Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday Talk.

So, it is Spring Break for us this week (yay!), BUT we are big dull duds who never go anywhere on Spring Break (boo).

Craig always has football camps on the weekends and then private sessions with his Quarterbacks throughout the week, especially since a lot of them are off this week as well.  This is his busy time so it's not ideal to take off a week.  I have 50+ orders that need to go out, too and mid-February to May is crazy for me.  Everyone needs Teacher Appreciation gifts, end-of-the-year teacher gifts, cute cups for their Spring Break trips and new decor for their homes and I am happy to oblige!  (I always get an urge to redecorate every time the weather changes.)  

Today my parents are coming to town to spend the night and take us to the Zoo or Aquarium tomorrow.  So that'll be the highlight of our Spring Break.  :) Our plans were originally going to be to dump drop off the boys with my parents in Texarkana for the weekend but if you read here then you know how those plans turned out.  I can happily say the projectile vomiting only occurred once and only to one person in the family.  So thank you, Mason, for keeping that to yourself!  His stomach was still hurting off and on Friday and some Saturday so we had to nix their plans for a weekend with Nana and Papa.  I think Matthew felt bad for his little brother because there sure was some sweet bonding going on.  

I mean...be still my heart.

Matthew was in tears though on Friday when he found out he wouldn't be missing school that day to go to Nana and Papa's.  I felt bad and ended up surprising him at lunch with McDonald's at school.  I got to sit and hang out with the boys, where I fit right in...by spilling his milk all over the place within the first 5 minutes.  Ugh.  It totally made me cool in their eyes though, so I guess that's something!

Tonight, I have plans to meet some of my favorite girls for dinner which always makes me happy. We are creatures of habit and tend to go to the same restaurants (Mexican food junkies) every time, but tonight we are trying out a restaurant that none of us have been to before and (gasp!) does NOT serve chips and salsa!  Livin' on the edge, y'all.  ;)  

Yesterday, the boys kicked off their Spring Break by playing outside with their friends ALL. DAY. LONG.  While they were occupied, I pushed out as many orders as I could trying to prepare for my parents' arrival and our zoo/aquarium day.  I'm not going to lie.  I was STRESSED OUT today.  The second that I woke up, I started to panic just the slightest bit and it got worse throughout the day.  I woke up to 3 messages from Etsy customers/potential customers and I hate to keep people waiting for answers so I raced to answer those before I did anything else.  Then I looked at my list of orders that needed to go out over the next few days and there were a LOT of sign orders.  And I was out of wood.  (of course)  Sign orders always take the longest just because there are so many steps involved (measuring, cutting, and sanding the wood, painting multiple layers and allowing for drying time between each, sealing it, adding a hanger, stamp and add the cute business card and then getting it packaged and ready to ship).   

Working on getting a listing up for this one.  Message me through Etsy if you want one!

 Craig played golf this morning and when he got home, I gave him a couple of hours to "rest" (because you need a good nap after you golf apparently...) and then slyly handed over my post it with my wood needs.  He is always there to lend a hand, especially when I get stressed out.  So he went and got my wood while I ran around the house trying to pick up a little so that things would be ready for my parents.

That was another stressor.  The house was a giant mess-every single room-and my parents would be here in 24 hours.  I ran around picking up random socks, underwear, toothpaste caps, crayons, half empty water bottles, dirty shoes, empty Cheez It packages ("hidden" under pillows and behind couch cushions...) and tried not to think about the rest of the orders I could be working on. 

Craig asked if I wanted him to make dinner because he could tell I was still stressed and I said OF COURSE!!  I HATE to cook.  I do it but I hate it.  I told him I don't care what you make.  Surprise me!  I went and took a shower while he took care of the boys' dinner (because we never all eat the same thing.  That's a whole other post.).  When I was done, he had dinner ready (a mexican cornbread casserole which I didn't know was even in his wheelhouse) and so we ate and then sent the boys up to bed.

I caught up on the Bachelor, which is, in my opinion, super boring this season.  I love watching Corinne and all of her ridiculousness.  But Nick's season is dull dull dull.  I'm not feeling any true love forever vibes with him and his last 2 ladies.  He cries a lot but I think he's just an emotional guy so let's not read much into that.  Very unimpressed.  I am excited to watch Rachel as the next Bachelorette though!  Dallas girl!!  

If you missed my post yesterday on my Audible fangirling, go check it out!  It is what got me through the day!  By the end of the night, I had made it to Chapter 10 in the book I started that morning.  My thoughts so far on the book are that I love the narrator.  She's so cute.  The book is making me want to move to London.  And if I had her boss, I'd lose my mind.  I adore my audiobooks yall.  How else can you work all day and still find time to get 10 chapters in to a new book!  Best thing ever.  Seriously.  Check out yesterday's post for more info.  

That's a wrap for today but I'll have more of our Spring Break adventures (ha!) tomorrow!  Have a great day!!

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  1. What an adorable picture of your boys =) I totally get the stressed thing. I feel like there just are never enough hours in the day to get things done. And I don't have an Etsy shop, so I can imagine the extra stress there. But just remember, the items you are making are putting smiles on peoples faces =)

    The Bachelor...Ugh! That's all I have to say about this season. I really really dislike it. I'm ready for the Bachelorette, and am excited that it is going to be Rachel!!

    I hope you guys have a great time at the zoo/aquarium!

    1. Aw thanks, Johannah! Yes, I'm ready for this season's Bachelor to be over with so we can move on. I do love me some Bachelor Pad too in the summer. Trainwrecks everywhere!!

  2. Bummer that you guys can’t sneak away for Spring Break! But, when business is good you really can’t complain. 50+ orders to go out? That’s awesome. How long did you have your machine before you started selling items? Glad Mason is feeling better! Supper time at our house is so similar to yours. I hate cooking, but I do it. Well, I don’t mind the cooking as much as I do the cleaning up afterward part. And Mason never eats what we eat so we have to make him something different. I love Audible, too!!

    1. I started gradually in the summer of 2014. I would make signs, decals and tumblers for friends and family and then I posted some on Facebook. That grew into it's own Facebook page. And then I finally expanded and opened my Etsy shop. :) That took awhile before I got serious about it but when I did, things really took off. I can't believe I've only been doing it 2.5 years! I feel like it's been forever!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Amanda,
    I've read your blog for a few weeks and ordered a glitter tumbler and Mrs. Dunbar teacher sign. I have to tell you I'm so impressed by your shipment times and excellent quality, especially during your busy season.
    As a Prosper pre-school and Kinder mom, I know you have a lot on your plate.
    Thank you for your dedication to service and for posting Manda's testimony. God will reward you for your sweet heart and commitment to friends.
    - Melissa

    1. Melissa, that is so sweet! Thank you!! And I'm so glad you love the items you ordered! Little encouragements like this are so uplifting. Thank you for taking the time to tell me that! It really made my day. :) Have a great weekend!!

  4. What a busy day!! I love that your Etsy shop is doing so well! That's awesome.
    I have had my shop opened on and off for almost a year and business is finally starting to pick up!!

    1. Thank you! Once I buckled down and focused (and quit my job!) it has steadily increased. Your stuff is adorable!! I'm sure you'll be swamped in no time! Those St. Patrick's day wine glasses are so cute. I have made a handful of the stemless glitterdipped wine glasses but man--I have the hardest time taping them off in a straight line!!


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