love to read but just can't find time, try out Audible!!  I am telling you, you will LOVE it.

Some of you are probably asking "What is Audible?".  Audible is a website full of thousands and thousands of audiobooks that are available for purchase.  They have different membership levels but depending on which membership you choose, you pay a monthly fee and in return, get a certain number of credits for free books.  Download the Audible app to listen to your new books!  It is SO easy!  And the narrators are AMAZING!!!

Just a peek at my Audible Library on the Audible app.
Right now I have around 220 books in my library and I have listened to most of them multiple times. I am a Chick Lit lov-ah.  I like my books to be fun, cute, funny, romantic, and easy reads.  My favorite authors are Jane Green, Jennifer Weiner, Elin Hilderbrand, Beth Harbison, Sophie Kinsella, and Emily Giffin.  I do like to throw in a darker novel every once in awhile too.  (Gone Girl, Girl on the Train, The Woman in Cabin 10, Pretty Girls, What She Knew etc).  And every once in awhile I'll brave an audiobook autobiography.  These are always iffy because some of these "author"/celebrities make God-awful narrators and ruin what might have been a great book.  I'm talking to you, Teresa Guidice.  (HELPFUL TIP:  Do NOT buy her book "Turning the Tables" in the audiobook format.  She reads it herself and it will make you want to scream into a pillow or slam your head into a wall repeatedly.  I'm not even being sarcastic when I say my 1st grader reads better than her.  Don't do it! Buy the real book for this one.)

Here's what I just started today!  So excited to get into My Not So Perfect Life!  I have loved Sophie Kinsella since her "Shopaholic" days.  A bonus for this one is that the narrator is British!

I have always been a big reader.  I'm pretty sure my elementary school teachers will remember me as the kid trying to hide her book under her desk during lessons and when we started to change classes in 4th and 5th grade, I was the dork with a book in front of her face as we walked down the halls.  Those few minutes between class changes were vital to squeezing in a little more reading time!

My book series of choice was always The Babysitter's Club.  (Amen?)  Talk about a fangirl!  I was OBSESSED with them.  I read every single one of the Babysitter's Club books, the Little Sister spin-offs and when one of the Super Specials books came out (you know, the really long ones that took me more than 2 hours to finish), it was like Christmas morning!  I loved when those Weekly Reader Book Orders would come out and I'd run home and beg for the new BSC book.  My parents knew I would fly through it in just an hour or two but they supported my love for Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, Stacey, Mallory, Jessi, and Dawn.  If I had a little girl, she would have inherited my giant collection but maybe I can use them for my granddaughter someday.

Not my picture but found on Pinterest.  I had way more than this.  ;)
Anyway, when I didn't have a new BSC book to read I would read anything by Judy Blume and I also loved Nancy Drew.  I even got into Sherlock Holmes mysteries for awhile as well and had the most fun trying to solve the case before he did!  I was in the GT program and I think we did a whole unit on Sherlock Holmes in 5th grade.

The Audible Era

I joined Audible in January of 2009 when my first son was 8 months old.  He was no longer this little blob I could keep still in one place anymore, so reading my beloved books became increasingly more difficult.  I'm not sure how I found Audible but when I did, it was like I had been handed this amazing gift (that I had to pay for, but still).  I downloaded my first book, called Mine Are Spectacular! (the epitome of a Chick Lit novel) and I was HOOKED.  The narrators are (usually) so good.  They bring the story to life!  They do different voices and accents and really act out the book. Most of them are just BRILLIANT!

I listen to my books constantly.  I listen when I'm driving (by myself), when I'm doing laundry, folding clothes, doing the dishes, doing my hair/makeup, cooking, at the gym, and even when I'm grocery shopping. I especially listen while I'm working on orders.  It keeps my hands free and my mind occupied when I'm painting or glittering.  :)  It usually only takes me 2-3 days to get through an entire 11 hour book sometimes.  When I do finish one and am waiting for next month's credit to roll around, I can buy one for 30% off with my membership.

Right now, Audible is letting you try 2 books for FREE!  You can't lose!  Try it out and see what you think!  Let me know if you do!  I'd love to not be alone in my Audible Fan Club.  ;)  I'm also working on composing a list of books I have read/listened to and loved!

  • MOST of the narrators are awesome.  But you can always listen to an excerpt from the book before you buy to make sure their voice doesn't make you want to claw your eyes out. Teresa Guidice, I'm talking to you again. 
  • If you hate a book you bought, you can RETURN IT!  (Info will be in your account as to how to do this).
  • If I see a  book I want that is cheaper than my $14.95 fee, I'll buy it instead of using a credit for and save my credit for a more expensive book.  
  • Make sure to check your book to see if you are buying the Abridged or Unabridged version.  I prefer all of mine unabridged.
  • This is not really a tip but an added bonus.  With Audible, you pick up right where you left off each time.  There is no going back to try and find your place.  I used to listen to audiobooks on CD before Audible and this was so annoying.
  • If you see a book you like in Audible, add it to your Wish List!  This a great way to keep up with all the books you are interested in.  Each month you can go through your wish list and choose one!  Audible will also show you books they think you'd like based on your purchases and Wish List.
  • My audiobooks annoy my husband when we are both in the bathroom getting ready.  So I always turn it off when he's in there.  For some reason, I tend to buy books with British narrators (loooooveee that accent!) and he thinks it's weird.  hahaha.  So if he comes into the room when I'm listening, I find myself silently hoping he'll hurry up and leave so I can turn it back on.  ;)  So my last tip would be to turn it off when other people are around.  ;)
I really could go on and on about why I think you should try Audible.  I would probably be reading 2 or 3 books a year these days without it.  I just don't have time.  Now I'm reading/listening to a new book every week!  

So, after all my fangirling over Audible, I hope you decide to give it a try!  Start HERE for your 30-day trial membership including 2 FREE audiobooks!!  If you need recommendations for books, leave me a comment with what kind of books you like!

Hope you love it as much as I do!  Happy Monday, friends!!

*This post is 100% my truthful and honest opinion of Audible.  This post contained affiliate links which means if you clicked on a link and made a purchase, I may receive a small commission.  Thank you!!


  1. I think Audio books are becoming so popular now! I have a friend who listens to them and absolutely loves them. I've never tried it, but I may have to!
    And the Babysitter Club books! YES! YES! YES! I was also obsessed with them!
    Have a great Monday!!

    1. You should try it!! Do the free trial and get your two free books! I love that I can go about my daily life "reading"! haha. I would be SO BORED without it! If I'm not doing 3 things at once, I don't feel productive. ;)

  2. This post makes me want to start my audible account again !!! I think I got some bad books and kind of got turned off by it and the switched to the library because I didn't know I could return them !!!! That's kind of a game changer to know !!!

    1. I always play the sample before I buy to make sure I like the narrator. I think out of over 200 books I've gotten, I've hated maybe 3 narrators. And one of them was Teresa Guidice. I don't like guy narrators usually. But my books are usually light and fun and beachy type reads and the narrators are girls. The darker or more serious books, I have to be careful with because those narrators are hit or miss! Let me know if you need any recommendations!!

  3. I'm a big fan of Audible, too! I have to sit in the pick up line at Mason's school for an hour, so it's perfect to listen to a book. Right now I am listening to our Bible Study book on Audible!


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