Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Recap: Ninja Warriors, Food Floats, Unstuffing & Welcoming Willow.

Hello Monday!!  I don't know about you but I could sure use at least another 12 hours of the weekend to finish up some projects!  I suck at time management during the weekend.  I have so many things on my to-do list, but there are only so many hours in the day so everything gets a little attention but nothing really ever gets done.

And I'm not gonna lie...I spend a few of those precious hours sleeping in late when I can! (Because going to bed before midnight is a rarity for me!) As much as I would love to be a "rise and shine" kind of girl, I just won't ever be.  I've made my peace with that.   If I can sleep, I'm going to sleep. My kids are independent enough to get their own cereal, milk, and turn on the TV or play Minecraft.  And not bother me.  ;)  And yes, I'm well aware that if I would just get my butt out of bed at 7am on Saturdays instead of 8, 9, then I'd probably have a little more time for these projects.  But alas...I like to sleep y'all.  #sueme

I love funny memes and I found this one on Pinterest and it made me laugh.  It's just so me.

I also found this one.  And while it doesn't fit in exactly with what I'm talking about, it was just too true not to post.  I can't sleep with ANY door open!

Anyway, our weekend started on Friday afternoon.  As I've mentioned before, we are planning on doing a joint birthday party for the boys in late May or early June.  But since Mason's birthday was the 21st and he's got kind of a long time to wait, I told him we would take a few of his friends from his class to Obstacle Warrior Kids around the corner from us.  This place is a hit with my kids and their friends.  And all you need is an hour and they are WIPED.  #results

So we met a couple of friends right after school for a little hour long playdate.  The moms and I chatted about blogs and books while the kids tried to climb walls and swing from ropes.  (We talked a lot about the book I just finished, Behind Closed Doors, which I posted about in my Friday Favorites post AND my Wednesday post.  You should read this book!!)

Anyway, here are some pictures of the little Ninja Warriors.  

I left with 2 very sweaty and hungry boys so we stopped at Little Ceasers and grabbed a couple of pizzas for dinner.  We went home and ate outside by the pool.  

When they were finished, they ran down to their friend's house and I got to read my book outside...until they all came running into the backyard and messed up my quiet time.  ;)

Saturday morning started with finishing up a few and orders.

Several Mama Bear items went out this weekend!

Around 10, Matthew, Mason and I headed to baseball pictures followed by practice and Craig left for Jersey for another camp.

While the boys were waiting their turn for their pictures, they got to watch the "big boys" play!  

And then we ran into their best bud, Preston, who lives in our culdesac.

When we got home from the ballpark, we found out that Nana and Papa's birthday gifts had arrived!!  Mason immediately claimed the donut and Matthew loved the pizza.  

You can find the donut float here and the pizza float here.  

Matthew was giving the mushrooms on the pizza a thumbs down.  Hahaha.

It didn't take Mason long to get in the pool to try out the floats. 

(See that little green frog with his back to us?  That little frog was sitting on the side of our pool when we bought the house and has become our little mascot.  It was never something I would have picked out myself but we've grown to love it!)

While Mason swam, I decided to open the book Unstuffed that I borrowed from Erika on Friday.  I couldn't wait to get into it and find some inspiration! 

Sidenote:   Erika left the book for me on her porch so I could run by and grab it when I got the chance on Friday.  The wind has been CRAZY around here all weekend long and when I was getting back in the car after I grabbed the book from the porch, my baseball cap (that was covering my dirty hair) went flying off down the middle of her street!!  I was running down the middle of the street after that stupid hat and just praying none of her neighbors were watching from their windows!!  Mckinney wind is no joke, y'all!

So Saturday night, after the boys went to bed, I knew my closet was the first thing on my list to "unstuff".  I got to work and filled 3 giant black trash bags full of clothes to donate (yes, I included many of my velour tracksuits...  Many.  Not all.  haha).

I was ruthless which is what the book tells you to be over and over.  And it felt good!  I just found out that a friend of mine is having a garage sale to raise money for her daughter's team to go to globals (I honestly have no idea what that means) and is looking for donations so that works out well!  I hope my tracksuits find a good home.  ;)

I worked til late and finally had to just call it a night even though things were still all in disarray in that closet.  I needed another 6 hours to finish off the closet/bathroom/bedroom.  

Sunday morning, we were "bedside Baptists".  I watched our church service from my closet on my laptop while I tackled the rest of the mess.  I also had several large bulk orders that were due out today that needed to be finished as well as a shower for sweet Willow!  Sunday was a busy day!

I wore my new Loft top to the shower with my new wedges that are on repeat like you wouldn't believe.  ;)

And yes, that is a Nerf bullet next to my feet.  They are EVERYWHERE.  I don't even notice them anymore.

And I'm still loving these earrings.  If you see me in person all the time, you're probably hoping I'll switch it up sometime soon!  #lovelovelove #onrepeat

Welcoming Willow officially at her shower was so fun!  We had a fun group of girls at a Tex-Mex joint here in Mckinney and Miss Willow was the star of the show!  Just watching her put away all that food was hysterical.  I don't think she stopped eating the whole time we were there!  I'm pretty sure she ate all the bean dip.  That girl loves her Tex-Mex. She is going to fit in well around here.  ;)

 At one point, Willow grabbed Mom's phone and started taking selfies.  She even had that angle right!  haha.  I didn't grab my phone until she was through but got a few at the end.  She is just the cutest, happiest, sweetest little thing EVER!!

Andrea was the hero of the day when she gave this adorable bunny to Willow!  Willow immediately cuddled up to it and then kept giving it double cheek kisses!  She must be a Housewives fan! (Like I said, she'll fit in well around here!  We love our Real Housewives!)

A selfie with her beautiful mama!

After I got home from the shower, I changed into my comfy pjs and got back to work on the closet and bathroom while the kids were upstairs with a few neighbor friends including our sitter. 

I had the kids in bed by 8 and climbed in bed myself by 9.  I watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 3. (there are 4 parts this season!  That's a first.)  And also this past week's episode of Southern Charm.  I LOVE Southern Charm.  Binge watch it from the beginning if you've never seen it before. I'm not even sure where you can do that at but it is so good!  I love all those pretty people but Cameron is my favorite.  She is gorgeous, keeps it super real and can hang with the boys as much as the girls.  She was also on Real World San Diego in 2004.  I was all about the Real World in 2004.  Were you!?!

If you are a Bravo fan but aren't watching this show then you should be.

So that was our weekend!  Craig is home.  His camps are always just a quick 24(ish) hours which is good for us all.  We hate to have him gone too long but ladies, you all probably will agree that sometimes it's ok if the hubs goes out of town...  One less person to cook for, clean up after and share the remote with. #amen?  Love you, honey!

 Today is all about filling SO MANY orders!!  (Thank you!!!  So appreciative of my sweet customers!!)   This April has been my 2nd busiest month ever next to November of this past year.  If you have sent me a message on Etsy that has gone unanswered (I hope this hasn't happened but I get so many messages every day that it is definitely a possibility!) then please don't take it personally! Message me again!  I have so many ideas for new signs but I can't find time between orders to actually make one!  But I have big plans, y'all!  (Story of my life!)

I'll leave you with the latest cute addition to the shop.  I've been using my water bottle (the white one!) all weekend and it's kept my drink super cold and super cute.  ;)

For my full shop, click here!  

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Have a great day!!


  1. You guys had a busy weekend!!! I can see why you needed just a few more hours!

  2. The Nerf gun bullets don't effect me anymore either. They are everywhere around here. Everywhere. It looks like you all had a great weekend!

    1. Yes! I walked through the house last night and picked up 14 stray bullets.

  3. I thought the nerf gun bullet was a lipstick! You can definitely tell I only have girls in my house (other than one husband and one neutered dog)!
    I love purging...especially closets and kitchens. I bought the earrings in silver after you mentioned them in a previous post and should be arriving any day now. You looked very pretty in your shower outfit!

  4. Love the Atlanta housewives. Of course we have to wait until part 4 for the crazy stuff!! Can't wait. Southern Charm is one show I just never watched. I don't know why. I love Bravo so I guess I've been missing out. I watch all the housewives and Vanderpump Rules is one of my top favorites. They're having a summer one I'm sure you have heard with Jax and Brittany in Kentucky. But I'm definitely going to have to find a way to watch Southern Charm all from the beginning!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, can't wait to see the Jax and Brittany show! I actually was at Sur one night when they were filming and made it into a few background shots! I also met Ken, Lisa, Jax, Scheana and Katie. Oh and Vail and James! It was so fun! I'll have to do a post about it! It was a few years ago.

      And you'll love Southern Charm!!

    3. Wow that is so awesome!! I totally wanna go there one day!!

  5. You've almost convinced me to try Audible. I've never been big on Audiobooks but I'm getting to the point where it's going to have to be Audiobooks or No Books At All.

    1. You should definitely try it! You can try it out and get two books for free! I pay $14.95 a month which gets me one book. Most of those books are way more than $14.95 so that's a great deal. And then you get I think it's 30% off of all other books. I always end up buying more credits because they have a special "buy 3 credits for $35" deal too and you can't beat that. My dad thought he'd hate it and he's now on book 9! He's addicted too!

  6. I can't wait to start unstuffed!!
    Ian would LOVE that ninja course. So fun!! Looks like an awesome weekend.

  7. I am right there with you on sleeping in! I am so not a morning person!!! Those pool floats are fabulous!


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