Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites #2. {3.10.17}

There are only a few times a year that I do not look forward to Friday and this is one of them.  Today's Friday means the end of Spring Break for us.  We did a whole lot of nothing except for an outing to the zoo, which was an adventure before we even got there.  I'll have a recap of our Spring Break next week.  Let's just say 5 of us started our trip to the zoo but only 4 of us actually made it to the zoo.  Ugh.

Today I'm linking up with my friend, Andrea while the other 2 are still on awesome vacays.  So jealous.  Can't wait to hear about their fun trips and for them to get back to their blogs!  (By the way, if you didn't read Andrea's post about Flat Stanley you need to!  It is so cool!!)

Moving on to Friday Favorites!  First up...


Girls, I love a good stack of bracelets.  They are my FAVORITE.  Years ago, before I started That Inspired Chick, I had a little jewelry business and bracelet stacks were just becoming all the rage.  The first cuff bracelet below is actually from my old business.  I LOVE to stack gorgeous colors but this is my go-to combo.  I can wear them with anything which means I get to wear them all the time which means---I don't feel bad about spending the money.

I'll admit, it took me awhile before I decided I needed each of these little bracelets.  But once I got them, I realized it was TOTALLY worth it and I kicked myself for waiting so long.  The white and gold studded ones are Kate Spade so you know they are well made.  They also have it in black which I have on my wish list.  ;)  The gold bracelets in between the studded ones are Stella & Dot and it is actually one wrap bracelet.  I ordered mine from my girl, Narci, so if you want one, go here.  It is the Celine Wrap Bracelet.  And it's even cuter in person!  (Please disregard the chill bumps on my arm.  It was chilly that morning.)

On my wish list are these cuties:

They come in a variety of stone colors.  I LOVE the rose gold though.  It'll look great next to my rose gold Apple Watch.

And these 2.  I am CRAZY obsessed with these gorgeous colors!  Picture them against tan skin!!  I have a feeling it will only be a matter of time before I cave and add one of these to my collection.  I'm in love with the matching earrings and necklace too.


This week I've been listening to Sophie Kinsella's new book "My Not So Perfect Life".  I've got about 30 minutes left in it and I love how it is turning out!!  The narrator has a British accent and I think this makes EVERY audiobook so much more fun!  I'm listening on Audible but you can check out the real book here.  I've been a big fan of Sophie Kinsella since her Shopaholic days.  Did y'all read the Shopaholic series?  Loved Becky Bloomwood!!  Seriously addicted to shopping but so sweet and endearing.  If you are a looking for a fun, light, feel-good read, take a look at that series!  (Did you see the Shopaholic movie they made with one of my favorite actresses, Isla Fisher?)


Wednesday we went to the Dallas Zoo with my parents, who came into town for a quick overnight trip.  Our zoo visit started off pretty rough.  Within 15 minutes of our trip, we had to pull over to let one of the kids throw up.  We've had a lot of vomit at our house lately.  #lordhavemercy  I'll recap it all next week but for one of my FAVORITES it would have to be our zoo adventure (once we got there).  I adore my parents and my kids adore my parents so they are so excited whenever we get to see them.  They live in Texarkana, which is only 2.5 hours from us but they both still work full-time so we only see them once every 6 weeks or so.  We had a great time at the zoo and it was a gorgeous day!  Our favorites were the chimpanzees (we saw the baby chimp swinging from a rope!  It was the cutest thing EVER!!), the gorilla (who looked super lonely...) and the giraffes.  


I was trying to think of more favorites for this week and I can't believe I almost forgot about this!!  I am always on the lookout for the best mascara.  I've tried it all and I've loved a lot of the ones I've tried!  Lately, I've been using Lash Boost that I got from Erika  and seriously, my lashes are longer than they have ever been.  I've been using it for maybe 3 months, I think?  And some nights I skip using it just because I feel like they may be getting TOO long!  If you haven't tried this stuff, do it!  It's expensive but so worth it!  (And no, Erika is not paying me to say that! haha.  It's just awesome stuff!!)  

Anyway, I decided to give this Chanel Le Volume Mascara a try and I LOVE it!!!  Do any of you watch Southern Charm on Bravo?  (You should!  It is hands down my favorite Bravo show and that is some tight competition.)  So Cameran, from Southern Charm, mentioned she used this on her Instagram awhile back and she has the best lashes and is absolutely gorgeous.  #girlcrush  I was happy to report that I absolutely agree with her on this mascara!  You can check it out here.  


Other Friday Favorites that deserve a mention are OF COURSE from my Etsy shop!!  ;)  I've been using my water tracker water bottle all week with a big fun straw and it really is helping me stay on track with my water intake!  I love that it is a wide mouth so I can dump in a ton of ice and lemon.

Also, love these that I just finished up yesterday!  So many glitter colors and wording color choices!!  These make me laugh.  And I definitely need a laugh first thing in the morning.  #notamorningperson

I hope you all have a great weekend!!  If you have Spring Break trips coming up, I'm jealous!  Where are you going!?  Leave me a comment if you are going somewhere fun so I can get ideas for next year.  I'm determined to make a trip work!!  Happy Friday!



  1. That water bottle is darling - and SO clever!! Yes to ALL those bracelets - but confession - I absolutely cannot wear bracelets! They just bother the heck out of me so they end up in my purse mid-day (all the brownie faces). I will need to try that mascara! I'm usually a Benefit mascara gal, but I'm currently using the Yves St. Laurent because I got a sample travel size and adored it (unfortunately the full size isn't as good, go figure). Cheers to the almost weekend!

    1. Thank you!! I need to step up my water game so that bottle is giving me some serious motivation. ;) And I love the little Kate Spade studded bracelets so much because they fit closer to your wrist and aren't falling halfway down your hand like some of my others! That definitely drives me crazy! I barely notice these! And yes, why is it that the sample size mascaras are different from the full size ones sometimes!? I've had that happen with a couple of different ones I've gotten over the years from Sephora or Ulta. Hope you like hte Chanel if you decide to give it a try!! Happy Friday! :)

  2. I hope you can get all the sickies out of your family! There is nothing worse than a sick family. I wish we had a zoo like that around us because I know my girls would just love it!!
    I may have to try that Mascara!!

    Have a great weekend!!

    1. I am SHOCKED I am still well. I don't know how I've managed not to come down with whatever they've had (so far)!! I feel like it's going to hit me at the absolute worst time, just to mess with me. ;)

  3. I just bought some lash boost! I can't keep up with my extensions. Ain't nobody got time for that!

    1. You'll love it!! And your lashes looked so good, but I know it's got to be hard to handle the upkeep!

  4. Eek. Hope all the germs leave your house ASAP!
    We love the zoo here in GA.
    Love that water bottle. I'm a horrible water drinking but I'm trying every day to up my game.


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