Monday, May 15, 2017

Mom's Day Weekend Recap.

Happy Monday, girls!  I hope all of you mamas out there had a great weekend and got to enjoy a little R&R!  We had a great weekend and I did a lot of relaxing which I will be paying for today!!  When I take a day off, I pay for it as soon as I look at my order sheet the next day and realize how much I could have caught up on if I'd have just worked through the weekend.  

As of last night, I officially had 82 open orders.  MANY of those are bulk orders (meaning 8 or more items in one order).  And all are due to ship within the next two weeks.  #prayforme

Anyway, moving on to less stressful our weekend!

Friday I worked like a mad woman all day so that I could feel ok with relaxing a little this weekend.  The boys came home after school and plopped down on the couch for a little minecraft time.  Since they were occupied, I finished up some orders and got ready to do my 30 minute Beachbody workout for the day.

The boys had a friend come over to see if they could go swimming at their house so they yelled up to me to see if it was ok.  I told them yes and within minutes, I heard the door slam and they were out of there.  After my workout, I came downstairs to this.  

 Story of my LIFE.  Seriously.  I cannot walk through a room without finding random clothing strewn all over it.  The socks are out.of.control.  They are everywhere.  I find them all over the floor in the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, entryway...  They jump in the pool with their socks on and then take them off and leave them outside.  I am on them all the time to clean up after themselves but they just can't seem to remember on their own.

So, after seeing the above (which also extended into the living room as well and included an open box of Cheerios spilled on to the couch...) I picked up all the electronics and hid them.  And then I silently raged in my head. 

When they came home, they were faced with Mean Mom.  Mean Mom rarely comes out but when she does, it is not fun.  For anyone.

I made them pick everything up and put it where it goes, gave a stern lecture on cleaning up after yourselves, personal responsibility, taking pride in your home, blah blah blah.  I even bored myself during my little speech.  But when I mentioned that there would be NO electronics until I start to see them picking up after themselves on a consistent basis, they started to get it.  Usually, I will say no iPads for 2 days or something like that and they just wait out their 2 days with no change.  This time it's different.  They can't just pick up their clothes once or twice and then get it all back.  They are going to have to really work for it.

I've had to remind them of this several times this weekend, but I'm finally starting to see a change.  Fingers crossed.

Saturday we had to get up early for Matthew's 8am baseball game.  Y'all know I love my sleep and Saturdays are my day to do that!  So I am never pleased with having to set an alarm on a Saturday.  We made the best of it though and the game was a really good one that ended with a tie.  

Shenanigans in the stands with Dad.

Matthew playing first.  He did great!

Waiting to hear who got the game ball.  They played so hard!

He said he has to make funny faces in all his pictures now.  I guess that counts as funny?

When we got home, I finished up as many orders as I could before the mailman came.  Once the mailman comes, its a relief.  It means no more orders can physically go out until the mail runs again on Monday.  So the pressure is kind of off once he comes by around noon.  Yay!

I went outside so the boys and a friend of theirs could swim.

They are always swimming in their clothes.  It drives me crazy and I am too laid back for my own good sometimes. I am about start dropping the hammer on this because #ALLTHELAUNDRY!!  I need to buy them a few more swimsuits so they always have one ready.

After they swam, they wanted to go out in the front and ride bikes and dry off.  Matthew and I laid down in the driveway and chatted while we looked at the gorgeous blue sky.  Love that kid.

The boys ran off to the neighbor's to play so I went back in the backyard and plopped down in my favorite chair by the pool with my book.

Within an hour, the boys were back and I told them if they wanted to get back in the pool they needed a swimsuit.  So Matthew got his swim trunks on.  Plus a regular shirt.  Long-sleeved?!  Ugh.

They are still loving this donut float (comes in strawberry and chocolate) by the way.  Clearly.

After swimming-again-the boys stayed outside to play while I went inside to get in my 30 min workout.  They came in while I was finishing up and just had to get in on it.

I went back outside to my little happy place by the pool while Craig grilled some steaks and some veggies for us for dinner.  I snuck a peek while they were still cooking.

LOVED this book!  I finished it up on Sunday.  I cried.  It was so good.  More on it later but you can check it out here.  

The sprinklers came on and Abby took it personally.  She puts up quite a fight with those things!

Mason broke a tree branch earlier that day so they had to do a little tree maintenance while the steaks finished cooking.

We ate by the pool and it was good!  As hungry as I was, I only ate half of everything on my plate (which it unusual for me...).  I think eating so well all week has already started to change my eating habits and shrink my stomach a little so I get full faster.  #hooray!

We ate by the pool and stayed out there until dark.  Once the kids were in bed, Craig and I got in bed and turned on Mom's Night Out.  Have y'all seen that movie?  It's so cute.  The opening is basically a mom trying not lose her &!%# mind and keep it all together.  Craig looked over at me and said "Is this supposed to be telling me something?"  haha.  Uhh yeah!  Pay attention, dude!  There were quite a few scenes where he wondered out loud "So what would the right answer be in that situation?".  Bless him.  He tries.  He's a good man.

Sunday morning we went to church and I got a quick pic with my two precious babies.  (Why can't they still be babies!?!)

The boys apparently didn't hear me when I told them to put on polos and khakis.  They both pulled out their favorite plaid flannel shirts which I didn't see until I was finally ready and we walked out the door.  Too late for a change.  I only cared a little.

After Sunday School, I remembered that I was supposed to sub for Erika in the 3-year-old classroom (with our friend, Meagan) during "big church" while she's in China.  

I haven't taught a bunch of 3-year-olds since my preschool teacher days so it was fun to be back there for an hour.  

Craig grilled chicken for lunch (I declined eating out because I knew I would make HORRIBLE food choices and wanted to stay on track since I was kind of on a roll) and we ate by the pool again.  The boys swam.  And since they MUST keep it interesting, this time they thought it would SO fun try to ride their scooters underwater.  

I stayed under this umbrella, in this chair, ALL DAY LONG.  It was glorious.  I finished The Matchmaker up and was so glad for my big sunglasses because there were definitely tears.

 Sweet boy.  

It was such a great day! I'm so glad I gave myself the time off although it is definitely going to bite me in the butt this week.  But it was worth it.  I got to spend time with the people who matter most to me in this world and that time is precious.  They are growing up so fast---I can't stand it!  And I am just so so so proud to be their mama!

I was blessed with an incredible mom.  The older I get, the more I realize I am turning into her which is not a bad thing.  :)  Love you, Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!!

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  1. What a great weekend you had. Your boys remind me of my little boy. Seriously, he can't just do something the normal way. Hahaha! He would be riding his scooter into the pool and everything is a challenge. It is always so funny to see what they come up with next. It looks like you had a great Mother's Day. Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks so much!! And yes, everything is a challenge!!

  2. What an awesome weekend!! Glad you had a relaxing Mothers Day.
    Girl I would be freaking out with 82 open orders. But you are a rockstar.

    1. Oh no. I'm definitely freaking out. haha. I turned off all my promoted listings so we'll see if that helps me catch up a little. I hate to close the shop because you lose so much momentum...I'm scared I'd never get it back!

    2. I'm sure you've closed shop before but I've had to do it before for the birth of my son and I do it every post Christmas and yes, it slows my shop down but it eventually pops back into gear. Takes about 2-3 weeks for me.

    3. I have! I did it last May after the teacher rush and it took until November to get it back where it was. I'm so nervous about it but I'm just going to have to suck it up and do it if I want a real break. I've extended my turnaround times and I've turned off all my promoted listings so things have calmed down with new orders over the past day or two. I'm going to wait to see what the next couple of weeks brings and then make a decision. Thanks for the input! I always love to hear what works for other sellers!!

  3. What a great Mother's Day weekend!! That picture of you with the boys is adorable!!!

  4. I laugh when I read your posts because I can relate to so many "boy moments" #sockseverywhere It's cool to see a little glimpse into the near future with my boys (5 and 3). Hoping they play together more than they do fight now :( Your weekend sounded so and pool! You're making me wish we had a pool! We need to collaborate with some kind of Etsy series in the future...when we're both not spinning our heads actually creating the! Good luck this week! Can't wait to sip out of my cup soon!

  5. The link to the book goes to the donut floaties! :)

    1. Whoops!! Thanks for letting me know! I have it fixed now! :)


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