Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites #13. {5.26.17}

Happy Friday, everyone!!  We have a 4-day weekend in front of us thanks to a bad weather day we didn't need and of course, Memorial Day!   (Boo for no snow this year but yay for the extra long weekend it got us now!).  

It's another Friday Favorites post which means I'm linking up with Narci, Erika and Andrea and I get to post all my favorite random things from this week! I love reading other people's FF because so much of it inspires what goes on my Wish List!  If you missed my Wish List Wednesday post, check it out here!

So here we go!


This first spot has to go to my sweet friends, The Slaughters!!  Yesterday afternoon, so many of their friends and family made our way to DFW to welcome them home from China with their new baby girl!

Britt is just the cutest and it was pretty funny seeing all us mamas falling all over ourselves trying to get her to smile for us!  I'm sure I can vouch for us all when I say that when one of us did a get her to smile, it completely melted our hearts!  She is precious and you can already see that she loves her mama!

It'll be awhile before we can squish on her like we all want to, so for now we'll make due with trying to make her laugh.  Love you, Slaughter Six!  So happy you're home!

Photo credit:  @brassyblue on IG who has ALSO adopted!


On Wednesday morning, I was something I never thought I'd get to be. 

A dance mom.

Sort of.

Wednesday morning was Mason's talent show at school and The Crazy Boy Crew killed it!  

They were so stinkin' cute and managed to finish the routine all in one piece.  We were all a little nervous that might not happen.  Mason trips over his friend at the beginning and then almost breaks his arm right at the end.  That child is a walking disaster sometimes but in the most lovable way.

I'm trying to figure out how to upload a video here on the blog so we'll see if this works!  Mason is in the front row, 2nd from the left in the reddish/orange shirt.

While I was watching him, I realized that this was probably going to be one of my only times to ever get to feel anything like a dance mom.  ;)

After the show was over, I snagged a few pics of my little star and the crew.

Plaid shirt here.  White fringe earrings here.  I wear these earrings ALL the time!

I don't know why he's smiling like that.  I thought we were past the weird smile stage!

I told Mason if he keeps crossing his eyes like that, they are definitely going to stick!  ;)

That's one cute group of 1st graders!


I love jewelry so I have to show off my new earrings!  I paired them with a cold shoulder top from Target (I looked but couldn't find it online so check the store!), some of my favorite bracelets, my incredibly over-worn Gap capris from several years ago and my beaded sandals.  I got my sandals from Francesca's last spring but Nordstrom has some very similar this season! I love all the color! 

Earrings (in emerald) / white bracelet / gold bracelet / blue bracelet / similar sandals / colorful bracelets are incredibly old!


What is better than having something you ordered come in on time??

How about it coming in a day early!?

My rug I talked about on Wednesday was supposed to be here today but it came in right before we left for the airport yesterday afternoon!  I was so excited that I just threw it down really quick without cleaning anything up.  So I don't have an awesome pic for you today but hopefully, I will once I do some tidying up.  ;)

This rug is hiding some of the worst stains EVER.  

Find the rug here.  It comes in so many sizes!!


I just finished The Other Woman for the second or possibly third time.  I have it on Audible and when I'm between credits, I tend to re-listen to books from a few years ago.  I adore Jane Green books and this was the first one I read of hers.

I'll let you follow the link to read the official summary.  My summaries don't quite do them justice.  :)  But I will say that it deals with the dynamics between an overbearing mother-in-law and her somewhat sensitive and at times, overly dramatic daughter-in-law.

(For the record, I am very blessed to have a great MIL! I felt like I needed to add that in case anyone thinks that's why I like it!)

Find it here on Amazon.


And for our #fashionfail of the week, may I present you with....

#justsayNO #icanteven #momjeansatheirfinest

But if you MUST have them, grab them now!  They are on sale for $410.  That's down from $685!  What a steal!  ;)

Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend, everyone!  Be safe!!



  1. Thank you so much for coming to the airport to greet us!! Such a special moment!!!

    1. Wouldn't have missed it for the world!! I think we all fell in love with Britt too last night!! Precious girl!

  2. What a sweet homecoming for Britt. The video cracked me up :) That so would be my boys. And those mom jeans...what in the world?!? How are people in business with clothes like that? LOL

    1. Those boys were so funny! I still can't believe Mason got up there and showed no fear!! And yes, those jeans... I just don't understand!

  3. Glad you checked out the jeans lol I told you they're so horrendous!! Ha! Can't believe people pay that. The company that makes them probably laughs because they get their money while they look ridiculous ;) maybe people think because they're so expensive they must be popular. My favorite this week was your new purple straw cup! I ordered one and cannot wait. Purple is my favorite color so I was hoping sometime you'd get a purple one! :)

    1. Yes!! Thanks for the tip! There were several that I have earmarked that will make their way into the Friday Favorites posts in the future!! I saw your order! I'll get it out as soon as I can!! :) I also have purple confetti glitter tumblers too!!

  4. How exciting that the Slaughters have returned home with their new baby girl =) She's so cute!!

    Your new rug sooo fun! Love all the colors in it.

    Those Mom jeans...oh my gosh! Can you even imagine wearing those! Bhahaha!

    Have a great weekend!!

    1. Isn't she just the cutest!! And yes, I'm hoping all the colors will be a good way to hide all the new messes I'm most likely going to make!

  5. Those mom jeans are the definition of mom jeans! Ha! Seriously though, what a bargain :) That rug is so cute, I love it and I wish I had a spot for it in my house. What a sweet homecoming for the Slaughters. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you!! I want to find them in the store and try them on. haha. Have a great weekend!!

  6. Love the bracelets!

  7. Love that rug and earrings.
    Sweet Britt. Can't wait to read their story!
    Oh those jeans.. #icanteven

  8. Just say no to those 'mom jeans,' but at least they were on sale, right!? �� Your boys are AH-DORABLE, and that rug is #perfection! Happy weekend!
    Britt @


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