Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites #10. {5.5.17}

I wish I could say I was so happy to see Friday but honestly, my weekend is most likely going to end up looking a lot like my week has been.  Like I mentioned on Wednesday, I'm drowning in Etsy orders which I am so thankful for but it's also incredibly hard getting everyone's orders out by their ship date.  I've had several large bulk orders that have pushed things back a little and it's always hard to catch back up once you get behind.

November/December and April/May are the busiest months of the year.  I've had close to 300 orders since April 1st and most of those orders include more than one item.  So it's pretty much all I think about 24/7.  (I dream about it y'all.  #havemercy)

So enough of that.  I'm sure most of you are thinking...

I hope that's not what you're thinking.  But I worry that it might be.  

So that's why I'm moving on to my favorite post of the week because these are the things that make me smile!

1.  #imomsohard

My first favorite is one that I've been meaning to mention for weeks now and just keep forgetting!  It's something that makes me nod my head a lot and laugh hysterically even more. 

Ladies, say hello to my friends (not really but they should be), Kristin and Jen.

Aren't they cute!?

I found these girls on Facebook several months ago and I can't tell you how much I look forward to their videos.  Somedays I'll check their FB page several times a day just hoping they've posted something.  (Stalker status).  Their Facebook page is imomsohard (genius name by the way) and they are best friends who are just doing life together.  A year ago they started doing videos about their lives as moms and they are so real, so honest, so funny and they love their wine!  Girls after my own heart. ;)

I love a girl who can keep it real.  Probably Definitely because it makes me feel a little better about myself.  (Right?!)  We aren't alone in our everyday chaos, girls!  Mommin' ain't easy and after a long day working, shuffling kids around, wiping pee off the wall of the bathroom (why!!??!!), cooking (I'd rather wipe off the pee), laundry, dishes, homework fights and screaming at whoever left 783 Legos and 396 Pokemon cards in the middle of the floor, I need a good laugh.  And these girls bring it.  EVERY. TIME.

They are even going on tour this summer and the stupid Dallas tickets sold out almost immediately!  And no, I didn't get one. I seriously wanted to cry!!   I hope this is just the beginning for these girls!  I'd love to get a group of friends together and go see them live someday.  You better believe I'll be better prepared next time.

So go check them out on Instagram and/or Facebook.  Click on Videos on Facebook and prepare to fall in love with these funny mamas.

And because you are probably curious about what the heck they are doing in the above picture, I've gone ahead and included the video for you here.  You're welcome.  :)

This one was also a must share. #ifitnesssohard

They are my FAVORITE!! 

#2.  Baubles from BaubleBar

My pretty baubles from BaubleBar came in this week and I'm now even more obsessed!!

I'll get pics with them on soon but until then you can check out how they look on actual models.  

 So many color choices!  (here)

These are the turquoise version of my white ones.  (here)

These are sold out and have a waitlist now!  Get on it here!

I'm assuming the gold version is sold out because I can't find it, but you can find the rose gold version here!  (big fan of rose gold!)

There were so many color and style options available that it took me forever to figure out what I wanted.  BUT, here are some good tips when ordering to get the most out of your money!  

Order directly through and sign up for their email list for 15% off your first order.  They also have a deal where if you spend $40 or more you can pick a FREE GIFT!  See that dainty little gold bar necklace in the picture?  That was a $34 necklace I got for FREE with my order!  Just make sure to click on "What's New" and then "The Bonus Bauble" to see what they have to choose from.  They are always changing the Bonus Bauble up.  I got my entire order for under $95 (3 pairs of earrings and 1 necklace).  Did I mention I also got free shipping?  Yeeeesssss.....

3.  Baseball Boys

We had 3 baseball games this week.  Matthew and Mason both played at 7:30 on Wednesday night at fields right next to each other.  So I field-hopped for an hour and 15 minutes.  :)  There is nothing I love more than seeing my babies have fun!  No matter what they are doing.  When I see them having a blast, it just makes me happy.  Those boys are my heart.

 We had a cold front and some small storms roll through this week and Wednesday night's game was MISERABLE!!  The wind gusts were so bad that at times it would literally take your breath away.  It was a little scary!  They were so strong!!  And it was sunny and supposedly 61 degrees outside but with the wind, it felt more like 40!  Erika and I shared Mason's Pokemon blanket while we cheered on the boys and prayed for the game to be over fast.  (By the way, did you hear Erika's big news!!??  We can't WAIT to meet the newest Slaughter!!  She is so excited and this baby girl is getting an AMAZING family!)

We had another game last night and it was a little bit warmer and a little bit less windy.  But not much.  Bring back our TX weather!! But can I just say that I love Mason's games?  They are full of action on AND off the field!  Of course, we have a ton of cuties on the field but in the stands are all the mamas and all the siblings.  Between the Shull cuties, Bowen and his cheek squishing and our newest addition to the group-Willow!, it's hard to even focus on any one thing.  Everywhere you look there is an adorable child.  It's so fun and I love doing the whole baseball/football/basketball mom life with these families.  Plus our friend, Meagan, is in the process of adopting too!  (domestically) 

For now, I'll just make myself available for babysitting if needed.  ;)

4.  Goodreads

I have had a couple of readers email me this week asking if I was on Goodreads.  I technically have been on Goodreads for years but I haven't done much with it since then.  But I am such a big reader/listener (Audible!!), I updated as much as I could but will be continuing to update it as I remember books I've read.  

I am a fan of all Chick-Lit, psychological thrillers, celebrity autobiographies and anything that will help make my life better/simpler/more organized.

Click here to follow me on Goodreads!

Right now I'm listening to Crazy, Rich Asians on Audible and my "real" book of the moment is Elin Hilderbrand's Summerland.  I'm almost finished with that one and plan on starting either The Matchmaker or A Beautiful Day next.

And if you missed it from last week, I finished Behind Closed Doors in a little over 24 hours.  And it was SO good.  And so creepy.  If you like psychological thrillers, you'll love this one!!  Be sure to check it out!! The next thriller on my list is the new Paula Hawkins novel, Into the Water.  (She's the author of The Girl on the Train).  Can't wait to get started on that one!  What are you reading??  Let me know in the comments!

5.  My Etsy Shop Goodies!

Glitterdipped Coffee Tumbler here

 Personalized Coffee Travel Tumbler here

Burlap Print here

Just pop into an 8x10 frame for a beautiful addition to your home or give as a gift.  Quick turnaround!  Find them here!

And for this week's "Oh no you didn't..." we have THIS beauty.

As if the horrid skirt wasn't bad enough, they had to accessorize it with some Converse sneakers. 


I'm so confused. #itsSOugly

This skirt is $385 originally....but don't worry!!  It's on sale for $269.50!!  So get yours now!!  

(No don't.  Seriously.  Don't.)

To browse past Friday Favorites including my #icanteven picks of the week, click here!

Have a fantastic weekend, ladies!!  Linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci!



  1. Ahhhh!!!! Thank you so much, Amanda!! And with weather like that, I'm up for sharing a blanket any day!

    1. By the time you get back from China, it will probably be 105 degrees every day on repeat...and we'll be wishing for some of that cool wind! ;)

  2. What a fun list of favorites from the week! I am going to have to check out Kristin and Jen. I love the earrings, especially the green pair, what a fun pop of color. Happy Friday!

    1. They are so funny!! And yes, I can't wait to wear the green ones!!

  3. Definitely ordering a burlap sign from you! Love love love! (Though I promise to wait until like June to order so you don't cry.) Hope everything calms down for you soon! I have a little giveaway over on my blog today (and it's pretty brand spanking new so odds of winning are HIGH), go check it out...

    1. Thanks Alex!! You can order now if you want! Burlaps are one of the simpler items to do and have the quickest turnaround time as well!! I am heading over to check out your giveaway now!! I was the new girl on the block just a couple of months ago so I know how that goes! :)

  4. I love this post. I am dying laughing at the videos. I haven't seen them before but I think I might be stalker status now as well. LOL! Happy Friday!

  5. Ok now I want to go check them out! They sound so funny!! 😂😂 and you oh no you didn't add ones are the BEST!!


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